hibernate hql used jbpm operation TaskInstanse the problem statement

Jbpm use development projects, as a result of jbpm operation in a given way TaskInstanse not use, I would like to write their own statements do hql, query as follows:

String hql="from TaskInstance ti
            where ti.actorId=123";

Found abnormal running out TaskInstance is not mapped
So it really did not want to do mapping, then unzip jbpm-jdnl.jar package, all of them. Hbm.xml documents are copied to the working directory to do with the other mapping file management, followed by abnormal operation of any likelihood at and then is not the type who wanted to have a mapping conflict did not find it?
Hql therefore will be rewritten:

String hql="from org.jbpm.taskmgmt.exe.TaskInstance ti
            where ti.actorId=123";

Ok after the operation, the back did not think about things less complicated and sometimes not the Dadonggange .
Meticulously careful

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