Gwtext-based data binding to create applications (2) Event Interceptor

The event interceptor is Dataset object ties being bound by the event interceptor data binding

public interface DatasetInterceptor {
        public boolean doBeforeIntercept(Dataset dataset, String action, Object[] params);

        public void onIntercept(Dataset dataset, String action, Object[] params);

        public void doAfterIntercept(Dataset dataset, String action, Object[] params, int resultCode);

A simple data binding TextField, when the Dataset occurs ACTION_MOVE (the current log line change) event to dynamically modify the binding field contents, as follows:

public class DatasetText extends TextField implements DatasetFormField {
        private Dataset dataset;
        private DatasetField field;

        private DatasetInterceptor interceptor;

        public DatasetText(Dataset dataset, DatasetField field) {
                this.dataset = dataset;
                this.field = field;

        public DatasetText(DatasetField field) {
                this(null, field);

        private void init() {
                if(dataset != null) {

                        this.addListener(new TextFieldListenerAdapter(){

                                public void onBlur(Field field) {
                                        dataset.set(field.getName(), DatasetText.this.getText());

                                public void onFocus(Field field) {


        public void bind() {
                if(this.dataset == null) return;
                if(this.interceptor == null)
                        this.interceptor = new DatasetInterceptorFormAdapter(Constants.ACTION_MOVE){
                                public void doAction(Dataset dataset, Object params) {
                                        Record rec = dataset.getRecordAtCursor();
                                        if(rec != null)
                Record rec = dataset.getRecordAtCursor();
                if(rec != null)

        public void unbind() {
                if(this.dataset == null) return;

        public Dataset getDataset() {
                return this.dataset;

        public DatasetField getField() {
                return this.field;
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