GWT-EXT TREE (Panel) linkage scroll bar implementation.

GWT-EXT is not found find the "scroll" Listener, directly above the Canadian

treePanel.addListener("scroll", new Function(){

                        public void execute() {
                                MessageBox.alert("test scroll");

Will not trigger the scroll of events.


treePanel.addListener(new PanelListenerAdapter() {
                        public void onRender(Component component) {
                                                new EventCallback() {
                                                        public void execute(EventObject e) {
                                                                int a[] = treePanel.getBody().getScroll();

                                                                Panel ganttPanel = UiManager.panelUIMap.get("ganttPanel");





After his Bod add Listener in order to respond to scroll events.

Linkage segment of simple, first of all for being linkage components.

Panel ganttPanel = UiManager.panelUIMap.get("ganttPanel");

The value of the current component scroll to the need for linkage of the components, do not be able to realize the linkage between the two.

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