Google, Chrome Web Store

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Beijing May 20, according to foreign media reports, Google Developer Conference today at its Google I / O announced that it will launch a named "Chrome Web Store" in the online application store.

Google Vice President Vic Gundotra said Web applications found in good quality than found in mobile applications is much more difficult, because the network is completely decentralized applications. Google launches Chrome Web Store's purpose is to solve the problem, it would like for the user to provide a view of other users on the various network applications where comments and feedback to help users discover great web applications.

Google said that application developers are now available for use in a variety of platforms, Chrome system already has seven million active users.

Google, Chrome Web Store

Google's official statement is as follows:

We believe that we should let users more easily find what they want web applications to allow developers easy access to a large number of users. This is what we have today in the Google I / O announces its Chrome Web Store is an open network application software market reasons.

Google Chrome users find Web applications store, you can create in the Chrome system shortcuts for quick use of those Web applications. Chrome Web Store with a convenient and safe payment systems, so developers through the store to sell their applications.

We have released a number of preparatory documents in order to learn how you can advance to prepare for this store Web applications. We look forward to your valuable comments, we will open the progress of this project, because we officially launch Chrome Web Store, lots of technical details may change. Sign up to our developers, and concerned about the Chromium group blog on the latest news to keep abreast of latest developments.

Chrome Web Store will be launched later this year to the user. We will soon release more detailed technical information. Meanwhile, more information, please visit / webstore.
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