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Google AdSense: common sense, FAQs, tools

Google AdSense is probably the most popular Internet source of income was. Here are some Google Adsense tips and resources, webmaster friends and Bloger are not to be missed.

We spent several hours trying to find out what skills, what tools can help you to observe, track and increase your Adsense income, we have chosen a number of useful articles and tips, the removal of key points which also includes Google Adsense own sites and services, you can use every day. To see what all.

Google Adsense on some things you may not know

  • "Adsense Revenue = ad impressions CTR × × × smart pricing factor Click Price (smart-pricing-factor). Browse the website of your own Adsense account is closed does not cause, but be sure not to click on their ads.
  • However, refresh your page continuously to improve ad impressions may cause your account banned. CTR (Click-through-rate (CTR)) ÷ number of clicks for the ad impressions, the basic range of 0.1% - 30%, most of the 1% - 10%
    [ 100 Google Adsense Tips ]
  • "Lord ad impressions (First impressions count): to ensure the highest CTR ad unit appears first in HTML code. Remember the first to appear in the HTML code in the ad unit does not necessarily appear in the top of your browser . "
    [ Inside AdSense (AdSense official blog): the main ad impressions ]
  • "Usually, in the vicinity of rich content and navigational aids is better to place ads, because users will pay attention to those areas page. In the user typically focused on reading an article page, placed directly below the end of the editorial content of advertising is very easy to obtain good results. "
    [I should Google ads on my pages? ]
  • "For multiple ad units, display format is very important, can cause the place to the visitors attention to ads placed in the final after a post a leaderboard."
    [ 6 Forum AdSense Optimization Tips ]
  • "The important point separated the top place in the middle and the best advertising. The most effective display format is the large rectangle, 336 × 280. So wide format better than other ad formats and more, because they do not take off number of rows. add some more height for each ad, you will lose some of the ads more interested users.
  • So very effective wide format, the first three effective advertising format is mentioned 336 × 280 large rectangle, 300 × 250 medium rectangle and the 160 × 600 wide skyscraper. .
  • In the Adsense account, we can define the different color styles, more likely to cause the attention of visitors. "
    [ Google AdSense Optimization minutes ]
  • "According to point out into the rate calculation effective advertising placed on the second point is the right of the barrier or blank." Close to the main content of the "skyscrapers" and the bristling placed banner are also very good results. Placed in the column, and to scramble the content of the square and rectangle ad performance as well. Placed in separate points, the following ad is not useful, although this is not a hard and fast rule. "
    [ Yahoo! Publisher Network: Location, location, location ... ... ]
  • "I found both to place Google Adsense medium rectangle right side in the middle of the page or in the right column, top and bottom of all articles and contents, when they had good results. While at the forum to place ads click-through rate low, but also good to use Adsense. "
    [ Google Adsense Webmaster Tips ]
  • "The rich content of the page to place Adsense ads. To avoid allowing the 'sponsored links' and 'Advertising' link words (# chengbo this article suggested that I have a problem, use other languages will lead to Adsense account was closed, but also Perhaps I misunderstood). including air separation point, up ads, ad colors to match your site's colors. the ads into your pages - to set the border (border) of the same color and background color . "
    [ How to improve Google Adsense CTR ]
  • "To ensure high quality, relevant content and keywords. With metadata (META) tags, for example, 'title' & 'description', h1, h2 to mark an important part of the article."
    [ How to avoid display public service ads (PSA) ]
  • "Now you can hang with other similar advertising services posted AdSense a page." (January 2007)
    [ It's official! Now you can hang with other similar advertising services page posted AdSense a ]
  • "Google AdSense Policy: do not allow advertising publishers and advertisers in the picture linked, so that visitors have mistaken image and advertising links."
    [ Inside AdSense: Ad and image placement: policy clarification ]
  • "You can tell by section targeting Google Adsense you want to emphasize or ignore the text or HTML content. Segmentation analysis Adsense is the latest and most effective techniques."
    [ Use section targeting to display ads relevant to the content ]
  • "This week, I decided to change according to the source of visitors to the number of ad units. I have a simple PHP function to determine whether the visitors are from search engines, if so, I will show two more ads. Saturday, Sunday and Monday my Adsense income increased by 284 percent! "
    [ good Adsense experience ]
  • "Never click your own ads for any reason. Never edit your Adsense code. Not to place on the same site of similar nature with the Google Adsense advertising and search services (2006). Not to hide the advertising element. Avoid excessive advertising and keyword stuffing. "
    [ violation of Google Adsense program policies of the 15 common errors ]
  • "In placing ads on your site will not affect your traffic. Blogger who has six ways to make money: Google Adsense , donations (such as PayPal), Text Link Ads , Chitika eMiniMalls, Amazon , individual ads
    [ How to make money on your blog - very full article]
  • "Adsense determine the page's main content, need to refer to a number of factors: the page's URL, title, hyperlinks, text, page, the most frequent keywords, search engine to this page Link to this page of text and other page content."
    [ how to display and contextual advertising (blogger who pay particular attention to) ]
  • "Ask yourself whether it is willing to join the ad and a change of blog layout. Look at your traffic, to determine whether your site welcomed by everyone. With a good advertising channel. Patience."
    [ Blog Adsense Tips ]
  • "In a page you put up more than three Adsense units. Short article, the content of ads placed on the top, then CTR (clickthrough rate) is the best; long articles, ads on the content of the middle, hits often would be found. large rectangle 336 × 280 is the most appropriate ad formats. "
    [ Adsense optimization techniques, increase the click rate of advertising display know-how ]
  • "Google AdSense for publication another useful feature Adsense publishers. - section targeting . Although this concept is very simple, but it is the value of the benefits and potential is endless. "
    [ article text display and contextual advertising ]

Google official information and tools

  • Google AdSense FAQ: Adsense Official Guide.
  • Google AdSense Help Center provides a very detailed answer on Adsense. Learning optimization points, how to design successful ads, advertising the location of dialysis and how to skillfully use the feature.
  • Google AdSense program policies.
  • Google AdSense ad formats: 1, including an overview of all ad formats.
  • Google AdSense success stories list of Google's own maintenance. There are some vivid case can help you improve your Adsense income.
  • Google AdWords: Keyword Tool: the potential to help you search for keywords, and also the information displayed, including the search frequency, cyclical trends. Type in your keyword or a specific URL, click on search on it. You can also the green box to the right to add new keywords.

Google AdSense Tools, Services

Google AdSense Tips, Resources

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