GeoTools Read Shape File

package com.test.geotools.shp;


import org.geotools.feature.FeatureCollection;
import org.geotools.feature.FeatureIterator;
import org.opengis.feature.simple.SimpleFeature;
import org.opengis.feature.simple.SimpleFeatureType;

import com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.Geometry;

public class shptest {

        public static void main(String[] argv){

                String strShpPath = "D:\\data\\country.shp";
                File file = new File(strShpPath);
                ShapefileDataStore shpDataStore = null;
                        shpDataStore = new ShapefileDataStore(file.toURL());
                        String typeName = shpDataStore.getTypeNames()[0];
                        FeatureSource<SimpleFeatureType, SimpleFeature> featureSource = null;
                        featureSource = (FeatureSource<SimpleFeatureType, SimpleFeature>)shpDataStore.getFeatureSource(typeName);
                        FeatureCollection<SimpleFeatureType, SimpleFeature> result = featureSource.getFeatures();

                        FeatureIterator<SimpleFeature> itertor = result.features();
                                SimpleFeature feature =;
                                Geometry geometry = (Geometry)feature.getDefaultGeometry();
                catch(MalformedURLException e){
                catch(IOException e){
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