gba compile problem records

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FP error occurs, GNUARM "ERROR: xxx.o uses software FP, whereas main.elf uses hardware FP"
Use GNUARM tool chain (arm-elf-) may occur when this error.
May be due to:
a) Use-mthumb-interwork compiled. s
b) compile. c generated. o in the link on. s generated. o file in front of the

Generally need to press the main menu Project-> Clean ...
Makefile dependency mechanism may result in part. O not cause the error changes

CDT determine whether the debug version of elf:
If you are creating a pure Makefile project requires the project properties -> C / C + + Build-> Settings in check the Elf Parser
While ensuring Makefile to compile each. O use-g3-O0 (third level debugging, the zero level optimization)

Operational issues:
As both build and run the vba is difficult to judge the rom gba is normal (for example, some missing. O files)
Some ways to determine:
Start with a relatively high CPU when the screen is white layer model viewer can not see what is

Hou occur when debugging Source not found the problem:
Mode debugging using gdbserver debugger and found that this situation can not add a direct result of the breakpoint.
Observed Debug window, find the path name changed because the original C: \ xx \ xx into \ xx \ xx \ xx.
CDT do not know which disk partition should be to find. C file.
The solution is to Debug Configurations-> Source-> Add-> Path Mapping Add Mapping.
For example, debugging code in the D drive, on the set \ maps D: \

Added: If you open the same port more than 55,555 debugging causes errors
So, step through attention to a single instance of the run before.
Also, select gdbserver debugger, select the tcp 55555 port
And manually specify the arm-elf-gdb.exe.
Debugging before opening vba, for example, start with a batch VisualBoyAdvance-SDL
@ Echo off
set DEBUG_PATH = D: \ software \ mingwdev \ gba \ gbadev
set DEBUG_ELF = step2.elf
set DEBUG_FLAGS =- Gtcp
% DEBUG_PATH% \ common \ bin \ VisualBoyAdvance-SDL.exe% DEBUG_FLAGS%% DEBUG_PATH% \% DEBUG_ELF%
@ Echo on
Then double-click the Start CDT.
Or refer to the official testing method .

1) the Step 2
I offer Step 2. On the basis of the source code written in Makefile, used for CDT debugging.

#  Description  :
# PREFIX: Specifies that the compiler  :
#       arm-elf- : GNUARM
# GBAFIX: Need to point to the specified  GBAFIX( Because there is no GNUARM  )
# DFILES: Specify those .d files need to be clear  ( Open the debug build  )

#  Environmental parameters  
MAKEFLAGS += --no-print-directory
SHELL      = sh

#  Tool chain             
AS              = arm-elf-as
CC              = arm-elf-gcc
CPP             = arm-elf-g++
LD              = arm-elf-g++
AR              = arm-elf-ar
OBJCOPY = arm-elf-objcopy
NM              = arm-elf-nm
GBAFIX  = ./common/bin/gbafix

# main File and the destination file name, and  gamecode
NAME    = step2
NMFILE      = $(NAME).nm
TARGET_ELF      = $(NAME).elf
TARGET_BIN      = $(NAME).gba
MAPFILE     = $(NAME).map

# .ld File  ( The linker configuration  ) References and whether to generate a .map file  ( Generate a report  )(-T,-Map)
LDFILEFLAGS   = -T./common/ld/gba_cart.ld
MAPFILEFLAGS  = #-Wl,-Map $(NAME).map

#  The header file and library file directory, the directory and the library name  (-I,-L,-l)
LIBS    = -lstdc++

#  Need to be compiled .o and need to clear the  .o And  .d
SFILES  = common/asm/crt0.s common/asm/div.s common/asm/vba.s
 common/gbadev/common.d common/gbadev/cpu_arm.d common/gbadev/gamemath_arm.d \
 common/gbadev/mt19937ar.d \
 common/gbadev/common.c common/gbadev/cpu_arm.c common/gbadev/gamemath_arm.c \
 common/gbadev/mt19937ar.c \

 common/asm/crt0.o  common/asm/div.o common/asm/vba.o \
 common/gbadev/common.o common/gbadev/cpu_arm.o common/gbadev/gamemath_arm.o \
 common/gbadev/mt19937ar.o \
 step2.o \

#  Error OFILES lead Simulator is not working properly  
_OFILES = common/asm/crt0.o step2.o


#  Compile tools default parameters  
ASFLAGS = --fatal-warnings 

 -MMD -mthumb -mthumb-interwork -nostdlib -fverbose-asm -fpeephole \
 -mtune=arm7tdmi -mcpu=arm7tdmi \
 -Wall -W -Wshadow -Wno-unused-parameter -Wno-strict-aliasing \
 $(INCDIR) \

 -nostartfiles -Wall

.PHONY: all clean
        @make $(TARGET_BIN)


        @echo -- Build GBA...
        $(OBJCOPY) -v -O binary $< $@
        $(GBAFIX) $@ -t$(NAME) -c$(GAMECODE)

        @echo -- Generate MAP and Build ELF...
        @echo no content > $(MAPFILE)
        $(LD) -o $@ $(OFILES) $(LDFLAGS)

Although no expert in this Makefile to write a technical content, but after all upgraded (for compiling. O files need to be individually specified)

2) I compiled with GNUARM tool chain, because there is no specific gba GNUARM development libraries and tools, you can take that from devkitPro.
For example gbafix.exe:

3) run the CDT environment variables used to set the batch is

@ Set path =% cd% \ eclipse-cpp-galileo-SR2-win32 \;% path%
@ Set path =% cd% \ devkitPro \ bin;% path%
@ Set path =% cd% \ GNUARM \ bin;% path%
start eclipse.exe
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