Found a phishing site, and study

SONY Camera today inquiries MTS format conversion, and, occasionally, into a phishing site, Google search to, and also discharged to the first

This is the URL

Into the page there is no problem, close the browser after reading a sudden jump to a new window

Found a phishing site, and study

This is the URL of the phishing site

Began to analyze the website (, found three suspicious JS, (; http : / / / i.js;, there is still a JS as follows:

<script type="text/javascript">
u_a_client = "4001";
u_a_width = "0";
u_a_height = "0";
u_a_zones = "15059";
u_a_type = "1";
</ Script>

Find the three JS files and found the contents of the reference I.js:

Found a phishing site, and study

Some combination of the string is (, click on this address will appear

var tT_Zyads_Url = ' ==; 8011ce17921d7bfe319e0386f5c2ae2e; http% 3A% 2F% 2F98.126.57.53% 2F'; var tT_zoneids = '15059 '; var tT_width = '0 '; var tT_height = '0'; document.write ('');

Again extracted URL link: ==; 8011ce17921d7bfe319e0386f5c2ae2e; http% 3A% 2F% 2F98.126.57.53% 2F

Haha, the original initiator of this site is the secret

Found a phishing site, and study

Found a phishing site, and study

whois information I will not put up, sleep, a good storm

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