For the past two days, ruby development web site performance test summary

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This is only the individual test, is also a ruby beginner test, if ill-Optimize and causing significant error also invited Members to make the exhibitions.

  1. Rails vs Rack vs Merb:
    Merb worse performance than Rails, but documents, rich plug-ins, plus Rack can deal with some of the demand for high-speed. Also heard to Merb into Rails, high-speed processing and Metal, really unlimited prospects.
    Rack one word fast, cool.
    Merb looks beautiful, but found that too little documentation. All beginners do not test, such as I want to let ActiveRecord support for Enum types, Merb seems to need its own sword, and Rails can be used with a speed of static> Rack> Merb> Rails
    The speed of horizontal comparison
    Static Rack Merb Rails
    Speed 3130 1192 305 180

    (Unit: reqs / sec)

  2. Cache:
    page cache is very convenient, but also directly generate html, can easily realize the whole point of static, and only if the id of each file are kept in the same directory, it is hard to imagine tens of thousands of documents squeezed in a directory. cache has yet to be studying. Fragment seems to be able to solve this problem.
    For very simple helloworld, action cache unpleasant anti-slow. reqs from 180 down to 150.
  3. Server:
    Fastcgi faster than a lot of Mongrel. Mongrel easier to use. I now use development are mongrel, production using fastcgi
    Nginx and lighttpd almost fast,
    apache2 performance mod_rails remember the good, the specific numerical forget, apache2 is too large, memory accounted for much more flexibility to configure Nginx not good, and in terms of performance and Nginx and Lighttpd have not a small gap, so no longer be considered.
  4. Personally, I finally Orientation:
    Nginx + Fastcgi + Rails + Rack as my Rails platform.

In addition to my blog are Medium ruby in the recent study, ruby now give me the greatest feeling is flexible and convenient.

2009-1-21 added:

  1. Fastcgi
    After practice, found at fastcgi on lighttpd is better, the best performance and stability for Rails platform or recognized Lighttpd + Fastcgi. However, it is undeniable nginx for a very good server, especially in the configuration of him, I was particularly China and Italy.
  2. Cache
    Fragment Cache referred to as the Page Cache with two different levels of cache,
    Page to provide the full text of cache, the controller in caches_page: actionName form.
    Fragment for regional cache, in the views in a <% cache do%> xxx <% end%> form.
    Fragment Cache memory about the way such as documents mentioned in
    #Memory cache, and is the default cache
    ActionController::Base.cache_store = :memory_store
    #To save a file
    ActionController::Base.cache_store = :file_store, "/path/to/cache/directory"
    ActionController::Base.cache_store = :drb_store, "druby://localhost:9192"
    ActionController::Base.cache_store = :mem_cache_store, "localhost"
    ActionController::Base.cache_store ="parameter") #Rewrite its own Store

    Environment can be added in the statement set config.cache_store = xxx

    Online article a lot of use out-of-date version of the rails still exist fragment_cache_store = as a tutorial, a lot of people take a detour. Rails upgrade or so at the process of studying, reading changelog is necessary.

    About Custom Store online tutorial appears to have done little, but its not complicated, because of rails open source, everyone can refer to MemoryStore source memorystore_cache.rb
    Such as class MyOwnStore <ActiveSupport:: Cache:: Store and rewrite write, read, etc., you can easily develop Fragment caching methods.

    About more cache can refer to But attention to the version of rails is also obsolete, because of its log or show Completed in 0.18700 (5 reqs / sec) | Rendering: 0.10900 (58%) | DB: 0.00000 (0%) forms.

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