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Yesterday issued a "foreign project code quality is really high-ah," the post, Emotion is also in the page layer specification, so I made one.

Before doing web development, as, like other non-web developers, that is nothing to do web-tech things, that compared the web GUI to do more technical content. Web-programmer to do even that is not a true programmer.

When considering the prospects for career out of interest rather than to decide when to do web development, web development discovered complex than I imagined, I try to find a best way of web development, continuous selection and negative, until today.

Now look at 2007 posts by "open source framework is abandoned me," feeling to join the experience was tasting these frameworks is indeed installed some 13, some of the reasons for denial seems naive, especially for scripting languages discrimination, rather is kingly mind java. In fact, I think I was special cattle breaking, the courage to question this framework that has been hailed for suspected dynamic language. But, in fact, not have the courage to doubt java.

I have a choice in the world for a long time java, java is also changing. AOP, Annotation, a series of new concepts, java 7 of the development plan, all I feel the java language is becoming a dynamic language. I was feeling just as few days ago to see the word as "Java is not cross-platform, Java is the platform", I finally see the hypocritical face of Java, began to accept the true dynamic language.

I decided to learn web, I have three choices,. Net, java, php, I chose the java, because it appears from the level of java the syntax is a strict language. But I can see is more and more online website is based on php and. Net development, and is based on java's internal use are more B / S system. Why so? Because php and. Net closer to the front staff, but java is always stressed the framework for the front end is the lack of concern. Have the same experience php programmer,. Net programmer, java programmer stand together, be sure php on html / css / js on the w3c is the most understanding,. Net programmer does not understand these things, but they can through the magic. net means they want to make a page, all day, and to consider the structure "I am backing the" pride of the java programmers to do the page is the most appalling.

Now, the key questions: What is a front-end? What is the background? Front-end need to know programming? Does not know who can write good css js effect? Just write html front end it? Site is dynamic, html is dynamic, front-end must be similar to the way of programming the output html. Conclusion: the front should be focused on the html, js, css but front-end must know the background, must have interaction with the background, so that front-end to spend a minimum of effort to complete the html output, spend the least energy and background fit the structure is effective web architecture.

Talk about development efficiency, system scalability talk, just talk about the feasibility of the project, what the most feasible development model? Is neither a "test-driven development", not "model-driven development", but "page-driven development." However, your structure to implement "page-driven development" it?

I thought, php web development is the early development methods, will soon be weeded out, surprise, its enduring.

At the end I want to emphasize: This article is not about "language war" article, when we hit another brick smashed shape. This is an article on "knowledge structure and the relationship between web architecture," the article.

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