FLEX: integrating Spring + Hibernate

Before a friend also wanted to study development of FLEX. Asked me to help him to be a small sample. Spent a weekend time, to integrate a sampleproject.
Client: FLEX
Server: Spring2.5 + Hibernate3.2 + Hibernate-annotations3.3.1 + MySQL5
FDS: BlazeDS3
IDE: MyEclipse6.5 + FLEXBuilderPlugin3
Web Server: Tomcat5.5.12
Building and Deploy: Maven2.4
FLEX client does not use any framework (itself, Cairngorm I just study them in depth, perhaps, the latter can be also integrated the use of this piece put in.)
java code hierarchy Description:
domain.model: Model
domain.emun: Emun
exception: Service Exception
facade: receive FLEX call information, package object model and operational logic, call service.
factories: to provide SpringFactory, implementation Spring context and injected automatically into the blazeds remoteobject (Reference: http://coenraets.org/flex-spring/)
service: Calling DAO implementation for DB operations.
FLEX break the code Description:
Framework is not used, and they should only concentrate on the as file extraction, to achieve small-scale code reuse. Purely training and entry-hand use. Ha ha

In addition, the current client as framework of the FLEX study used my cairngorm, are adobe open source because, as puremvc yet to do a deeper understanding, who can point reference study opinion?

Learning together and progress together. :)

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