Flash, Html tags are supported

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Flash Html tags are supported in

<a> hyperlink tag
Attribute: href: link address target: target window desirable value of _blank, _parent, _self, _top.

my_txt.htmlText="<a href='http://www.blueidea.com' target='_self'> Domain hosting  </a>"

<b> bold tags <br /> example:

my_txt.htmlText="<b> Bold </b>"

<br> wrap label <br /> example:

my_txt.htmlText="Title of Articles <br>" 

<br /> <font> font tag attributes: color: font color, format, # RRGGBB.
face: fonts, can be a single font or font list.
size: Font size in pixels.

my_txt.htmlText="<font color='#ff0000' face='Arial' size='12'>This is a text</font>"

<i> italic tags <br /> Description:

my_txt.htmlText="<i> Italic </i>"

<br /> <li> list item tag Example:

my_txt.htmlText="Sports:<li>Football</li> <li>Boxing</li><li>Swimming</li>"

Note that the text box to select the "multi-line."

<p> paragraph marks <br /> attributes: align: on their way to value left, right, center.
class: applying a css style class.

my_txt.htmlText="<p align='right'>align right</p><p align='left'>align left</p>"

Note that the text box to select the "multi-line." This example assumes that the css class of title and the body already exists.

<span> tags <br /> Note: The label on all the text in the application of css styles only in the definition of the css object effectively.
Attribute: class: apply a css style class.

my_txt.htmlText="<span>this is a text confined by css</span>

Note that this example assumes that css class body already exists.

<u> Underline Tag <br /> example:

my_txt.htmlText="<u> Underline </u>

Two special tags:
<img> image tag <br /> Note: This feature tag is not just insert a picture in the text box, you can also insert the SWF and MovieClip.
Attributes: src: to load a JPG or SWF's URL, or the MC's link ID, this property is necessary, other attributes are optional.
Note: Flash does not support the progressive format of JPG.
id: specifies embedded JPG, SWF or MovieClip the name of the movie clip.
width: image / animation width.
height: image / animation height.
align: on its way to values: left, right, default is left.
hspace: Text around the maps in the horizontal direction and the image of the gap.
vspace: Text around the maps in the vertical direction and the image of the gap.

<textformat> text formatting tags <br /> Note: This tab allows you to direct application of some of the properties of TextFormat object to the text.
Attribute: blcokIndent: Paragraph indentation size, the unit pixel.
indent: indent the first line of the paragraph the size of the unit pixels.
leading: the text line spacing, unit pixels.
leftmargin: text left margin, units of pixels.
rightmargin: Text the right margin, unit pixels.
tabstops: Forms division, unit pixels.
Note: About Property tabstops: its value is an array of columns used to represent the division of the table.
Escape character in the text using \ t to the output location to the next tab stop.

  txt="<textformat tabstops='[50,150,150]'>"+ tabField+tabRecord1+tabRecord2+"</textformat>"; 
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