Flash 8 to create dynamic web menus open results

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Today to explain to you how to use Flash create a dynamic web page menu, if the good you can take to use it! You can also improve their own to improve the forum Well, do not forget to tell soon as ah!
Look at the effects and source files:
[Url = http://www.webjx.com/download.php?url=http://www.webjx.com/upfiles/20070516/20070516001106_webjxcom_070515.rar]
[1b] Click here to download the source file [/ 1b]
[/ Url]
Production method is very simple and easy for everyone here describes what! If you do not understand the source file to see it!
First produced five video clips, talk about ways to build on two layers, the following layer draw a rectangle, as to why the color filled according to your preferences can be set up! Input layer above the text to show. Then were inserted in the first 15 key frames, the following adjustments to the shape of a rectangle slightly, slightly above the text layer is moved slightly upward position.

By the same method to create other video clips. Then put them to the main scene.

Were selected movie clip named five different names in different instances: homepage_mc, aboutus_mc, portfolio_mc, archives_mc, contacts_mc.

Then create an invisible button (click on the frame with content only, pay attention to size and build to the size of a movie clip, like ah!)

Established by the same method and then the other four buttons and names were: InvisibleButton1, InvisibleButton2, InvisibleButton3, InvisibleButton4, InvisibleButton5.
Then create the main scene, each button into different layers, the attention to cover the corresponding button corresponding video clip ah! Results are as follows:

Then select each of the buttons, respectively, to add action buttons:
[1b] InvisibleButton1: [/ 1b]
on (rollOver) (
_root.mouse_over_homepage_mc = true;
on (rollOut) (
_root.mouse_over_homepage_mc = fstartlse;
on (release) (
getURL ("http://www.webjx.com/");
[1b] InvisibleButton2: [/ 1b]
on (rollOver) (
_root.mouse_over_aboutus_mc = true;
on (rollOut) (
_root.mouse_over_aboutus_mc = fstartlse;
on (release) (
getURL ("http://www.webjx.com/");
[1b] InvisibleButton3: [/ 1b]
on (rollOver) (
_root.mouse_over_portfolio_mc = true;
on (rollOut) (
_root.mouse_over_portfolio_mc = fstartlse;
on (release) (
getURL ("http://www.webjx.com");
[1b] InvisibleButton4: [/ 1b]
on (rollOver) (
_root.mouse_over_archives_mc = true;
on (rollOut) (
_root.mouse_over_archives_mc = fstartlse;
on (release) (
getURL ("http://www.webjx.com/");
[1b] InvisibleButton5: [/ 1b]
on (rollOver) (
_root.mouse_over_contacts_mc = true;
This carried over: http://www.5uflash.com/flashjiaocheng/Flashdonghuatexiao/686.html
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