Five main functions of web reporting tools comparison

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Company doing the project, the need to use reporting tools, after the mainstream market, we report a series of inspection tools, integrated assessment, and reporting tool vendors to some field trips. We chose a more professional, and reporting tools for our development, the following is our pre-selected part of inspection report tool evaluation.

Batch printing

Performance Optimization

Whether the separation of the template with the data

Easy to adjust design patterns


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Five main functions of web reporting tools comparison: batch printing <br /> Although web report can display on a computer screen, but often need a visual display of the paper, which tests the web reporting tool, printing, web statements can not do without printing, printing can not escape the bulk. This article aims to more participation in printing, page printing, printing scaling analysis of the various reporting tools such as batch printing function.


Has a Volume Report printing function, but generally needs special programming batch printing; some simple slice-style print through the master table implementation; can not meet the paper Da Xiao Zi Dong; not supporting sub-column printing; did not support One Zhi multi-page printing ; does not support the last page supplement blank lines; does not support scaling; support vertical page, do not support horizontal page.


Itself does not directly support batch printing, the need for each print after opening statements were; client can not save print settings; not automatically meet the paper size; does not support the header on the left to repeat the header page; does not support scaling support; does not support mandatory page; support horizontal / vertical page print; support columns to print.

Crystal Reports

A batch report printing function. For the first batch print multiple different reports, with a report to print many times with different parameters, etc., shall be subject to a separate programming can be achieved; some of the more simple sub-chip to support printing only the vertical page, do not support horizontal paging; Print does not support columns; does not support a multi-page printing paper; do not support enough last page blank lines; support scaling; support for accurate printing.

Dry Run Report

Offers a variety of batch printing method, the master table, report group and call volume printing class package; itself provides batch printing function of the class package, can be called directly, support batch print many different reports, each report can pass different parameters to support the statement with a different number of parameters to print; support horizontal / vertical page; support mandatory paging support; support a small note paper pages; support the last page supplement blank lines; support the compact edition; support to modify the data before printing Chinese statements and other special printing needs;

Mingyu Report

Page Setup can be achieved by simple statements of a reporting insert another blank parts of a simple batch printing, but for a different batch print multiple reports, with a report to print many times with different parameters, you can only be programmed achieved; support vertical page; support columns to print; not force the page; needs the ActiveX control installed to achieve more than the other like a paper page, and zoom control functions such as printing.

These are my personal web reporting tools on the bulk printing a brief summary.

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Five main functions of web reporting tools comparison: Performance Optimization Performance Optimization Report <br /> many system developers choose the important evaluation report tools that consider the web reporting tools to optimize the performance of how, from what consideration? I think the present is nothing but a number of reporting tools is from the concurrency control and cache mechanisms and so on.

ireport itself is not very good concurrency control mechanisms; When concurrent access is large, often prone to error; report template to go through several compilation, analysis and reports in the client end, affect performance.

finereport concurrent resistant 20000 512M memory cells can be complicated by the table in more than 100, but the response time is very long; does not support concurrency control, this is very serious; not statements of cache; does not support the data cache index; expression circular reference Death, no reminder; export excel records more than 65,525 listed the wrong number over 255.

Crystal Reports need to deploy a separate set of load balancing system; need independent database connection, and may become performance bottlenecks; clusters have serious problems, including a server down, will lead to paralysis of the entire cluster environment, or the third party cluster environment products down, will spread to bo the cluster, leading to paralysis of the entire cluster bo products; interactive processing capacity is poor, we can only limit the number of users each and cpu.

Run dry very strong statement concurrency control, 20 000 512M memory cells can be complicated by the table in more than 100, the average response time of less than 3 seconds; a concurrency control mechanism, with separate management of large reports and small reports, you can individually control the major statements concurrent number and small number of concurrent statements; with template caching, report caching, query result caching mechanism for multi-level cache, bringing high performance upgrade; can use the application server load balancing system; can use the application server connection pool;

Mingyu report concurrent abilities, because too many external useless treatment, severe depletion of resources, the server usually takes more than 1G of memory can be deployed.

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Five main functions of web reporting tools comparison: whether the separation of templates and data
ireport report templates and data separation, by configuring the data source for data extraction;

finereport report templates and data separation, by configuring the data source for data extraction;

Crystal Reports report template and data separation;

Run dry report templates and data separation, by configuring the data source for data extraction.

Mingyu report templates and data separation;

The above five kinds of web reporting tools and data on whether the separation of function template comparison is not difficult to find these web reporting tools have done a good job in this regard.

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Five main functions of web reporting tools comparison: the design model easy to adjust actual <br /> in the process of doing reports, reporting tool design patterns are convenient to a large extent affected the efficiency of the report do the following to introduce a separate web reporting tools on the difference in design mode.

ireport for the visual tab mode, tab-style interface for the band fill in the resulting template file for the XML file; does not support the EXCEL template to import; format alignment is very difficult; on the adjustment of font and other formatting is very cumbersome; forms of expression can not change with the automatic adjustment of the ranks;

finereport EXCEL table format for the class of design patterns; support the import and export EXCEL; expression circular reference crash, no reminder; expression: Remove Charu ranks of cells, and data sets need to manually modify the binding, can not automatically change;

Crystal Reports for the traditional drag-style watch band model, the grid alignment difficulties; can not import the EXCEL template and, therefore, there can be similar to the EXCEL format brush, formula adjustments; traditional linear reporting model does not support nonlinear statements model; c / s form design web form design report templates and report templates are not the same, so c / s the user wants to modify the way of editing out the statements of web templates, it is impossible! Different formats of report templates, it is difficult to provide consistent reporting capabilities;

Run-dry statements excel in table format for the class design pattern, the ranks of alignment very easily; support import export excel in Wu distortion; insert, Shanchuhanglie after, unit cell of Biaoda Shi, data sets binding Guanxi Zidongbianhua, Bu Xuyao hand Xiugai ;

Mingyu statements for the drag strip on the control type tab mode, the grid form of adjustment more cumbersome, and difficult to achieve the rank of strict alignment; forms of expression can not change automatically with the ranks adjustment.

I Ren Wei Zai do Excel sheet side of the table format is designed to Moshi yes most convenient, the Yi Jing was Jieshou general public, there is no design pattern Ke Yi Bao Biao excel beyond the form of Design Patterns in operation Xi Guan Ren Men's leading role, Suo Yi Lei excel table format design mode in the report design mode, there is an advantage.

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Five main functions of web reporting tools comparison: Interface description <br /> compare mainstream web reporting tool interfaces.

ireport interface mode for the API, but the interface, not rich;

finereport interface mode for the API, but the interface, not rich;

Crystal Reports for non-J2EE interfaces, network protocols, strong enough, statistical chart, CGI using the old way;

Run-dry statements provide a rich API, very complete, combined with tight; to the application of JAVA programmer to open hundreds of API calls, you can control the depth of the report, such as the replacement of data sources, report generation before the modification, etc.; and integrate closely achieve maximum efficiency;

Mingyu report by an independent server program, complete the application interface through the network protocol, interface number, their efforts to control the weak, but also seriously affect performance;

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Five main functions of web reporting tools comparison: Output mode
web reporting tools in the report show the output layer design approach is to report the final step, the way good or bad and whether the output will directly affect the wealth of the effect and purpose of report design, I must admit that the function on the importance of web reporting tools.

ireport export support for HTML, PDF, EXCEL, CSV, XML; does not support export with text formatting; not achieve undistorted export PDF / EXCEL; does not support the non-paged EXCEL export methods, and can not control whether the export hidden rows / columns ; statements do not support graphics, but control is achieved through the image, but also in the same report shows that more than one chart is difficult;

Finereport output support HTML, PDF, EXCEL, CVS, SVG, formatted text; completely undistorted EXCEL Export; EXCEL does not support paging export, the number of records more than 65,535 the number of more than 255 error; export EXCEL / PDF can not be encrypted, can not access control; can not control whether the export hidden force; does not support the export access control, can not be encrypted;

Crystal Reports output to support HTML, PDF, EXCEL; export EXCEL can only export data, export and then use problems; does not support formatted text export; export EXCEL, all cells have become merged cell, the user of data processing can not be re- , charts can not be linked to export;

Run dry reporting standards HTML, PDF, EXCEL, WORD, XML, formatted text (such as TXT), etc.; export EXCEL, completely distorted to support the export charts to support the page / page two export methods do not guarantee EXCEL in the print page header page duplication, and consistent statements and Run Dry; statements derived from the number of rows EXCEL limit the number of columns; export EXCEL to add the user password, you can control whether to export hidden ranks; PDF export support for all versions , can control the export permissions, you can add the password, you can control, "the document compilation, copy, low-resolution printing, change the document, fill out a form field, conventional editing notes, print, opening the contents of the visually impaired to access" and other rights; statistical chart output support web page GIF, JPG and PNG in three formats, in particular the PNG format can be true color (24 bit color);

Mingyu report output support for HTML, PDF, EXCEL; statistical chart output, the current support for GIF and JPG formats, the former number of colors is not enough, which is lossless compression, require a higher degree in the beautiful occasion appeared to be inadequate.
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