fckeditor textarea in JSP in judging the issue is not empty

Using FckEditor, which require the judge textarea is empty, but found directly through the DOM to determine where the node is not empty textarea is not feasible to search a bit online only to find that many people are experiencing this problem, but the Internet answers did not directly solve the problem. After trying the following method is feasible.
Try that, applied FckEditor the textarea, if not to fill out textarea anything in the submission form, visit the textarea's value by JS property, its value is not empty. By GetXHTML () method that, when the textarea is not reclaimed within the content, when the form is submitted, textarea of the value of the value of "<br />", You Ran out of this solution, the following key code:

var content=FCKeditorAPI.GetInstance("content").GetXHTML();
if(content==""||content=="<br />"){
    alert(" Please fill in the content  !");
    return false;
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