extjs development environment set up and practice

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1, download and extract the extjs

2, download eclipse and Eclipse AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF)

I have been accustomed to using eclipse as a development environment, a variety of open-source plugin so that eclipse has all-around performance, operating efficiency than the other IDE high.

ATF includes a Mozilla browser, in the eclipse in the switch to the "Mozilla view", the developer can be html, dom, css debug. However, if single-step debug javascript, must be installed in several dojo or other ajax development framework, or else should not carry out debugging javascript. Do not understand why javascript debugging features must be bundled and the dojo, I did not used dojo, should not eclipse in debug in javascript, that some sorts.

ATF installation somewhat complex, there are some requirements to install Prerequisites Fortunately, the installation steps in the Eclipse Web site has made it clear that the use of Eclipse's' Software Updates' to install, one step is to configure has JSLint

3, download and install JSEclipse

JSEclipse is an eclipse plugin, as the javascript editor, so that the code has to distinguish between colors, code formatting and auxiliary encoding function

4, download and install firefox and Firebug

Because there is no eclipse can not be loaded dojo debug javascript, so I downloaded and installed firefox and firebug. Firebug is a firefox the plugin, similar to ATF, can be javascript, html, dom, css debugging, and Firebug html elements using the mouse to capture than the ATF convenience, ATF capture extjs contain html elements on the support of the Layout interface is not a good .

ATF and can complement the use of Firebug, personal feel than the Dongdong dreamweaver and ms good, compact flexibility can be good, not money, access to convenient, First kiss? !

5, from the extjs forum, download and install JSEclipse plugin Ext of the code completion library:


This may sound JSEclipse Dongdong extjs code to auto-complete feature, see the Forum as described in

6, Ext Debug Console

As long as the page containing ext-all-debug.js, click control + shift + home, there will be an interface, can be seen html structure, conduct html and css debugging, is also a good Dongdong!

7, in the development of the testing phase, do not use ext-all.js, because the file is compressed js files, inconvenient to read the debugger to ext-all-debug.js replaced in a production environment to use ext-all.js

Read these days aptana, feeling jseclipse use than many, but the machine a good bit more memory, the specific loading configuration, see:


Extjs because of the api doc is incomplete, has experience in extjs users can extjs by reading the source code to be in the document does not open widgets, function, variable, can be a multiplier effect! This is developed on the use of extjs very helpful, in general the main reference source / widgets directory source. In addition, the use Firebug for debugging single-step, you can add variables to the watch panel, through the start-level view, we can see that you have access to the property and methods.

According to adobe AIR installed Aptana and the code after the auxiliary function (eclipse create AIR project):

extjs development environment set up and practice

ATF debug css:

extjs development environment set up and practice

Firebug debug javascript:

extjs development environment set up and practice
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