Examples of instructions needs analysis

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Examples of instructions needs analysis

1.1 The purpose of the preparation

At completion of the "file management system" software pre-market survey, at the same time with a number of software users a comprehensive and in-depth study and analysis based on the instructions of the software requirements specification.

This requirements specification specification of "file management system" software to do a comprehensive and detailed user needs analysis, to be clearly developed software should have the functionality, performance and interface to make system analysis and software developers can clearly understand the needs of users, and on this basis a summary of the design of further follow-up instructions and complete the design and development work. The specification of the expected readers to customers, business needs analysis, or personnel, testers, user documentation writers, project managers.

1.2 Project Background

Document because many, many types, the document creator, and creation time for the occasional, it is necessary to protect some important documents the company extremely inconvenient because of the mobility at the same time, the reproduction of the original document, appeared to be inadequate, and sometimes the re-search collating documents have to waste much of the manpower and material resources. But in recent years because of competition continuously deepened, the file will be serious mismanagement led to the company faces a loss or even bankruptcy situation. So people continue to explore hoping to find a solution.

In order to solve the above problem, so that enterprises can effectively grasp and effective file sharing resources, protect the document, and the promotion of the file management information, standardization and integration, multi-I listen to their views and improve the substantial additional functional and thus know the document management process, combined with all departments and industry and enterprise document management approach, developed a fit in the many and complex file management systems.

1.3 definitions, abbreviations and symbols

Needs: the user to solve the problem or the conditions necessary to achieve the goal or function; systems or system components to meet the contract, standards, norms or other formal requirements document with the required conditions or empowerment.

1.4 References

Lu Jiang Rong , Wang Feng : "Visual Basic Project Case navigation", Science Press, June 2002 edition

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Flash four-ching: "SQL Server utility Concise Guide", Tsinghua University Press, January 2003 Edition

2. Missions overview

2.1 objectives

2.1.1 Development objectives

In today's world of universal computer time, people have become accustomed to using the office computer, the result will naturally have many electronic documents, which have valuable historical value, but if we spend more time looking for these documents on at that time-consuming and effortlessly. This software needs based on this development.

2.1.2 Application of the target

So that enterprises can effectively grasp and effective file sharing resources, protect the document, and the promotion of the file management information, standardization and integration, and implementation of intelligent computer management, in order to enhance efficiency and economic benefits.

2.2 Runtime Environment

2.2.1 Hardware environment

A. 586 Units of more than one PC and compatible

B. Memory 16MB (preferably 32MB memory)

C. 1 VGA Color Units

2.2.2 Software Environment

A.windows 98 and above operating system

B. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. The Chinese version of the database management system

C. Office 2000 applications

2.3 Conditions and restrictions

The file management system software are used in small and medium enterprises. Up in the functional implementation can be further safety precautions, and E-Mail and Internet phone integrated into the network file management system software.

3. Data Description

3.1 Static Data

The following table lists six specific static data:

1) file directory table

This table store the file type information

Field Field Name Type Width
One file type Text 20
Level 2 security Text 20

Other table structure (abbreviated)

3.2 Dynamic Data

Input data: the menu option, search keywords, New Record item.

Output data: keywords identified by the query database records collection.

Internal generated data: between query results.

3.3 Database Description

ACCESS database using this software.

3.4 Data Flow Graph

"File Management System" software data flow diagram is a more clear example of the functional modules are more regular. However, relatively cumbersome complete plans, the various functional modules, data flow diagram is as follows.

1. Log data flow diagram

Selection of the table, add, edit, and delete operations

3.5 Data Dictionary

Here give a dictionary of data elements specific data card with the meaning of the card:

Name: file type information

Description: have a document file types to the file directory table

Definition: file type information = file type + security level

4. The functional requirements

4.1 functional

This system has the following functional modules:

1) File Management Module

2) query management module

3) System Configuration Module

4) The system maintenance module

5) Print Report Module

6) assist module

4.2 Functional Description

The following detailed description of what the various functional modules:

1) File Management

(1) file directory management: limited to general users and administrators to operate. And different user level operated by the file type is limited. To which users can add, modify, and delete file types. Can also set file type of level to strengthen their confidentiality.

(2) File storage: limited to the operation of all employees. General visitors can only view the files, the file should not make any changes. And different users can see the file level is limited. To which the general user can add, modify and delete files. Can also be set up file level to strengthen their confidentiality.

2) Query Manager

(1) single query file record: The main operations are suitable to all employees. In the form on the first query can select, and then enter a keyword name. By the query. If you are not familiar with the file can also form on selection of fuzzy search. Found in the record, the Record can also double-click to display detailed information.

(2) query all files: give administrators are using is the administrator in order to facilitate search files, also has a keyword search and fuzzy search. Found in the record, the Record can also double-click to display detailed information.

(3) query operation employees: give the administrator are used, because the operation staff information are confidential, so only administrators.

Also has a variety of query methods. Found in the record, the Record can also double-click to display detailed information.

3) System Configuration

(1) to configure company information: only the administrator to configure, mainly to configure the company's basic information. General users and viewers can see.

(2) desktop configuration of the system: Users can configure your favorite desktop graphics. Just select the form click on picture, then select the pictures you can enjoy.

(3) database save path: only administrators. For the open database.

4) system maintenance


Data backup: Users can save by choosing the path of the database stored on the hard drive also can be stored in the floppy disk.

(2) Data Recovery: Users can select the path through the data recovery.

(3) Operating staff management: the administrator only. One of you can add, modify, delete operations staff, set their permissions level and password.

(4) collate information systems: a significant
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