Eclipse to run using the specified JVM m2eclipse plugin can not find tools.jar

Used the m2eclipse plug-ins using struts2 when com.sun necessary to rely on the default-tools.jar, specifically because at the struts-annotations bag designated default-tools.jar
<id> default-tools.jar </ id>
<name> java.vendor </ name>
<value> Sun Microsystems Inc. </ value>
</ property>
</ activation>
<groupId> com.sun </ groupId>
<artifactId> tools </ artifactId>
<version> 1.5.0 </ version>
<scope> system </ scope>
<systemPath> $ (java.home }/../ lib / tools.jar </ systemPath>
</ dependency>
</ dependencies>
</ profile>
$ (java.home) in the eclipse does not use JAVA_HOME
By default, eclipse the use of C: \ windows \ system32 \ javaw.exe as a JVM, of course, can not find tools.jar

Solution is as follows:
Eclipse.exe modify designated eclipse.ini directory vm, attention-vm behind should not have spaces, but must be placed in front of us in-vmargs
D: \ Program Files \ Java \ jdk1.6.0_01 \ bin \ javaw.exe
Start again eclipse, will solve the problem.

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