Eclipse RCP understanding of the layout of the interface

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EclipseUI can be divided into three levels: workbenchwindow level, perspective level and part level.

1, in the workbenchwindow level of definition is valid for the entire system, in EclipseRCP, this part of its work primarily through ApplicationActionBarAdvisor, ApplicationWorkbenchWindowAdvisor, WorkbenchWindowAdvisor these three classes are defined, for example, the system's initial perspective, the overall menu system, the system the overall toolbar and statusbar, system startup, the size of the overall situation of the property.

2, in the perspective of this perspective the various levels of defined attributes org.eclipse.ui.perspectiveExtensions provided in the Eclipse extension point, can be defined in this perspective shows a variety of part, including the view, editorpart, propertySheet, outline a variety of widget It is the work of the Eclipse system interface.

3, part-level refers to the Eclipse RCp interface, a variety of widget, including the major viewpart and edtitorpart, both can have its own unique menu, toolbar and other properties. Org.eclipse.ui.actionSetPartAssociations extension points can be give viewpart, editorpart contact menu resources, while editorpart own contributorClass can define your own menu, toolbar, statusbar and other resources.
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