Eclipse RCP development of plug-ins - Visual Editor Installation

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Relevant environmental list:

Eclipse version: eclipse-rcp-galileo-SR2-win32

VE version: 1.4

EMF version: 2.4

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In Eclipse3.4 install VE always unsuccessful (installation midway error may be version of the problem), so for Eclipse3.5 try, according to the official installation instructions ( # Install_VE_1 .4 _into_Eclipse_3.5_.2F_Galileo) using offline installation, the process is as follows:

1. Download and install EMF2.4 (VE1.4 required);


In order to install Eclipse plug-ins can be installed.

Note: I actually downloaded the EMF2.5 version, the official show 2.5 work with Eclipse3.5, proved VE1.4 can be installed successfully.

2. Download the offline installation package;

Download address:

  • (recommended, including mirroring and a maximum of information)
  • (second choice, no mirror)
  • https: / / / hudson / view / Athena% 20CBI/job/cbi-ve-1.4-nightly-Ganymede/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/build / ** / (the final choice, no mirrors)
  • 3. Start Eclipse, select menu Help> Install New Software ...> Add ...> Archive ... targeted to the local, the following diagram:

    Eclipse RCP development of plug-ins - Visual Editor Installation

    Visual Editor can be checked only (check the other may be a conflict can not be prompted to install), and then Next go to complete the installation.

    4. Restart eclipse, select the menu Help> About Eclipse> Installation Details> Plug-ins, see the Visual Editor has emerged in the list, the installation is successful, the following diagram:

    Eclipse RCP development of plug-ins - Visual Editor Installation

    A new class, also more out of Visual Class, AWT, RCP, Swing, SWT and other options, the following diagram:

    Eclipse RCP development of plug-ins - Visual Editor Installation
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