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  • Scalability Best Practices: Experience from eBay 2010-07-08

    Randy Shoup on the translator Xiao-Gang Guo Posted on at five past seven p.m. on June 12, 2008 Community structure of theme performance and scalability, design labels eBay Share | In eBay, scalability, we strive every day to resist the pressure of a large

  • Large-scale SOA systems Alipay 2010-12-14

    Hello everybody, this is the first QCon Beijing scene, now sitting next to me was the chief architect of payment Cheng Li Po. Give us a presentation, Paypal framework to today, through what period, what are the milestones? I recall that the development of

  • Alipay large-scale SOA systems 2010-12-14

    Hello, everyone, here is the first QCon Beijing site, now sitting next to me is the chief architect of Alipay Cheng Li. Give us a presentation, Paypal architecture to today, through what period, what are the milestones? I recall, Paypal system architectur

  • 开源SOA平台 Turmeric 2011-02-09

    Turmeric 网站 : https://github.com/ebay Turmeric是eBay公司开发的SOA开源平台。这个平台拥有一个完整的安全措施驱动的保安系统,它基于Java,遵守WSDL, SOAP, XML, JSON, XACML, REST等主要标准,支持各种协议和数据格式的可插拔,可用于SOA的服务端以及应用端的开发、部署、安全保护、运行和监控。平台提供了Eclipse 插件,辅助SOASOA的服务端以及应用端程序的开发。当前发布的版本是1.0.0 GA,包括eBay公司

  • eBay 的应用服务器规模 2014-06-23

    前面我在《eBay 的数据量》中介绍了一些道听途说来的关于互联网巨头 eBay 服务器架构的信息,不过还缺了一点关键数据。 在 Oracle 站点上的一篇题为 The eBay Global Platform and Oracle 10g JDBC 的白皮书,有能看到一些数据。 在 2004 年的时候,eBay 的应用服务器采用了 IBM WebSphere,部署在 WinNT 上,硬件是 Intel 双 CPU 奔腾服务器。服务器数量是 2400 台。在《eBay 的数据量》中我们知道,eBa

  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles 2009-05-20

    Web service is no longer a newlywed wife. Many enterprises have already created a variety of experimental Web Services project, it was proved that the emerging distributed computing technology is indeed able to reduce the cost of integration and developme

  • IBM SOA solutions and software products introduced PPT 2010-02-15

    IBM SOA solutions and software products introduced PPT

  • About Oracle SOA 11g in the application of experience DatabaseAdapter 2010-03-29

    In the oracle soa 10g is built into the official ORACLE server, so no additional configuration to use databaseAdapter Can be a normal database connections, ORACLE, after the acquisition of BEA in SOA 11g integrates weblogic, replacing his original Th ...

  • How do I just right decomposition of SOA services, 2010-03-29

    SOA expert Dave Linthicum said that when you look at those who build a time when the enterprise SOA, it seems there are some clear trends: the number of services that they or the decomposition of too many, or the number of decomposition is not enough ...

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