E-Commerce Outsourcing - The New Choice Enterprises

E-Commerce Outsourcing - The New Choice Enterprises

E-commerce market in China is to start in 1997, after experiencing recession in 2001 and 2003 "SARS" will bring recovery, e-commerce market in China has worked out a healthy and viable model of development, e-commerce market began to step into the stage of rapid development. However, because of the rapid pace of development, many enterprises are unable to produce a corresponding change in the same speed, so that e-commerce market has been in business marginized. Access to e-commerce market companies not only gain benefits from e-commerce market, but give themselves a huge wasted investment.

In this way, e-commerce outsourcing services also emerged. Business the way the contract to commission professional e-commerce service provider for enterprises provide some or all of the information technology, product or service feature, available to website building, website promotion and online trading to focus on relevant services assisted range of services.

Enterprises choose the right e-commerce outsourcing is very important. Many companies lack e-commerce experience, do not know how to choose the right e-commerce outsourcing, often blindly to find service providers. First of all, only by understanding the business service providers can choose their own content.

From the largest e-commerce outsourcing company and the overall e-commerce solutions, planning agencies BIMC understand that e-commerce outsourcing includes:

1. Self-Online Shopping Mall Merchants have a name brand companies settled directly mall, online sales: clothing, footwear, textiles, cosmetics, digital electronic products, daily necessities.

Two. E-commerce Website;

3. E-commerce marketing plan;

4. E-commerce hosting operations

5. E-business strategy consulting;

6. E-commerce Web site promotion; corporate network marketing plan;

7. E-business training and coaching;

8. E-commerce industry research;

9. IMPACT Network

We can see that e-commerce outsourcing alone can not create e-commerce sector enterprises will be able to smooth the entry of e-commerce market, for businesses to save lot of time and money.

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