DWR understanding of DATA (or call back List.Set Ways Map of java)

Call Return List, Set or Map of the java method
1, dwr.xml configuration
Configuration with 4.1

<create creator="new" javascript="testClass" >
<param name="class" value="com.dwr.TestClass" />
<include method="testMethod6"/>
<convert converter="bean" match="com.dwr.TestBean">
<param name="include" value="username,password" />

Note: If the List, Set or Map of the elements are simple types (including its package type) or String, Date, and the collection of an array type, you do not need to tag <convert>.
2, javascript call (to return to List as an example, List the elements TestBean)
First of all, the introduction of javascript script
Secondly, the preparation of java method call javascript function and receive the return value of callback function

Function callTestMethod6(){
Function callBackFortestMethod6(data){
     // Where date receive method's return value
// The return value for JavaBean, there are two ways to handle
             // Don't know the name of the attribute, use the following method
           for(var i=0;i<data.length;i++){
for(var property in data){
// Know the name of the attribute, use the following method
for(var i=0;i<data.length;i++){

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