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org.directwebremoting.servlet.DwrServlet be divided into three parts, that is, the three main methods: init; doGet; doPost

1, init, initialize.
DWR containers for internal Servelet a configuration container, the container load dwr mapping information.

public void init (ServletConfig servletConfig) throws ServletException
super.init (servletConfig);
ServletContext servletContext = servletConfig.getServletContext ();

/ / SetupLogging () only needed for servlet logging if commons-logging is unavailable
/ / LogStartup () just outputs some version numbers
Log initialization begin
StartupUtil.logStartup (servletConfig);

/ / Create and setup a DefaultContainer
DWR for a Servelet internal configuration container vessel, the vessel loaded with relevant information indicate dwr.
container = ContainerUtil.createAndSetupDefaultContainer (servletConfig);

StartupUtil.initContainerBeans (servletConfig, servletContext, container);
webContextBuilder = container.getBean (WebContextBuilder.class);

ContainerUtil.prepareForWebContextFilter (servletContext, servletConfig, container, webContextBuilder, this);
ContainerUtil.publishContainer (container, servletConfig);
ContainerUtil.configureContainerFully (container, servletConfig);
catch (ExceptionInInitializerError ex)
log.fatal ( "ExceptionInInitializerError. Nested exception:", ex.getException ());
throw new ServletException (ex);
catch (Exception ex)
log.fatal ( "DwrServlet.init () failed", ex);
throw new ServletException (ex);
if (webContextBuilder! = null)
webContextBuilder.unset ();

The aspect in detail:
init () call
createAndSetupDefaultContainer () call
setupDefaultContainer (defaultContainer, servletConfig)
Call the following steps
1) setupDefaults (container);
Include: containers related to configuration management tool set, that is, to achieve a number of interfaces. Fine this way, when the containers have required a lot of interface functions, to make all of these interfaces hint, and set of implementation can be configured
container.addImplementation (AccessControl.class, DefaultAccessControl.class);
/ / Mapping handlers to URLs, the path configuration
createUrlMapping (container, "/ index.html", IndexHandler.class, "indexHandlerUrl");
/ / Read configuration servlet property
2) setupFromServletConfig (container, servletConfig);

Additional treatment 1) in many types of election
3) resolveMultipleImplementations (container, servletConfig);

Which the use of a common type compressor yui
【YUI Compressor using Javascript and CSS compression
YUI Compressor is a tool for the preparation of the use of Java, Java version required greater than or equal to 1.4.
Introduction of job:
Mainly to remove redundant blank, including spaces, line breaks, tabs.
For Javascript, also uses a variable name of the method to shorten the compressed file, that is, to ensure code correctness in the case of only the variable name in a string of characters to replace, or two, three characters, try a short short.
For CSS, also used to optimize the value of 0 the value of the property that the color values Optimize files.
CSS Optimization CSSTidy function than the weak. CSSTidy also supports the merger of some of the relevant property. 】
/ / Instrument configuration set load, appear, check
4) container.setupFinished ();
Initialize bean container contents, including the system default? ? ?

2, doGet
The actual call doPost, seen here under the best study of the servlet's doGet method and the difference between doPost
protected void doGet (HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp) throws IOException, ServletException
doPost (req, resp);

3, doPost
In the project, there is a sample Dynamically Text, address http://localhost:5050/dwr/simpletext/index.html, when click button, is in fact triggered the following methods org.directwebremoting.servlet.DwrServlet .
protected void doPost (HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException, ServletException
webContextBuilder.set (request, response, getServletConfig (), getServletContext (), container);

UrlProcessor processor = container.getBean (UrlProcessor.class);
processor.handle (request, response);
webContextBuilder.unset ();
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