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1, Q: DOMCFG login Login button appears at the bottom of the
A: to add the final surface <div>

2, Q: newly installed server, copy the DOMINO directory is still build another server to launch the initial directory server
A: To modify the following registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ LotusDomino
Server (LotusDominoData)

3, Q: Startup Tips Received the following error performing a update server's
A: If when starting SRV error, the fully qualified host name of the input value if it is started the client default user settings NAMES library readers.

4, Q: Lotus Domino on AIX, the data can not be removed
A: because the AIX operating system character set is different transplant procedures,
under unix "\" is a normal character. all paths are "/" separated.

5, Q: In the web page, send a message to the user fill <A href=""> outlook prepared to receive when in use is displayed in the recipient address [email = test /], how change <A href="">
A: In the names.nsf in the user's e-mail address also written on

6, Q: R6 or more database corruption
A: Remove the index - rebuild - Compression - repair (to the log file reports all deal with the database \ Repair Service records database) - Update Index

7, Q: in the Domino server, LEI 6 or 7 failed to install, no error message
A: If the server's notes.ini in the following parameters may fail to install LEI. debug_threadid = 1, before the installation of LEI, the notes.ini file to debug_threadid = 1, delete or comment out this line, the installation is complete and then open it. Because the JVM installation program calls a program called NotesAccess with the Domino server. NotesAccess through the Notes API Toolkit commands to the server, when set debug_threadid, the return process and the thread number is treated as an error message, resulting LEI installation failed.

8, Q: e-mail appears "No route found to domain"
A: you can modify the network domain name

9, Q: If not a registered user login
A: tell adminp process all registered users can immediately

10, Q: restart the HTTP service alone
A: tell http restart to restart the http task

11, Q: If prompted to use the file server is
A: dbcache flush to clear the database server cache.

12, Q: change the name of the folder path problem caused
A: load updall-r directory \ *. nsf

13, Q: the Lotus of the entire directory copy it from one server to another server. HTTP service sometimes baffling problem. If the page can not be displayed, HTTP suddenly stop services.
A: re-run the installer and then install and then delete the new copy

14, Q: In the Lotus inside the HTML if the page is as blank when the situation sometimes, but to re-open the page click on the save was not any problem.
A: This question will be repeated, while good, what time they might appear, so use this issue to the attention of the page, and make better use of the form.

15, Q: want to find a space from the position of the string and found Instr and Instrbp have problems. 1.Instr ("any string has space in it", "") == 0 2. Agent Instrbp ("Some Chinese ","") make notes or domino pop out.
A: Function strInStr (str1, str2)
Dim i, length As Integer
strInStr = 0
length = Len (str2)
For i = 1 To Len (str1)-length +1
If Mid (str1, i, length) = str2 Then
strInStr = i
Exit Function
End If
End Function

16, Q: In the offline functionality using Lotus iNotes development database, I found Lotus iNotes Sync soon after the implementation of offline database will all the code, formulas, view column formula, agents, and all hidden. Open the form prompts "hidden formula" but you can see the form design, but the formula so all gone. and then open the agent and the view to see that some agents do not have the code but there is no problem. Lotus iNotes is a will there is a problem of the same name in different folders to synchronize with the following database. But in the local Lotus iNotes Data directory but can not find the database. View Dolslog.nsf Diary library iNotes sync did find the same name in different directory database (even if different name as long as a copy of the same database will be synchronized). This has a number of backups in the Lotus \ domino \ data directory of the database design is all hidden.
A: Lotus iNotes to remind everyone in the test do not take the time off-line capabilities of the database is being developed to do the test, and pay attention to the backup to the other letter.

17, Q: When you use another form to show when a document (such as: A form with documents created with the B form to display), when the document is in edit mode when the field is set and the calculation of the RTF . then the domain will find RTF format confusion. unprovoked more N-<UL> tags, and document the value of the RTF domain is not <UL> tag. that is displayed in the RTF domain calculation appears.
A: The text and the RTF field is set to change the calculation, can be displayed.

18, Q: in the form or page in the JS Header of the structure of the js with the try catch statement can not be saved.
A: can only be written in the form of built-in.

19, Q: If the JS file in the Lotus on the page, such as test.js and then in the other page contains this js file, they would often be empty the contents of the file test.js bug that is not unknown test.js file white is cleared, the access test.js ie see also blank.
A: Only to re-save or refresh the template. In addition to test.js file in the repository in the picture, but although this method does not solve the test.js suddenly empty, but also the emergence of new problems, if the template file is test.js updated, when the database design template test.js refresh files will not be updated.

20, Q: If a page hidden in the conditions of too much or too concentrated will result in failure of hidden conditions or formulas, especially when the performance tables for the linked hidden ways, namely: to modify the conditions of a hidden cell, other single cell of the hidden conditions without a corresponding change.
A: The solution is: modify a hidden conditions close the form or page, close the open again, and then view hidden conditions. And then set the appropriate conditions are generally hidden problems can be solved. If the same document have the same domain name more than one (usually generated by a program or agency.) hidden under the conditions valid in the time. The second can not hide the contents of the same name as the domain.

21, Q: bs mode, there is a check box form field, select some values and submit them, this time the submit button if your @ command ([filesave]); @ command ([fileclosewindow] ), then no problem, if it is to use js to write: document.forms [0]. submit (), hey, a problem. See the following: open in edit mode and then just this document, to remove all selected items, and then save, next time you open the time, Oh, to modify the results did not change

22, Q: in the signature database, signature database regularly hit the success 0 errors, signature time soon flashed.
A: New copy or make a cross-validation so that you do not need to sign out, there is another solution is to refresh the template in the new design of the server that does not need signed.

23, Q: When you set doc = NotesDatabase.GetDocumentByUNID (uid)
Method, if the uid document does not exist, then the error is not a valid Lotus documents directly ID, rather than return an air-to-like. So that we can not
set doc = NotesDatabase.GetDocumentByUNID (uid)
if not doc is nothing
end if

A: so to determine whether we get a document. In this case the final solution I used
on error resume next
set doc = NotesDatabase.GetDocumentByUNID (uid)
if not doc is nothing
end if
To ignore this error. Of course you can also jump to the error, you can see there is no description Return value returns an error when the parameters of what value? In fact a direct error.

24, Q: the domino set a letter to the smtp server (may not be prepared to receive). In accordance with the default setting, when the letters were always said address contains non-ASCII characters.
A: non-ASCII characters in user name is usually caused by the Chinese. Setting Domino Server as SMTP Server, all documents on the server settings: routing tasks: e-mail routing, SMTP routing fully qualified Internet host name: host name + Internet domain name (with. Connection) SMTP listener task: Enable first need to set a a separate server to send and receive Internet mail (SMTP Mail task that postal mail), and then set the address book in the public domain worldwide network, external network SMTP SMTP connection document domain and three documents. Major global network domain settings:
In the "Basic" section: a global network of domain name, "global network domain role" for the "SMTP MTA", "default global network domain"
In the "SMTP Address Translation" section: "Internet network domain suffix" and the Notes network domain settings, SMTP Internet domain settings: Internet network domain as *.*, arbitrary setting of a network domain name.
Create a server connection document, set the connection type is SMTP, the purpose of the network domain and in front of the "SMTP Internet domain" in the same set of Internet network domain, the other should be set to send a message to be immediately after completion of the above configuration.
R5, SMTP can use the operating system, DNS, only the configuration of the document in the Domino Directory in the "Routing / SMTP" page, the basic section is set: to leave the local Internet news network domain using SMTP, leaving the local Internet network domain forwarding host: If you are connecting through a proxy server or firewall to the Internet, enter its IP address; if it is directly connected to the Internet, then the field is empty, change is completed, restart the DOMINO server.

25, Q: how to shield a document save a document saved as a conflict of conflict, how to shield the system message box, but his message box pops up?
A: You can write a program in querySave event. According to the current document UNID of a document found in the database. If the document is modified by others, then the $ Revisions field value and the current is kept positive difference!

26, Q: When the Notes quit unexpectedly, the system information is usually prompted to restart your computer. Is there a way not to restart the computer and immediately begin Notes?
A: Only need to manually kill the exception of a withdrawal due to Notes left in memory of a program: nhldaemn.exe, can not restart the computer, and immediately began to Notes. But when the computer running the Domino, you also need to shut it down first before you can restart Notes.

27, LOTUS limited database of known maximum size?
Maximum OS file size limit - (up to 64GB)
The maximum text field size?
15KB (storage);
Column in the view show RTF text field the maximum size?
Limited only by available disk space, up to 1GB
RTF text in a single paragraph of the maximum field size?
A hierarchical view of several class response; each level there are several documents?
31; 300,000 document views, such as the name of the form allows a maximum number of characters included?
Database Title: 96 bytes File Name: Windows and Unix platforms in the minimum limit of 255 and / or limited by the operating system;
On local Macintosh workstation 31
Domain: 32
View Name: 64
Form name: 32
Agent Name: 32
A database can contain many domain?
t3000 (the total length of all domain restrictions in t64K). Can enable the database property "Allow database contains more than one domain," to make the domain name in the database can be reached only 64K.
A table can contain many columns?
A table can contain many rows?
Can be added to the database to a number of view?
There is no limit; However, with the view to increase the number, the time used to display other views also increases can be added to the database to a number of form?
Only by database size limit.
A view of the number of columns allowed in?
289 10-character columns; depends on # or the number of characters per line can be introduced to a view of the number of documents?
Documentation of at least 350K total
A database allows the number of stacked view?
Enter the maximum value of the margin (in inches) for how much?
Enter the maximum page size reduction (in inches) for how much?
Select / print font size is the maximum number?
A view of the number of documents allowed?
A view of the index can be up to 130MB
Up to the "tab text" brings the number of documents?
Limited only by available disk space for an "access control list" in the maximum number of items?
t50 a name ("Access Control List" in size can not exceed 32767 bytes)
An "access control list" in the maximum number of characters?
75 character identifier for the maximum allowable password length is how much?
63 characters for more than a password identifier, with a maximum number of users have authorized password?
8 users

28, how to maximize the speed of Domino applications under the Web (Equation articles)
1, the best place to use @ ClienType @ UserRoles (4.6 or higher), used to hide the condition.
2, in the use of @ DbLookup @ DbColumn and when the number of columns instead of by name, as Domino in the calculation of when to compare the domain name, but with the number of columns will be much faster.
3, in the use of @ DbColumn, @ DbCommand and @ DbLookup, the possible use of "Cache", because it is more than
no-Cache faster.
4, try to hide the view of the small amount of data, perform a lookup formula. In the column values using a single string or column of the data in the same attempt to reduce the amount of data.
5, the search view to establish the value of the useful combination in the same column, which can improve the search speed and more range.
6, the return value of the variable with the wet, to avoid redundant search. Sometimes the formula in your search results will be used many times, so the variable should be used instead of the return value chain.
7, with LotusScript for GetView, Search and FTSearch method instead of the formula, which can increase by at least 15% of the speed.

29, Q: full-text index for specific words "Topic" will generate an error, in a full-text index has been created in the database, either through the index of the view box, or the program LotusScript index, when for the "Topic" word the index will return an error message: "Query not understandable." or Chinese error
A: "Topic" is actually the word Notes full-text indexing engine is one of reserved words. Other reserved words include: AND, NOT, OR, CONTAINS, NEAR, ACCRUE, EXACTCASE, TERMWEIGHT, PARAGRAPH, FIELD, SENTENCE. If want to bypass the limitations of this software, you can add wildcards way. For example, if you search for "Topic" word, you can add a "*" in that "Topic *". or put the word in double quotes up.

30, Q: remove yourself from the administrator, and a difficult challenge!
A: In the Start / Run, type: "d: / lotus / domino / nlnotes.exe", then enter your server id
Password, and then open the database to operate, directly modify the acl.

31, Q: When was fired after administrators take away all of the ID, how can you do?
1. In the ADMIN authentication configuration menu to change the user identifier attribute, and cert password.
2. Server document's "security" in the comparison and set the record "and stored in Contacts Notes public key comparison" is enabled. Whether to allow anonymous connections, "Notes ID password check" only use
3. In the individual and the group set personal settings "check Notes ID password."
4. In the individual and group settings in the settings "Check Notes ID password."
5. To create a new public key

32, we as administrators should do?
This table lists the system administrator daily, weekly or monthly server maintenance tasks should be completed to ensure the efficient operation of the server. Frequency of the backup server tasks daily, weekly, monthly, daily routing control file to run Fixup task to repair all the damaged databases *
When the server is enabled and the need to monitor the shared mail database (MAILOBJ.NSF) a day monitored Administration Requests database
(ADMIN4.NSF) weekly monitoring of the database need to maintain control copy weekly monitoring modem communications every day, monthly monitoring memory, disk space monitor daily, weekly, monthly, monthly monitoring monitoring server load monthly monitoring Web server performance monthly monitoring server cluster server requests per day
If the database for the Domino R5 database format and do not use transaction logging, you can use the Fixup task of repairing the damaged database. If the database for the Domino R5 database format and use the transaction log, you can not run the Fixup task on this database, it is because Fixup task interference record-keeping database to track transactions. Must be restored from a backup damaged database. Can still form in the Domino R4.x and lower Fixup tasks run on the database.

33, on the way to shut down the server time in the server configuration, - "process, add the program, enter the server or in the program, enter nserver-q command or-cquit arrangements in time, set the execution time on it.

34, id theft record
domino has a bookkeeping service (billing), the service can access this domino record of all client information, including of course the ip address. Do not need to re-use the other tools.

35, how to design a form to keep track of the document?
Add a hidden form of shared domain, the name can be run from the formula:
@ If (@ IsNewDoc; @ UserName; From), so this field to record this document the author.

36, Lotus Domino program debugging, often trigger the execution of qnc.exe program and exit Notes, how to solve?
A: In the Debug Lotus Domino / Notes program, the program design, we often will trigger the implementation of qnc.exe program, and an error. In fact, only Notes qnc.exe memory implementation of the purpose of protective measures, the program itself is not necessarily an error. To facilitate the debugging process, we can LotusDomino command window, type qnc _u, to suspend the operation. If you want to reuse qnc _i restore command can load it.

37, in a DominoWeb how R5 server configuration for multiple Web sites - Virtual Server Solutions: You can set up a Domino Web server into multiple virtual servers, such a DominoWeb server can have multiple Web sites. Before configuring the virtual server, you must set for each virtual server's network connection. Each virtual server in R5 can have its own separate IP address, or multiple names mapped to the same IP address. Domino does not limit the number of virtual servers, the number of major decisions in the operating system and system hardware
** Note: In the R4.6 each virtual server must have its own separate IP address.
The following document describes how to create a virtual server:
1. Admin start Domino Administrator software, click on the "Configuration" tab
2. Select the View "server" - "all the server document", select the virtual server you want to create a server document
3. Click the button above "web" - "create a virtual server"
4. Select "Virtual Server" and click "OK" button
5. In the "Basic" tab, complete the following fields:
1) IP Address: The IP address used by the virtual server
2) Host Name: (Optional) The virtual server's host name
3) The default home page: (optional) when a user access to the virtual server to display the HTML file, only when the "Home URL" field is empty when the field is applied.
6. Click on "maps" tab, complete the following fields:
1) Home URL: When users access the virtual server, execute URL command, you can display a database or server database list. The priority of the domain than the "default home page" field high.
2) Fill in the rest of the domain of other files
7. Click the "Security" tab, set the virtual server security options.
8. Save the document
9. In the server console, enter the command tell http restart, restart the http service.

How to display the virtual server documentation: Administrator Start Domino Administrator software, click on the "Configuration" tab, select the View "web" - web server configuration, you can see the virtual server document, the document server of the document as a reply to the document appears.

38, how to record the user exit A: The use of LOTUS the unload event, is leaving the current page or close the browser is activated, use this event to inform the server, the server sends a url on the line. This method can be the most accurate record of the user's logout time. Not so accurate with the session, because it has some active, only the timeout will be recorded. As for the database login information customization domlog.nsf form. (Mainly the user's login information) custom domlog.nsf database view. Access to the records you need.

39, in a normal html form submitted to the notes database using html form of Action can be specified in the notes of an agent.
html form reads:
name = form1 action = "<A
href = "http://servername/path/dbname.nsf/agentname"> http://servername/path/dbname.nsf/agentname "
method = get>
<! - Method must get! ->
name = openagent> </ P>
<! - The first of the name must be openagent! ->
id = text2
name = text2> </ P>
<! - You can add a number of input! ->
id = submit1 type = submit value = Submit
name = submit1> </ P>
</ Form>
Agents write:
1. Sharing Agent
2. Run the timing of agency: the implementation from the agent list, select
3. Select the document specified agent operations: all the documents in the database
s As NotesSession
Set s = New NotesSession
Dim str as
str = s.documentcontext.query_string_Decoded (0)
'This has been submitted to all the html form fields (text Kuang, etc.) input data, including the contents of the domain name and domain
'According to the str you can generate a new document, add the domain based on the content

40, Notes in folders and view the database limit solution: in fact the product itself does not have a pre-set limits, but by available handles (handle) the number of restrictions.
Handle (handle) is the maximum number of 10,495. When the library folder and close to limit the number of views, Notes will be reported out of memory errors in, similar to the following error messages:
For Notes
"Maximum number of memory segments that Notes can support has been
exceeded "
For NotesR6.X
"Insufficient memory - too many design elements
(Desk Design Pool). "
As if a database contains a lot of folders, Notes will be for each view or folder to allocate memory. In the end,
Notes will not be enough memory, because it can not track access to all memory locations. (Handle the root cause is the greatest number of restrictions.) Alternative way to circumvent the folder and the database will be maintained at a reasonable number of views within the scope. or shorten the name of the folder or the length of the view.

41, save the original scope of the server backup Domino \ Data directory names.nsf log.nsf certlog.nsf
Mail directory and other database application database content, save the original Notes \ Data directory
Backup domino \ notes.ini files, backup the database (in the domino \ data below):
*. Dsk, names.nsf, admin4.nsf, bookmark.nsf, busytime.nsf, catalog.nsf, certlog.nsf, certsrv.nsf, events4.nsf, log.nsf
mail *. box, mail \ *.*, nntppost.nsf, statmail.nsf, statrep.nsf, webadmin.nsf, all IDs: *. id \ backup setup.nsf database

42, HTTP submit attachment limits (in the ADMINISTRATOR of the INTERNET protocol)
1) HTTP HTTP protocol is limited to bookmarks in the maximum size of request content
WEB POST data in the engine in the

43, refresh the database design to achieve volume
1, the first in the configuration management database or a document created in the database.
2, build script library, "RefrshDesign"
Declare Function W32_NSFDbOpen Lib "nnotes.dll" Alias "NSFDbOpen" _
(Byval dbName As String, hdb As Long) As Integer
Declare Function W32_NSFDbClose Lib "nnotes.dll" Alias "NSFDbClose" _
(Byval hdb As Long) As Integer
Declare Function W32_DesignRefresh Lib "nnotes.dll" Alias "DesignRefresh" _
(Byval Server As String, Byval hdb As Long, Byval dwFlags As Long, _
Byval null0 As Long, Byval null1 As Long) As Integer
Dim hDB As Long
Dim ret%
3, in the view of database information built on the selection of certain documents, click the View operation.
Dim session As New notessession
Dim ws As New notesuiworkspace
Dim view As notesview
Dim db As notesdatabase
Dim dc As notesdocumentcollection
Dim doc As notesdocument
Dim fullname As String
Dim TemplateServer As String
Dim i As Integer

TempLateSever = "*********/ OA "'- the name of the server where the template
Set db = session.currentdatabase
Set view = ws.currentview.view
Set dc = db.unprocesseddocuments

If dc.count <> 0 Then
If Msgbox ("OK to refresh the specified database server with a template design?", 48 + 4, "operation prompt:") = 7 Then
Exit Sub
End If
For i = 1 To dc.count
Set doc = dc.getnthdocument (i)
fullname = doc.database_server (0) + "!!" + doc.database_dir (0) & "/" & doc.database_filename (0)
If fullname <> "" Then
rc = W32_NSFDbOpen (fullname, hDb)
If rc = 0 Then
'Print "Refreshing Design of" & doc.database_name (0) & "......"
Call W32_DesignRefresh (TempLateSever, hDb, 0,0,0)
rc = W32_NSFDbClose (hDb)
'Print "ok!"
End If
End If
End If

44, rejection of the portal e-mail confirmation letter following is Sina-mail service for my company rejected the deal:
Dear User pennykristy:


I'm very sorry for your inconvenience, you can use the following method to solve the problem:
If you are the administrator mailbox other sites, your site's email to the email sent, but to Sina, please e-mail with your site to send a message to our engineers, with the theme: free e-mail letters about the issue to the Sina In the message, please specify: name, outgoing mail server IP address, contact, contacts, e-mail address, telephone number, address, sent to the <A
href = "mailto:">

Engineers will contact you to.
We hope that our answer to make you satisfied!
If you have any questions, please reply when you are sure to pay attention to the last letter attached in order to solve your problem.
More Frequently Asked Questions see: <A
href = "">

Thank you for your support Sina

<A Href="">

13 Customer Service Commissioner for your dedicated service hotline 95105670 Sina unified national service (free long distance)

45. Bulk Mail design update
load convert mail \ * mail6.ntf

46, how to change the certifier ID ( password
Administrator -> "Configuration" page, in the right "tools" menu, open the "verification." Select the "identifier property." Select and open the certifier ID ( Enter the original password, if entered correctly you open the current certifier ID ( user ID dialog box. In the "Basic" page, select "Set Password." You can now enter a new password, and again to confirm. Finally, click "OK" button.

47, a single database management of multi-language input can be any URL command to add the charset = [MIME charset name] parameter to specify the character set required to return the form or page, regardless of the browser to set the preferred language. Server can not automatically generate charset = [MIME charset name] parameter. It must be built into the application.
http://Host/Database / FormName? OpenForm & charset = [MIME
charset name]
FormName name of the form is opened.
[MIME charset name] is the target form will be used to return the character set name.
charset = [MIME charset name] parameter will override the form $ $ HTMLContentLang domain. The use of $ $ HTMLContentLang domain in order to enable multiple character set for database input, please refer to the "Lotus Notes, Domino and Designer Release Notes - Release 5.0.2" in the "management of a single database, multiple language input."
Distribution of a company's sales staff in **,** and Russia. Requires that each staff member each month to a single database to submit a performance summary. If the return form the URL command summary
charset = [MIME charset name]
Parameters, the sales staff can use the same database in English, Japanese and Russian character sets. The server after receiving the order, it will return the specified target character set form. Will return to the target using the Japanese character set form of the URL
Command is shown below.
<A Href=""> ...
m & charset = Shift_JIS

48 ways to repair damaged database corruption if encountered in the database, you can use any of the following methods to try to fix the problem. On the record due to damage
R5 database is not a big problem, these methods are mainly used to solve
R4 R5 databases and are not recorded in the database corruption problems.
Run Fixup
Fixed corrupted views and documents.
Fixed damage running Updall view and full-text index; If the view is damaged, run before you run Fixup Updall.
Compact amendment did not correct the defects of the Fixup; R5 if the database is a database, use the-C option.
Press SHIFT + F9 key to rebuilding a view; Press
CTRL + SHIFT + F9 key to rebuild the database in all views.
49, the Web custom "form has been processed" confirmation
After the user submits a document, Domino uses the default "Form processed" confirmation response to the user. To reset the default answer can be calculated in the text field to the form, to this domain name
$ $ Return, and use HTML as the calculated values to create a custom approval.
Show personalized answer the following $ $ Return formula returns the reply "Thank
you ", along with user name:
who: = @ If (@ Left (From; "") = ""; From; @ Left (From; "
@ Return ("<h2> Thank you," + who +
"</ H2> <br> <h4>
href = / register.nsf / Main + View? OpenView> Main
View </ a> ");
50, display custom error messages to customize the display to the Web
The appearance of error messages users to add custom database error message form. If an error condition, and the custom form exists, Domino
Use custom form to display an error message. Otherwise, Domino
Use the default error message form. News added to the database will cover the form set by the administrator of the server within the message.
To form and create an association between error conditions, one of the following names to create a form. Then create a named
MessageString editable text fields to hold the error message. Add error messages displayed along with the other text, links, and other form objects. Name of the form condition
$ $ ReturnAuthenticationFailure not verify the user name and password.
$ $ ReturnAuthorizationFailure
Users do not have enough access to the database level.
$ $ ReturnDocumentDeleted successfully deleted documents.
$ $ ReturnGeneralError
There are other error conditions.
Link to another page in the document based on field values submitted in the HTML, including links to another page in the URL. The following $ $ Return
The scope of the formula to return the user selected reply. For example: If the user chooses to Europe, then the message "access to our site in Italy" will display a link to the Web links to Italy
Site (assuming the formula "stdAnswer" and "stdFooter" pre-defined.).
@ If (Region = "Asia"; stdAnswer +
"<h2> Visit our site in <a href = \" <A

href = ' \ "> Japanhttp: / / \"> Japan </ a> </ h2> "
+ StdFooter;
Region = "Europe"; stdAnswer + "<h2> Visit our site in <a
href = \ "<A

href = ' \ it_ciao / it_ciao.htm \ "> Italyhttp: / / \ it_ciao / it_ciao.htm \"> Italy </ a> </ h2> "
stdAnswer + stdFooter);
Back to another page to jump to a different Web page, the page can be
URL brackets into the page. When a user submits a document, Web client will display the referenced document. For example: the following
$ $ Return formula shows the Lotus
** Site's home page.
51, if you want to help users quickly create and read the documentation, please refer to the following form in the design of the guidance:
Design a form to avoid the use of large bitmaps or graphics.
Avoid using the form property "Automatically refresh fields."
Instead, the selected domain using the "refresh changes by keyword domain", or write a
LotusScript. Field events, when the user removed from a specific domain to recalculate the document or update other fields.
Contains a large computational domain to avoid the long form.
Minimize the use of the design domain
@ DbLookup @ DbColumn or formula, or to replace them faster and to support the troubleshooting of LotusScript.
In the "condition hidden" conditions using a simple formula.
If possible, avoid re-computing domain. Otherwise, these fields to "fill in when the calculated" so that they are only calculated when the document was written, but if necessary, can be a button in the future,
Operation or agent update.
Used in the domain
LotusScript. Form events rather than use formula to set the field values.
For example: the document is saved to re-set the status field, you can create a QuerySave event
Script, without having to write a use @ If (@ IsDocBeingSaved; "x"; "y")

Streamlining the number of domains, in particular, the number of hidden fields, use the form formula of the event rather than the domain to perform logic processing and avoid unnecessary recalculations.
For example: If the form contains a hidden computational domain
State, in the field to determine the document workflow needs to be sent where and to where. QuerySave event by setting a form field values of LotusScript.
Program to replace this domain, you can only set when the document is saved field values, and open or refresh in the document does not set the field values.
52, agent, servlet and the CGI program compared

Agents, servlet and CGI programs allow Domino Web application functionality expansion. Agents can form WebQueryOpen and
WebQuerySave events and Web
Application is tightly integrated. Servlet Servlet API classes can be obtained by some special features, such as conversation and Cookie
Management. As people increasingly popular Java, today instead of using CGI servlet program to develop new products has become a trend. However, many existing CGI
Procedures still in use.
If you are writing your own applications and the need for programming some of the features on the server, you need the type of procedures on the use of the option to make a choice. Each type of program has its own advantages and may be the best choice under certain circumstances. The following are procedures for each type of use:
Type of procedure to read or post the best use of agency implementation of Domino document operations procedures. Scheduled time or when required by the occurrence of database operations (such as the arrival of new mail) is running.
Using the standard Java interface (such as JDBC) procedures. Cookie HTTP session maintenance or use of the procedure. Complex or resource-intensive Java programs.
CGI programs need to be low-level access to system resources the program. Through the Java API and other products of non-connected programs.

The following properties of these procedures by comparing the selection of the program helpful.
Program can be written using the kind of language?
Agent: Java, LotusScript. Or Notes
Formula language. The language itself can be cross-platform use.
Servlet: Java. Itself can be cross-platform use.
Procedure: platform scripting language that can be compiled into executable files of any language or cross-platform languages (such as Java or Perl).
Program is stored in what position?
Agent: stored in the Domino
Database, which means that agents can take advantage of database replication and cluster servers.
Servlet: stored in the file system, usually domino \ servlet directory.
Program: is stored in the file system, usually domino \ cgi-bin directory.
Program in what way is Web user calls?
Agent: from WebQueryOpen or
WebQuerySave automatically call events, or by OpenAgent
URL (such as "")
Direct calls. Agents also by the server event (such as the arrival of new mail) or pre-arranged to trigger timing.
Servlet: directly by the
URL calls. Domino recognizes two types of servlet's URL. The first type specified by name
servlet (for example:
"Http://"). Specify a second type
Domino administrator has mapped to the servlet
The file extension (
For example: "").
CGI program: directly from the URL
Call (for example: "").
When the server load or unload the program?
Agent: fashion into each call, the Executive after uninstall.
Servlet: a one-time load; HTTP
Shut down or restart the task when the uninstall. Compared with the agent or the CGI program, the performance of the servlet has great advantages. However, this also means that multiple requests can be accessed simultaneously by
servlet classes, servlet code must ensure thread safety.
CGI program: each call into fashion, after the uninstall completes.
Procedures and Domino
Interactions and agent: LotusScript. And Java agents can use the Domino object classes. Most agents can use the formula
@ Function.
Servlet: by CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) interface to access
CGI program: CORBA interface, or through through the Domino C or C + + API to access
What security protection program available?
Agent: To call the proxy, Web
Users must include the agency's database has a "store" or higher access level. Agents or users can create their identity operation. Domino
All security features are applicable to the operations performed by the agent.
Servlet: a small program to access the server by "Domino Directory" in the File Protection document to control. If the small program by
CORBA interface to access the Domino, you can specify a
Domino user name and Internet password. Domino security applies to all CORBA
CGI program: access to the program by "Domino Directory" in the File Protection document to control. If the program through the C API to access
Domino, the server identifier is used. If the program using the CORBA interface, you can specify the user name and Internet password. In both cases, can be applied Domino
53, run the servlet in Domino
Write servlet sample
To write a servlet, requires a
The Java compiler and the servlet API. Both are available from Sun Microsystem's website <A
href = ""> on Access. Download
Java Development
Kit (JDK) (which contains the compiler and other basic tools) and Java Servlet Development Kit (JSDK) (which contains the servlet API
Specification, servlet's. JAR file (jsdk.jar) and the small sample server program). Sun to the Web site also provides other servlet
Resource links.
You can also use a variety of popular Java development environment to write a servlet. In order to provide convenient, Domino server and the installer includes Designer
jsdk.jar file copy.
This paper provided by Sun's JSDK is exactly the same.
Sun JDK and regularly updated JSDK. Domino 5.0
Support for JDK 1.1.6 and JSDK 2.0. Domino's quarterly maintenance Edition (QMR) is often combined with Sun's update contents, so you should check QMR
The release notes to verify the supported JDK and JSDK version.
Domino servlet support enabled
By the Domino Java Servlet
Servlet Manager (HTTP server is part of the mission) to load and call. Java servlet running time is supported by the Domino
Virtual Machine (JVM) provided. HTTP task starts, a small program to automatically start the server administrator and load JVM. HTTP
Task status information of these operations will write the server console and log files.
Servlet manager is "Domino
Directory "and" server "document set to control. This setting is located in the" server "document" Internet Protocol "" Domino Web
Engine "sign attached. Set as follows:
Setting Options
Java servlet support free: (default) HTTP task does not load the server administrator or a small program
Domino servlet manager: HTTP JVM and the servlet is loaded at the same time the task manager.
Third Party Servlet Support: HTTP
Task into JVM, but not into the Domino servlet manager. This allows the use of third-party servlet managers such as IBM WebSphere
Application Server.
Servlet URL path URL path in this URL points to a notice Domino
servlet. The default path is / servlet.
Classpath list of one or more paths, servlet Manager class loader will search the list to find the servlet
And related classes. This setting allows you to add another path. You can specify directories, JAR files and ZIP files. Path can be an absolute path is the Domino data directory can also be a relative path. Default
domino \ servlet.
Relative directory path: domino \ servlet
Absolute directory path:
c: \ apps \ MyServlets
JAR file: c: \ javamail \ mail.jar
File: domino \ servlet \
Servlet URL file extension file extension list, indicating a URL reference to the Domino
servlet. Each expansion of the list must be
File mapped to a single instruction
servlet. The default is no expansion.
The following settings control the Java Servlet API HttpSession interface to the Domino Servlet
Manager of the run-time support. Do not use this interface to the server applet from these settings.
Note HttpSession interface support and
Domino in the "HTTP Session Authentication" feature is completely independent.
Enable session state tracking setup options: (default) servlet manager periodically check all
HttpSession instance of user activities. A given period of time free session will be automatically terminated.
servlet manager calls the instance
HttpSession.invalidate () member function notify the servlet of the session has been terminated.
Disabled: Do not check the session active.
Timeout waiting for idle users do not perform the operation the number of minutes, then will terminate the session. The default is 30 minutes.
Maximum simultaneous active sessions allowed the activities of the sessions. The default is 1,000
Sessions. When this limit is reached, the longest idle session will be terminated.
Continued opening of the session: exit HTTP task, servlet session manager will save the data to the Domino
Data directory called sessdata.ser disk file. HTTP session data will be reloaded when the task starts again. Servlet
Has been fixed in the session object if the implementation of interface, the object will be saved.
Disabled: (default) exit HTTP
Task to give up all session data.
Loaded with the JVM loader servlet class
Manager class loader will not load using their own code, create a custom class loader or perform certain other restricted classes of operations. If the servlet class can not be requested servlet
Manager loaded, you can try Domino JVM class loader to load. JVM loader is often used with Domino from a filing system with Java installed (especially
java .* and lotus .* packages) is loaded with class. By the servlet from the Servlet Manager classpath to move JVM class path, you can force the use of JVM
Loader instead of using the servlet manager loader to load the server applet. JVM class path variable from the NOTES.INI JavaUserClasses
Set the properties of a single servlet servlet special properties can be named in the Domino data directory text file specified. You can specify the following attributes:
Alias initialization parameters
URL extension mapping
Manager These properties are loaded at startup by the
Instructions in the file specified. General instruction syntax is:
servlet (s). <name>. <property> = <value(s)>
Command is case sensitive.
File can also contain blank lines and the "#" sign at the beginning of the comment line.
File is not should be set. Servlet default attributes are: no alias, no initialization parameters, no map extended as necessary into the Servlet.
Alias alias command syntax is:
servlet. <alias-name>. code = <class-name>
For example:
servlet.SQLQuery.code = sql.database.query.Servlet
For security considerations, Domino
Does not allow servlet names containing servlet URL to be used in the cycle. This prevents malicious users to load arbitrary Java servlet Manager
Packages and classes. If the server applet has a package name, you must specify an alias. The above examples are such as to allow sql.database.query.Servlet servlet

"Http://" other URL call. In the servlet alias
Hide the actual name of the user are also useful.
Servlet can specify multiple aliases. servlet manager on receipt of a URL pointing to all the alias is created when
a new instance of the servlet. New instance is created,
servlet manager calls the servlet's init ()
Member function. Properties file as an alias used in other commands, so examples can be given different properties. For example: alias specified for each separate initialization parameters. Similarly, even if more than one instance is created, servlet
Class loaded only once, so servlet instance variables by using the static class to share data.
For safety reasons, if given the servlet alias is specified, the
servlet in the URL, not by the class name to reference. This servlet can hide the true name.
Initialization parameters can be specified in the properties file for the servlet
Specify the initial data. Servlet can use ServletConfig.getInitParameter
Member function to access the data. Initialization command syntax is:
servlet. <alias or class
name>. initArgs = <name1=value1>, <name2=value2>, ...
You can specify multiple parameters separated by commas. For example:

servlet.SQLQuery.initArgs = target = db2, user = Domino, cacheSize = 30
Map expansion
URL extension mapping directive syntax is:
servlet. <alias or class
name>. extension = <extension> <extension> ...
Can servlet
Specify multiple extensions, each separated by spaces. All extensions must be included in the "server" record "Servlet file extensions" setting. For example: whenever URL
Specify the extension "sql" or "sq", can make calls SQLQuery Domino
servlet, set the "sql, sq" to the server settings, and the directive to the properties file:
servlet.SQLQuery.extension = sql
This allows users to call similar to the following URL with the servlet:
href = "">
Start fashion into default, servlet
Manager receives the first reference to a servlet's URL, this servlet class file into memory. However, you can specify the servlet
Manager starts to load one or more same servlet. This prevents the user URL
When the first request into a small program to be delayed.
Start command syntax is as follows:
servlets.startup = <alias or class>
<alias or class> ...
Note that "servlets" (the server applet) is plural, servlet
The name must be separated by a space.
If a small program specifies one or more aliases, you can include these in the startup command aliases. This would servlet
Manager applet is loaded for each class and then create an instance of an alias.
servlet manager into the servlet class, if not the Domino HTTP
Task from the console command "tell http quit" console command to terminate or "tell http
restart "
Restart, these classes will always reside in memory. Uninstall service +
Before service applet, servlet manager will call for each instance of servlet destroy ()
Member function to have the opportunity to clean up its resources.
Loaded by the JVM class loader the class prior to the termination in the HTTP task will remain loaded state. "Tell http
restart "command does not unload the class.
The following is a sample properties file sample files:
# Properties
for the sql
servlet.SQLQuery.code = sql.database.query.Servlet
servlet.SQLQuery.initArgs = cache = 30
servlet.SQLQuery.extension = sql
Properties for the mail
servlet.MailServlet.initArgs = mime = enabled, smime = disabled
# Both
servlets should be loaded at startup
servlets.startup = SQLQuery
# End of file
Example: Java servlet
This servlet returns an HTML sample
Page, shown above, the browser and the server sends a small program with all HTTP request headers.
import java.util .*;
import *;
import javax.servlet .*;
import javax.servlet.http .*;
class ExampleServlet extends HttpServlet (
public void doGet
(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws

response.setContentType ("text / html");
ServletOutputStream ut =
response.getOutputStream ();

out.println ("<HTML> <B> Headers sent with the
request: </ B> <BR> ");
for (Enumeration headers =
request.getHeaderNames ();

headers.hasMoreElements ();)

String headerName = (String)
headers.nextElement ();

out.println ("<BR>" + headerName + ":" +

request.getHeader (headerName));

) / /
end of method
) / / End of class
Good compilation of this code, please copy the file to the server ExampleServlet.class
domino \ servlet in. Because no special attributes of this file, so do not create file. Enter the following
URL (please use your own server name) to run the applet from your browser:
href = "">
Returned by the server applet on the page of information is determined by the browser. The following are
Netscape browser to return to the HTML page:
<HTML> <B> Headers received with the
request: </ B> <BR>
<BR> ACCEPT: image / gif,
image / x-xbitmap, image / jpeg, image / pjpeg, image / png,
* / *
<BR> USER-AGENT: Mozilla/4.05 [en] (Win95; U
; Nav)
<BR> ACCEPT-CHARSET: iso-8859-1, *, utf-8
54, Domino applications and XML
XML is one of the most obvious advantage because of this emerging technology to build in HTML and SGML
Above the standard, so it represents the data-sharing technology, this development does not require new hardware and software. XML and Domino application integration very well. In the XML
Provides a description of data sharing through the network applications, Domino provides data sharing so that safe, reliable and effective and need all the other tools. In addition to providing used to write XML data and to
XML parser XML data, media outlets supply, Domino Designer
Also provides:
Powerful development environment, including for the establishment of a collaborative e-business application programming tools needed layer of security to protect data from the database access control to a single domain encryption; allows users to locate data in effective search capabilities; work flow operation message processing, such as order confirmations, email notifications and document reviewers, in addition to Domino Designer
Development tools provided, you can also get connection service, allowing you to master the application back-end systems with the following link:
ERP systems such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and JD
Relational database, such as DB2, Sybase and Oracle
Transaction systems, such as IBM CICS, MQ Series, WebSphere, and
BEA Tuxedo
XML-enhanced applications use to illustrate how to integrate Designer applications
XML, consider a site to sell books online, including: description of the data of each book is a standard XML markup tags, such as
<bookTitle> and
<bookAuthor>. Processing the data book are available for all applications written using these standards describe specific data tags. Application can use this standard data format and the supplier and buyers to interact.
You may be thinking can be used for any application
XML. For example, the idea of an auto supply stores, it maintains an online directory with auto parts of an e-commerce site. Using XML

Parts information as described in common language, buying agents from different vendors will be on the parts price and availability information directly into the Domino
Database. Users can access this database to find their parts can be ordered online the latest information. Domino
And provide all the necessary tools to complete the ordering parts and managing inventory of security online transaction processing.
Another example is the human resources of the "self-service" application, the employee can use it to access and manage their personal data. For example, companies can
Benefits information posted on the Intranet site, allowing employees to use Notes client or Web browser on-line to choose their own welfare. Selection, employee XML
Format data to the server (such as IBM,
WebSphere Application Server). Server using the Java servlet to pass data to
HR back-end systems (eg: Peoplesoft database), and the transaction is completed notice Domino. XML tags describe the data to be passed so that the data in the Peoplesoft
Meaning represented in the database in the Domino application on behalf of the same.
Designer application, included in the methods There are several ways XML can be included in the XML
Designer application and the data supplied to the XML parser.
Can be entered on the form or page to describe data XML tags. By the form or page content as HTML
Processing, can be tagged to the XML parser can explain the supply of XML.
Description of the data being displayed. To the data on the form or page definition format and style, you can use through the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) style sheet to create the data into
, Or you can use cascading style sheets (CSS) to define the client directly in the XML-style.
The formula can also be included in the column to use XML tags generated XML view
Data. To view to the server, it must be embedded in a page or view the XML document in order to correct the definition of tags cover the entire view.
Can use a proxy or a servlet
Dynamically generated or stored XML. Agents for Domino applications to run in the scheduled process. Servlet based on the request from the Web browser running on the server.
Domino DTD and XML using Java method to generate more information, see "Programming
Guide "in Chapter III.
Application design in a form or page into XML
Form is the best tool for XML. You can enter XML
Tag, and tag included in the data domain. The result is XML document passed to the XML parser with a very meaningful time data. XML can also be placed on the page. Domino
Designer Pages is to display the information in the database design elements. Traditional applications can use the content of the page (eg home page), or use XML
Tags to describe data on the page. You will view on the use of XML in a learned, the page will help embed the view and add the required XML processing view
Tag. Page also helps to create scalable style sheets (XSL) or cascading style sheets (CSS) to guide the server or use a browser how to format XML tags describe the data.
XML element defines the data on the form when the form or page using the XML element, must follow certain rules in order to build an effective XML, and must be properly formatted XML
XML tags and HTML tags are very similar. But there are some different rules for building XML tags, as tag data must follow them. For example, the requirements of embedded than embedding XML
Marking requirements more stringent. On the use of XML tags to tag data for more information, see the IBM XML Web site: <A
href = "">
As the use of XML in the form
Sample, the online manual directory entry for each book is likely to be as follows:
<? Xml version = "1.0"
encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<bookTitle> Chess for the
Master </ bookTitle>
<bookCategory> Games </ bookCategory>
<bookAuthor> Alice
Charles </ bookAuthor>
<bookPrice> 10 </ bookPrice>
<bookListPrice> 12 </ bookListPrice>
<bookISBN> 0-980-38475-81 </ bookISBN>
<bookDatePublished> April
1997 </ bookDatePublished>
<bookAbstract> The authority on all the
latest chess moves, including the entire Big Blue
arsenal. </ bookAbstract>
</ BOOK>
XML format to create a document
Create a form or page.
2. Enter the document type declaration, as follows:
<? Xml version = "1.0"?>

Can optionally add the code for reference, as follows:
<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"
3. Enter the XML element, generally the root element with child elements.
4. There is to use XML input
Tag data field.
5. Select the "design", "Form Properties."
6. In the "Advanced" tab, select the "content of the document as
Domino will notify all the property passed to the HTTP requester text of the document, without having to generate HTML tags.
Save and close the form.
8. To view documents created from the form, you can create a view using the form formula (the formula of the form name resolves to the XML form.)
Use style sheets to format
XML Data
One is that it only describes the properties of data without reference to the appearance of the data. For computer to computer transactions, the appearance is not important, but if you want data to the user (for example: to paste in the Web
Site), the appearance is very important. XML documents often rely on style sheet to determine the layout and appearance of the data. Some popular browser elements (such as <; Para>, <List> and

<Item>) Provides a simple default style, but usually have to use style sheets to describe the data format. With XML you can use two types of style sheets:
Extensible Stylesheet Language
(XSL) describes how the XML is converted to HTML or another version of the XML.
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) directly in the browser to support CSS, XML defined
To use style sheets, document type declarations in the root element before and after the style sheet directly into the reference. For example:
<? Xml version = "1.0"
encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<? Xml-stylesheet type = "text / css"
href = "bookdisplay.css"?>
If the page create a style sheet, you can set the page property to "content as the page
Will convert the information about the book HTML, XSL style sheet might look like:
<? Xml version = "1.0"
<Xsl: stylesheet xmlns: xsl = "<A
href = ""> ">

<Xsl: template
pattern = "BOOK">
<TITLE> <Xsl: value-of
select = "BOOKTITLE" /> </ TITLE>
</ HEAD>
bgcolor = "F0FFF8">
<B> <Xsl: value-of
select = "BOOKAUTHOR "/></ B>
</ BODY>
</ HTML>
</ Xsl: template>
</ Xsl: stylesheet>
<? Xml: stylesheet
type = "text / xsl" href = "/ roibooks.nsf / bookform.xsl"?>
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is not the XML
Converted to HTML, but directly to the server how to format each XML element in the instructions. CSS book may be as follows:
border: 1px solid # cccccc;
float: left;
margin-right: 10px;
display: block;
Related topics include the application in the XML Designer
Domino applications and XML
Applications designed to use the term XML view generation
View allows the user to control which documents to XML and can display track information and converts it to XML, through
Intranet or the World Wide Web. Lotus Web site at
href = ""> the ROI Books
Locate the application view is described in this section.
XML tags will be mapped to the view using the view to generate XML, XML tags must be from the DTD
Mapped to the view column. Once you create a map view and which XML tags, you can embed the view into the page. View embedded in the Web page to maintain its presence in the Notes
Client application the same functions, allows the user to control the view shows the size and appearance. XML for display
View, the page contains the XML declaration and root element.
Books application uses the column formula in a document and the domain assigned to each element "XML
View "in the column. The first child element of the column formula also contains open the parent element tag, and the last child element of the column formula contains the parent element tag closed. For example, the first column of the column formula is:
"<BOOK> <BOOKTITLE>" + BookTitle + "</ BOOKTITLE>"
Parent element is
<BOOK>, Child elements are <BOOKTITLE>, bookTitle is included <BOOKTITLE>
Tag content of the domain name. <BOOK> More child element in included in this view, so
<BOOK> Element until the last child element was added after the close. In the ROI
Application, the last child element is assigned to view the last row. The last column of the formula:
View "is embedded in the XML declaration and root element that contains the page <BOOKCATALOG>.
Will be mapped to the XML view
Create a view and open.
2. Select "Edit" "Properties" to open the "View" property box.
3. Click the "Advanced" tab.

4. In the "Web Access", select "to view content as HTML". If you do not select this property, Domino generated content for the view
HTML. Also, if you do not select this property,
The view is embedded in the page content is not visible.
5. Click the "Object" tab in the "View
Selection "and add the selection formula to define what the document will be included in the view. For example: for the online bookstore application contains the approved orders view. Using the following formula for the view selection document:
status = "Approved"
6. Click the "Object" tab in the "Form. Formula" and enter the formula to select the template form.

7. The list to view.
8. Click the first column of the view.
9. Use the following syntax in the Script.
Area, enter the column formula.
"<; PARENT> <CHILD>" + fieldname + "<\ CHILD>"
If there are multiple elements in a column, the formula in the first column to add a semicolon at the end of
(;) And add the following line to the next element in the formula.
"<; PARENT> <CHILD>" + fieldname + "<\ CHILD>";
"<CHILD>" + Fieldname + "<\ CHILD>";
"<CHILD>" + Fieldname + "<\ CHILD>"
Tip Use the following syntax to an attribute of the domain into elements.
attributeName = \ "" + fieldname + "\"> "+ fieldname2 +" </ CHILD>
Click the second column and use the following syntax to type out the formula to the Script.
"<CHILD>" + Fieldname + "<\ CHILD>"
11. For each XML element (except the last one) Repeat steps
12. On the last child element using the following syntax.

"<LASTCHILD>" + Fieldname + "<\ LASTCHILD> </ PARENT>"
Embedded in the page view

1. Open or create a page.
2. Select the "design", "Page Properties."
3. Click the "Page Info" tab.
In the "Web Access", select "to the page content as HTML", and then close the "Page" property box.
5. Where you want the embedded view on the location, type XML
6. Will want to display an embedded view of the cursor position.
7. Select the "Create" "embedded element" "view."
(Optional) If you do not want to show the same in all environments, the view, click the "Select a view based on the formula." Click "OK" to close the dialog box, in the "programming" to write the formula pane to display the appropriate view.

9. (Optional) Click the embedded view and select the "element" "view properties", change the alignment or style, or in a condition to hide this element.
Type in the view of a closed root tag.
To delete an embedded view, click the "work" embedded in the view pane and select "Edit," "Clear."
Related topics in the Designer
Applications, including XML
Domino applications and XML
XML terminology in the form or page into XML
Application design using the proxy generation
Generate XML using a proxy is one of the biggest advantages of flexibility. Can be based on events or on the URL command to set the proxy response time to run. This flexibility for creating automatic
XML application is necessary. For example: Web bookstore
Site contains a database of their customers a monthly newsletter to contributors. One of them editing and approval workflow process, will be responsible for them in the manuscript has been approved to move the system. Agents run every hour to collect manuscripts and published articles can be converted into
XML. Then the agent will be placed in manuscript as a static XML document to another database, the subscriber can in this collection document.
ROI Books application contains a feature called
createXML agent, the agent for the view and the XML generated for each document or the server browser-based requests to send out. To view this agent's output, the Microsoft
Open Internet Explorer 5 ROI Books application and click the XML Agent link, or use OpenAgent URL
Command to run Agent:
href = "http://host/roiBooks.nsf/createXML?OpenAgent"> http://host/roiBooks.nsf/createXML?OpenAgent
Prepared by the agent not only can be printed, can also be used
LSO or DECS connector API to XML output stored in the string variable and writes it to a static XML document or another database system.
Sample: XML
Acting in this sample is LotusScript. Agent, view it as XML to extract each document, according to its XML content creation and print output.
Dim s As
New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim doc As NotesDocument
view As NotesView
Set db = s.currentDatabase
Set view = db.GetView ("XML"
Set doc = view.GetFirstDocument
Print "Content-type:
text / xml "
'Prevents Domino from sending default headers.
'BOOKCATALOG is the root element of the XML
While Not (doc Is Nothing)
'Loop as long as there are document
objects available.
Print "<BOOK>"

'Send the parent element for each book document.
"<bookTitle>" + Doc.bookTitle (0 )+"</ bookTitle> "
"<bookAuthor>" + Doc.bookAuthor (0 )+"</ bookAuthor> "

"<bookPrice>" + Doc.bookDiscountPrice (0 )+"</ bookPrice> "

"<bookCategory>" + Doc.bookCategory (0 )+"</ bookCategory> "

Print "</ BOOK>"
'Close the book element
Set doc = view.GetNextDocument (doc)
the next document in the view.
'Closes the root element.
Related topics in the Designer
Applications, including XML
Domino applications and XML
XML application design using the Java servlet terminology generated
Servlet is a response to the request of Web browsers to run Java programs. With different agents, when the Web server starts and resides on the server when
Servlet was loaded. They are often used to dynamically generate and update the Web page and in different exchange data between applications. Servlet functionality can be extended to use XML
As a common language between applications in a bridge between applications. Java servlet can produce not only XML tags and passes to the server for processing, Servlet
You can also interact with the LotusXSL processor to format the XML tags describe the data. XML and XSL
With the use, will provide you with a powerful tool for customized data.
XML Servlet sample application how to promote XML as Servlet
Example customized data packet transmission, consider an organization in which the field sales representatives to use a different device (such as the Notes client, browser or PDA
) From the Domino
Database download information. Sales representative may apply to the Domino application requests all information about a specific customer. Servlet will come from a collection of different data sources together and use the appropriate XML
Tag the data package. Servlet can be applied using LotusXSL processor will use the XML style
Tag data and the most suitable format for connecting devices to transmit data. In this case, through the narrow band telephone lines connected to a sales representative with the PDA than the Notes through a broadband network connection
The sales representative client connection information obtained less. The following graphics display connected device, run the Domino Servlet
Back-end database applications, and the relationship between:
In another sense on how to provide custom Servlet sample data, you can consider a real estate application, its data is stored in housing sales
Domino database. A real estate agent or potential buyers to use the Domino Web browser
Application requests the sale of housing information. User-specified search criteria, such as between the number of bedrooms required. Servlet in
Applications run with the specified standards to find and assemble all documents that match. Servlet dynamic folding it in the correct XML tags (such as <HOUSE> and
<HOUSETYPE>) Found in the data. And then use LotusXSL processor to apply XSL style sheet

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