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【Introduction】 to draw a blueprint , and then architecture in a building block, such as the management of projects for software development project management. Today's software developers, but also should be an engineer, rather than artists. First draw a blueprint, and then architecture in a building block, such as the management of projects for software development project management. Today's software developers, but also should be an engineer, rather than artists.

Walker Royce consider that today's software developers, but also should be an engineer, rather than artists.

First draw a blueprint, and then architecture in a building block, such as the management of projects for software development project management ... ... so we are not the first time that morning to hear, but software companies, especially in the domestic software enterprises, the real software development projects can work the same as management up the number? majority of software companies are still in a demand for development → demand → → → Change → demand further changes to the delivery of ... ... ... ... → change the terrible flow , the process of a lack of effective project management, quality control, change management, release management, knowledge management is the management process ... ... the confusion led to a software development project out of control, and even failure.

In particular, many domestic software companies are working with Indian software companies compete for the European and American markets today, creators of software used in the Xin-hai, chairman of King saying is, "We can no longer afford to do high-tech 'Farmer' a! So very dangerous." Rational This Walker Royce, general manager of Asia-Pacific Developers Conference in IBM2005 on similar remark, "Today's software developers, but also should be an engineer, rather than artists."

From farmers to engineers

Software companies in "high-tech Farmer," a concrete manifestation of what?

All the following points : first, there is no awareness of project management. Few farmers will own the process plant to operate as a project, such as taking the time to think about what kinds of An acre today , or next year, what kinds of crops, plant or the process of how the division of family and its often species are in accordance with the spring Autumn Harvest the old experience, people at home is anyone who wants to transplant rice seedlings on the planting, anyone who wants to land on the land ... ... there is no clear division of labor. Walker Royce said the same is true of artists, inspiration comes on a large brush, Nothing work plan.

However, software development, if so, the consequences would be very terrible. Large-scale software programming complexity of the job can be described as a multitude of things, if there is no project management, staffing would greatly reduce the chaos of software development efficiency, will increase the error rate; there is no work plan, there is no landmark in the time control, the entire project time will not be able to forecast, but once the overtime, for software companies means that the item on the progressive loss of profit; the objectives of the consequences is not clear even worse, is likely not as good as the final version of the software.

In this regard, the majority of domestic software enterprises have adopted a lot of CMM or CMMI certification hierarchy, such as Neusoft, Motorola Software Development Center has also reached a CMM5 level, because of CMM (Software Development Maturity Model) requirements, these enterprises more or less have their own software development management processes, have also started to use the concept of project management for software development project management. Until today, however, users still complain about the development cycle is too long, software companies are still so ... ...

Secondly, the lack of quality control and change management. God said Variable becomes difficult to farmers it is predict , if the event of hail or frost, they can only Luck since I sigh . However, software development projects often millions, 10 million procedures, if because of the process of quality control problems trace back to come back, if there is no change management tools, which are almost impossible mission. If there should not timely way in the development of quality control, such as what pesticides Penpen , and finally found the problem, or simply to discover problems after delivery, even if the cases can be remedied, will spend a lot of manpower and material resources. As far as I know, some software companies do not profit project would have many, that is experienced because of this rework, and cost could not be recovered.

Finally, is knowledge management. Like a strong labor can put all of the live at home are the same as one combination. Software development project teams often have this kind of "software genius" a result of software development groups can often be dependent on the person's ability, whether it is creative, development, testing ... ... him to be involved, but if this person left, the software development Group will be a sharp decline in the level of ... ... I remember a certain famous domestic software development center director once said, "We are most concerned about not a question of money, but the question people often leave someone when you take away U.S. substantial resources. "This is the knowledge management did not do a good job in the extreme conditions.

Therefore the software development projects of the development process from the disordered into controllable, can be traced back, the experience could be re-multiplexing of the project management of software engineering, software development is a success.

Incremental improvements in

However, the introduction of project management to manage software engineering is not one test on the soul, the domestic enterprises to implement project management, does not eventually bear fruit in many, because, the project manager and it is simply no way to put all aspects of resources are managed together.

Walker Royce admitted at Rational internal they have encountered such a challenge, today's IBM is also true, they are also facing each other how to put a lot of no connection between each other have very different between the software assets, or some systems can put together into a more useful question things. "So I would advise people to use our own in-house used by a number of methods, is the so-called incremental improvements, rather than put all of the original system is replaced, but from a life cycle of the final look and see what made and how to test, how to improve the assets of such software. "

In his view, it is necessary to achieve project management success, enterprises must look to attention at the three main aspects, one is project management, the other one is the release management, change management there is a yes, do these three basic content, can guarantee the success of the project. "Only do a good job in these three basic elements, to upgrade to a higher level, such as scope management, demand management and so on. Do these two points upward is a layer of the project asset management, one layer up go. a lot of business mistakes is quite impossible to change things too much, in fact too much on all of a sudden change is likely to lead to failure. In addition, a common failure mode is a lot of companies are starting from the demand-side management, demand management because a lot of enterprises are a weak link, they are trying to use a new means to manage their needs, but in other management tools, such as change management, release management, and so did not do a good job, they can not distinguish between new approaches and their previous What is the difference between management practices, so I suggest that from the change management, release management, etc. go from the start, it is easier to let go metric companies to see whether or not to do after an improved better than before. "

But on the other hand look to participate in the conference a number of speakers also raised, to do the project at a time when, despite the project team must follow a formal process, but communicate with the user's process, they may not believe you used the flow, the flow can not believe you can deliver such high-quality products, so a new trend is to change the traditional product interactive product, allows users to see the results of interaction in this process, access to user feedback, so that real development can only sell the software user satisfaction.

In other words, from a business perspective, software development is based on documents from the development towards interactive development. Since the development of incremental interactive exist, engineers can know to what clients are truly able to meet customer requirements. This will get their direct feedback, if the development does not meet the requirements of business, you can immediately cancel, thus ensuring that software development can help to promote the user's business development.

Reporter Notes

Software development into software engineering required, developers should become a software engineer, it is generally accepted trend. But to see the IBM Developers Conference this meeting will focus on project management, I was also wondering, does every developer have to understand project management? People often put excellent programmers call it "technology Madman ", because They are often on the technology craze, but has managed to ignore. Do we ask them also to learn about project management?

IBM Software Group Marketing Director, Greater China left Hung think this is natural, "because at Developers Conference to talk about project management, because the Chinese are software engineers, we not only want them to be here at the exchange of technical, They also hope to build a house, there were a blueprint in mind, rather than muddle it. "

Therefore, in the software development team which, apart from middle-level project manager with project management required to manage the project to promote, the ordinary developer, but also in the brain to receive project management experience, this way, with project management to manage the effects of enterprise can be more well displayed.

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