Do not believe mongrel_rails cluster:: start!

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Update code after Action (No action responded to xxx) error. Check the code, has been updated. Change the action name, change the path is always error. Baffled.
In the system under ps ax | grep mongrel, found that Mongrel can not find the process! But check Mongrel Mongrel found the log of the log has been read and write. At this point the site can be a normal visit.
lsof | grep mongrel.xxxx.log found to have PID 1234 is using the document.
kill all 1234.
Re-use capistarno deployment. Mongrel restart. Updated code to normal.
When the deployment of attention to check the pid Mongrel changed, if there is no. Prove that there is no successful restart.
Even mongrel_rails cluster:: start show has been re-started. But do not trust.
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