django pydev Undefined variable from import: objects

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Recently started learning python web, take notes under the small.

Most came into contact with the web2py, really impressed by this web framework, individuals feel very good use, powerful management tools Admin and comes with IDE, deployment tools, debugging, web app level of clarity and support GAE applications. The third edition of the official document is to present,

From personal preference, it is not very accustomed to web2py Web IDE that comes with development, learning needs related to the API to find documentation, tools, tips itself does not own the code (this is very accustomed to), I try to introduce them into the Eclipse IDE, the introduction of Python path, and web2py src, but for me, the place is still a little difficult.

Django, install the latest version of the pydev plugin to support Django applications, personal feeling pretty good.

configure windows installation, configuration, after the relevant good, remember the system environment variables in the configuration parameters

URL in related configuration, the configuration has been defined models, may experience the following problems
Undefined variable from import: objects

In view of this undefined variable, you can use annotations ignore, or add the specified global object
Windows -> Perferences -> Pydev -> Code Analysis, select the Undefined, in the "condsider the following nams as globals: (comma separated)"
_, Tr, objects

Use "," to separate the good, adding objects

Personally feel that is due to the dynamic nature of language itself, there is an undefined object (for Eclipse semantic analysis) may not be "friendly", we can exclude such a way to compile Eclipse error.

I think java lovers, any hints for the compiler errors are not acceptable, the first under the django ready to learn first, then come back ready to take a look at web2py, now has his own is not very used to python's web development, huh, huh.

Vim you recommend a good listen, but so far has not been used, in fact, a single py file preparation, I also quite good that comes with IDLE, the Getting Started to write it out first.

Finally, "the lovely python" notes the end of a sentence, "Life is short, I used the Python"
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