Description JQuery, Extjs, YUI, Prototype, Dojo and other JS frameworks and application of the difference between scenarios

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With the sturdy web2.0 development, and the browser by increasing the work load (in the not very compromising on performance, the developers have gotten accustomed to the browser can be used to do all the browser to do Shier in order to alleviate the pressure on the server and bandwidth costs, etc.). Therefore, web development Javascript has become one of the most basic requirements. But in reality, agile development, we usually choose a JS framework to replace the cumbersome preparation of Native Javascript. You will find this will save a lot of time writing code is also very clear and easy. (Of course the student is to have also questioned the use of the original ecology of the framework would not in-depth understanding of Javascript, this is actually not worry about. In the framework of the in-depth the same time, native js will be a more thorough understanding of some. to be a shrewd developer, they are the Xiangyixiangwei. The best state is to think like Qzone front-end, fully in accordance with their needs to develop a set of JS, CSS framework. - Of course, this is because Qzone too a)

At present many of the popular JS framework for Dojo, Scriptaculous, Prototype, yui-ext, Jquery, Mochikit, mootools, moo.fx and so on. Of course, there are many I do not know the framework, there is no list. Many people will ask in the jars, which in the end frame is good? Which frameworks more cattle x do? OO framework which is more comfortable then? webryan personally think that this is a novice can easily mistake the logic. Nothing in the world, any tool, do not have the best view of this one, only the fit and unfit. We should be the true needs of our project to select relevant features framework.

1, JQuery

Recommended levels: a five-star

Usage scenarios: arbitrary

Download: or google search to download jquery

Recommended reason: At present I use most of the framework (of course, my other frameworks are also really had a number of project development), is also my personal one of the most recommended. And the industry at the time when some of the technical talk and found of the CTO, Tencent, or some other large emerging web2.0 cattle were all devaluation this framework. Fortunately, what was it specifically? 1. Small. (This last volume, the very serious problem) 2. Simple. (Learning the effectiveness of low-cost but high enough to clear examples of the manual, so you from 0 to project completion) 3. The internal structure of a good open-source, focusing on logic 4. For DOM to powerful (in fact, JS most of the time in dealing with DOM) 5.UI extended good (to be mentioned here is the Jquery tools and Jquery UI, you can go to see the two Jquery Soso extension of UI, you will find the original ui so simple, but also because ui scalability, so he favorably compared to other frameworks).

2, Extjs


Usage scenarios: internal systems. Backend systems. Management systems.

Recommended level: a four-star

Recommended reason: Extjs has a very Of the UI design . So when you do like the backstage management, corporate internal processes, or other management systems, when this thing is undoubtedly your best choice. Why? Because it is a few lines of code can generate a very nice full-interface UI, a powerful, style optional. CMS conducted a background and an in-house systems are done with this, saving a lot of manpower and time, and received rave reviews. While its disadvantage is that, in a lot of tab when the page loads, js might want to download several files at the same time. Js will be more simple terms it is great. But for the background management and enterprise-wide systems, this will become a bottleneck.

3, YUI


Recommended Level: 4 Stars

Recommended reason: YUI this framework, I have studied, but useless in the project independently used. Mostly into the project, the predecessors used the YUI, and then we continued in the subsequent development of the role of just before. A long time ago version of the QQ drive, mop some of the modules used, but it is now very clear who is still used. Extjs it is somewhat similar, UI has many advantages.

Usage scenarios: YUI split the various modules for different needs in a certain part of using yui to fill into their own modules. Or similar to the network disk application of such Dongdong.

4, Dojo


Recommended level: a four-star

Recommended reason: Dojo is the most powerful javascript framework, deliberately remind: the most powerful. It contain virtually all of the things you might want to use. ). Dojo is more suitable for enterprise applications and product development needs, because the off-site storage, DataGrid, 2D, 3D graphics, Chart, Comet and other components for enterprise applications is very important (of course, these components have to wait some time before stabilized). For example, BEA's products based on Mashup technology development have been used in the Dojo. But, however, do we need these features? Web2.0 product will be done to such a great Dongdong it? This should be according to your own demand. And Dojo shortcomings were obvious, too, features too much, the learning curve too steep. However, enterprise applications, it does so, it is simply duck to water. This is also a time when IBM and other companies recruited to Dojo and learning Dojo top priority reasons.

5, Prototype

The most mature. I personally think that can be replaced by Jquery. Similarity between the two is also relatively high. Here will not say any more.

6, Mootools


Recommended Level: 4 Stars

Recommended reason: OO design. Modular strong coupling is relatively low. Some people say that it is better than Jquery UI of UI better, no ui temporarily used it much to say. Developers can you see by the effect of their demo, etc. or choose something suitable for himself.

ok, the real framework of the still using them, and to write out. If you have read the above stuff was very confused, it is recommended you from the JQuery begin.
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