DB2 for common commands

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Create an instance of
DB2DIR/instance/db2icrt -a SERVER -u db2fenc1 db2inst1

1. Start an instance (db2inst1):

View examples of port
db2 get dbm cfg |grep SVCENAME

Then go to / etc / services to find the above command to find services and corresponding port number.

View all examples.


List all databases

db2 list database directory

. Create the database:

db2 create db test

. This database configuration parameter information

db2 get db cfg for test|more 

. Delete the database:

db2 drop db test

Connect to the database
db2 create database TEXT

The system a user test_1

db2 on how to give a new user license

Specific operation is as follows:
1、db2 connect to test
2、db2 grant connect on database to user test1
3、db2 disconnect test
4、db2 connect to dssdb user test_1 using test_1
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