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Contact with people who are learning J2EE transaction concept. Familiar with the database transaction mechanism is based on using the JDBC database connection. When we learn the concept of transaction time, always wanted to open the database connection, set the transaction level and the actual experience of work and testing services and a variety of database systems to support transaction method. Open the IDE, write code, to find support for libraries, good trouble oh.

ETran the most basic function is to facilitate real-time database transaction mechanism for testing the operational status. You can open JDBC connections, set the transaction isolation level, and then do or Commit test your SQL statement, observe the results.

Of course, ETran the same as a simple, lightweight database tools. You can use it to browse the database structure, implementation of the SQL statements, display query results. Of course, those features are not mature and complete database tools, but the function is simple and practical, some of them are enough, is not it?

ETran built on Eclipse RCP, Eclipse, if you are a user, check out the code directly compile and run time is very convenient. If you do not have the environment, compile the package to download it good. But the Java environment is a must.

Screenshot: Database transaction supporting small learning tool, based on Eclipse RCP
who are interested to join the development, please send me an email. Oh serious welcome. . . .

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