Custom google maps of infowindow

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English Expo Hotel Reservation map to add the second search, I and other colleagues have completed the map search, the hotel location on the map display and other functions, the CEOs feel that google map the default message display window infowindow too difficult to read, to he considered to be more of a nice, similar to ruba site infowindow, when the ruba online, using firebug view its js, css, very complicated, the more clearly felt unable to bite. See google map api reference, which for Ginfowindow description is simple:

GInfoWindow has no constructor. It is created by the map and accessed by its method GMap2.getInfoWindow().

Then try to write according to the expansion of the operation api and found this is a very big project, or Zhaozhao have no ready-made demo of the class.

To google in search, try the N multiple keywords, the results search out stuff in addition to google maps api is no other (the first Chinese search), the disappointment, I found switching to English, suddenly appears more than N link, seemingly all pretty helpful, it seems more foreigners to study the It's very exciting place to open, even "the page can not be displayed", encountered more than N such pages, but still very few pages can be viewed, finally found a post, this post spoke of a infowindow custom extensions,

Feel very in-depth study of this man, but also several custom compare the pros and cons, he mentioned three, There are several plugins / extensions that customise the appearance infowindow (bubble) in a bit nicer way than what is possible with CSS, like extinfowindow , Elabel and Ebubble , of which the first one looks best to me.

I regret that the last two could not open the link, however, it is fortunate that the first can actually open, and it is I'm looking for custom infowindow, it is happy. Also share this link or out of it, and if it can open, then it needs to have a friend is also helpful, examples / cssSkins.html

Will extinfowindow.js down down from this page look after, found that written Zhengou js complex, but also enough to understand the written comments, was so admire this man, and feel about themselves and others in the vegetable dishes than is really Yeah, need to continue efforts!

After wearing the new style really well, results are as follows:

Custom google maps of infowindow

Quote this extendinfowindow is quite convenient,

  GEvent.addListener(marker3, 'click', function(){ 
              {beakOffset: 3}

Note The second parameter is the style used infowindow object.
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