Content Management System

1, Content Management System (CMS)
About CMS Content Management System is the acronym meaning "content management system."
CMS has many outstanding design based on templates, you can speed up Web development speed and reduce development costs.
CMS functionality is not limited to text processing, it can handle images, Flash animation, audio and video streaming, video and even e-mail files.
CMS is a very broad term, the blog from the general procedure, news programs, to comprehensive site management procedures can be referred to as content management systems.
CMS's classification according to different requirements, CMS has several different classification methods. For example, different depending on the application level, can be divided into:
○ attention to the CMS Admin
○ attention to style of CMS
○ attention to front CMS released
And so on. Already exists on the various CMS, the final interface is similar, but the programming style and management style in speaking is a difference of 10 000 do.
Jiu CMS itself is the starting point, designed, should be convenient for a variety of network programming language is not very familiar with the user with a kind of relatively simple and the way the Wang Zhan Guan Li himself. Although this is their starting point, but the creators of various CMS systems have their own background and on the "simple" understanding of the word the different levels and causing the pack is no uniform standard dispute situation.
CMS is short, you do not need to learn complicated can of siting technology, no need to learn too many complicated HTML, you can use CMS to build a unified and powerful professional style website.
CMS features CMS has many outstanding design based on templates, you can speed up Web development speed and reduce development costs.
CMS functionality is not limited to text processing, it can handle images, Flash animation, audio and video streaming, video and even e-mail files.
CMS also points the script each platform type.
Content Management System is the enterprise information technology and e-government new favorite, is a relatively new market for content management, but has also been There is no single definition, different agencies have different interpretations:
Gartner Group believe that content management should be included from the connotation of enterprise content management, Web content management, content management and e-commerce transactions Extranet (Extranet) information sharing content management (such as CRM and SCM, etc.), Web content management is the focus of the current , e-business and XML content management to promote the development of the source.
Merrill Lynch's analysts focused on enterprise content management, employees, business users, partners and suppliers easy access to unstructured information processing. The purpose of content management is to unstructured information published to intranets, extranets and the ITE (Internet Trading Exchanges), which enables users to retrieve, use, analysis and sharing. Business Intelligence System (BI) focused on the value of structured data extraction, while content management is focused on internal and external unstructured strategic value of resources extracted.
Giga Group that as e-commerce engines, content management solutions and e-business servers must be closely integrated to form the content of production (Production), delivery (Delivery) and the end to end e-commerce system.
Content Management System Content Management System is a front-end in the WEB (Web server) and back-office system or process (content creation, editing) between the software system. Content management solutions focused on solving a variety of unstructured or semi-structured collection of digital resources, management, use, transfer and value-added, and can organically integrated into the structured data in business intelligence environments, such as OA, CRM, etc.. Content creators, editors, publishing staff to use content management system to submit, modify, approve, publish content. Here refers to the "content" may include documents, forms, pictures, video or data in the database and all you want to publish to the Internet, Intranet and Extranet web sites.
CMS's emerged as the enrichment and development of network applications, many websites Wang Wang Bunengxunsu up Daliang information derived from the pace of change and business model, often takes a lot of time, manpower and material resources to process information Gengxin and maintenance work; experience site when the expansion, integration and branch sites within and outside the network becomes more complex work, or even need to re-building site; it goes on, the user is always at a high cost and low efficiency of the cycle of upgrades, integration ... ...
First, a clear role to fully ensure the efficiency of staff; Second, functional integrity, meet the doorway "gatekeeper" of application requirements, so that the information published is accurate. For example, for editing, art, editor, and operation and maintenance personnel to set permissions and real-time management functions.
In addition, the security framework to protect web users is the focus of attention. Effective management of site visitors landing rights to the database within the network from attacks, so always ensure the site's security and stability, from the user's worries.
According to the above requirements, a professional content management system CMS came into being, to effectively address the user site building and information dissemination in the common problems and needs. On the Web content management is the biggest advantage of the software, which processes sound is rich in features the artwork category, and to enable legitimate users to edit the management without the need for users to ignore them difficult to understand the SQL syntax.
CMS development Content Management since 2000 as an important application field, this time. COM and B2B, B2C, etc. through the capital and the market test and baptism, people returned to the application of information technology fundamentals - to enhance competitive ability and content management for enterprises precisely through the production of various types of digital assets, management, value-added and re-use, improve the organization's operational efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises, enterprises are beginning to recognize the importance of content management.
Information from enterprises and institutions point of view, the following factors led to the huge demand for content management software:
(1) knowledge is wealth.
Zai Internet interaction, the only one-tenth of involving a sale, the other nine tenths are and information exchange Youguan, staff De Zhishihuoqu increasingly dependent on the Internet, Tebie yes in Dianzaishangwu personalized Huan Jing, customers make a purchase Wei Liao decisions that need intelligent access to information, not just the quantity and price of goods, more importantly, may be the product manuals, security guarantees, technical specifications, service, image files and so on.
(2) the timeliness and accuracy of the information.
Both in the enterprise network or external network, the Geng Xin information faster and faster, enterprises and production units of information more and Duo, and presented a doubling trend, enterprises need to be a Gongnengjiangtai can Kuozhan , flexible content management technology to meet the continuously update, maintain, then how to ensure the accuracy and authenticity will become increasingly more important.
(3) external and internal network unified demand growth.
With the construction of information technology enterprises, intranet and extranet information exchange between the more and more excellent content management system within the enterprise, the ability to do well the collection and reuse of information and information value-added use for the extranet, the more important is truly interactive and collaborative content.
Abroad for content management software developed by major vendors including Vignette, Interwoven, BroadVision, Openmarket, ATG, Allaire, Documentum, Hummingbird, etc., these companies CM product and solution is very specialized, mainly based on J2EE platforms such, feature rich, mainly surface to enterprise users, is the CM market, major vendors. There are also narrower professional content management vendors to provide the functionality required at some stage, such as Verity to provide knowledge retrieval, Micromedia to provide content creation platform, Akamai provides content distribution and Inkitomi management technology. In contrast,
Some CMS is a simple tool for information dissemination, can not be called to collect and reuse content, let alone the concept of knowledge management at most only a website building tools software only.
All products are very poor visual link, only a very few companies able to provide visual software which are not interactive and can not be used as a management tool.
CMS includes the contents of the hidden content management system (CMS) after the basic idea is to separate content management and design. Page design is stored in the template, the content is stored in a database or a separate file. When a user requests a page, each part of the joint to generate a standard HTML page.
A content management system usually has the following elements:
Document template scripting language or markup language and database integration content page that contains material from the special tags embedded within the control. These tags are usually for a content management system is unique. These systems usually operate on the more complex language support, such as Python, Perl, or Java and so on.
Site Manager content management system and the creation of editors alike. This is the biggest advantage is the ability to use templates and common design elements to ensure the coordination of the entire site. Only in their document on the use of a small amount of template code, then you can focus on in the design of the content. To change the appearance of the site, administrators only need to modify the template rather than a separate page.
Content management system also simplifies the supply and the site's content, responsibility for content management. Many content management system allows site personnel at different levels to give different levels of access, which allows them to not study the operating system level permissions settings, just use the browser interface to complete.
Other features such as: search engine, calendar, Web mail, etc. will be built within the CMS content management system, or allow third-party plug-ins come in the form of integration.
How to develop CMS
Content management system is a very broad concept: from the business news portal system to the individual's Weblog can be called the distribution system.
Frame Type: application itself does not contain any implementation, but provides the underlying framework, the specific application needs some secondary development, such as Cocoon, Vignette;
Application Type: itself is a specific type of application-oriented implementation, already contains the news / reviews management, voting, forums, WIKI and some subsystems. For example: postNuke xoops, etc.;
In any case, before the release of system selection, first understand the actual needs of their own is the most important: like under the existing system will be up their demand for hard copy is very undesirable. Traffic, access control and various functional requirements. Each module and function are more clearer Zi Ji Yi Hou, go Wangshangzhaozhao like De realize: You Hui Faxianqishi each Huan Jie Dao Shang are now relatively mature Shi Xian Liao, and also Buduan perfect and development, if Meiyou : Your requirements are too specific, or you can try a system down into smaller combinations to achieve.
Content management system is separated into the following levels: priority to the needs of all levels with different 1, back office management subsystem (management of priority: content management): information input system, BBS forum subsystem, text search subsystem, etc., for different content management system to facilitate entry: WYSIWYG editing management interfaces, clear business logic: the various subsystems of the access control mechanisms;
2, Portal Systems (performance of priority: Template Management): Most of the final output page: Home, sub channel / project page, news page of the general is all the background details of subsystem modules of various combinations of the logic of this release is a combination of very rich, Portal system is responsible for more than a combination of these background subsystem performance management;
3, front release (giving priority to efficiency: Release Management): release the cache for the end user, and search engines spider the URL design ... ...
Separation of content management and performance: Many did not complete the CMS system, the background of various subsystems and separate the design of Portal, so that the template in the Portal level performance management and content management information subsystem logic mixed together, and even sub-BBS, etc. coupled system management are very high, the whole system will become very bulky. And such a system comparison of the various subsystems bundled death, if difficult to change the background of the module. However, if the background of various content management subsystem performance logic and front / release after the separation, Portal and background data transfer only between the various subsystems relationship: Portal only decided to choose the background data of each subsystem and performance, while the various background subsystem is also very easy to plug.
Content management and data distribution of the separation: the system design needs to Portal, when attention to the cache of (Cache Friendly) design: CMS Admin and release mechanism itself is not too much to consider "efficiency" issue, as long as the comparison of the final design of the page output Cacheable, efficiency can be more specialized front-end cache server solution.
In addition, except for end-user browser, but also note that for search engine friendly (Search engine Friendly) the URL design: through the URL REWRITE PATH_INFO based on the parameters of steering or dynamic web analysis makes the link (URI) form more static structure like a directory for easy web content is your search engine;
CMS providers are mainly domestic CMS provider 1.PHPCMS (PHPCMS Web Content Management System)
Official Website:
PHPCMS site management system is a full PHP + MYSQL based station siting system generated html through improved design and apply a variety of server environment (such as UNIX, LINUX, WINDOWS etc.) efficient, new, fast, excellent site solutions, including articles, downloads, pictures and information on the four modules to support content fees, advertising management, and integrated forum for government, schools, businesses and other types of information using the class Web site ... ...
2. Dynamic Easy CMS
PowerEasy CMS is moving Yi Network Technology Co., Ltd. based on ASP + COM technology independent developed content management system is a complete design and apply through a variety of server environments and efficient, the new, fast and excellent web site solution in terms of stability , load capacity, security and other aspects of leadership ranks of other products. Its humanized design concept, widely adapted to enterprise, government, schools, and individuals of different groups of siting needs. More than 100,000 Web users over the scale, so that PowerEasy has become the most popular ASP content management system.
Dynamic Easy CMS system is mainly used for small sites and personal websites.
3. Weaving dream content management system website:

The most famous open source website management program "DEDECMS" by the Forestry (IT Plato) written.
DedeCms V5.1 to the latest version, highlights innovative features are:
By new data cache, new search technology called the index, make the site a great time in the data can still maintain a relatively high performance;
Vice column without the use of cases, read the new list to use a more optimized algorithm, even with dynamic lists, but also to ensure that site performance is very good;
HTML updated list is divided into two kinds of the latest archive and historical archives, in ordinary circumstances, users only need to update the latest filing, late filing when the latest historical archive records over the index range, the system will update the historical archive, to ensure the system's flexibility and convenience.
The client through professional assistance, so the system can be A total resources of the archive Gengxin O'clock Xuanze lower than in Fangwen time, thus ensuring a good site of Yi Zhi Yi's performance Run .
Member Center more atmosphere to increase the "wait list to buy goods (shopping cart)", "a list of purchased goods," "free recharge centers" to adapt the operation of online shopping functionality.
Client-side monitor scheduled tasks, the user can Shiyong Dede official monitoring the development of individual client client to implement some scheduled tasks function, after the client has also increased Ge Lei Gai Webmaster Gongju, and WEB Fenli of C / S Moshi Collector Deng a large number of useful features.
Data center optimization, according to user's use of the user's database index and so on reconstruction, and provide various suggestions to users on their own data and template optimized to achieve maximum system performance level.
Security Center does not provide a direct anti-virus features, but all system files on the DEDE confirmatory testing to ensure system security; Security Center has some privacy, so control more than the default version will be effective;
Built-in default of the mall model, users can copy the model of the definition of different types of goods in different fields, to achieve powerful online mall.
Custom search function, system models can be custom generated search form specified search criteria to customize searches, but also to achieve product comparison features.
Complete secondary domain names and pseudo-static support of the new models in the secondary domain name may open problems were dealt with properly, and to support the use of pseudo-static content list, and generated through the cache to resolve difficult problems.
Custom forms, supports custom feedback forms, users can press their own demands, generate completely custom forms, and can specify whether it is necessary to submit the contents of the audit, whether in the front display list and other human action.
WAP site automatically generates function, WAP function of the actual standard used wml1.1, direct access to wap.php to access, due to protocol version, display some content may be inconsistent with the WEB, future versions may be more suitable for the present mini xhtml mobile browsing and support more features.
Release of information function of the number of tourists (the background setting switch).
Q & A model supports the use of pseudo-static (background set to switch);
Built-in collection using a more detailed guide, and to increase the list of custom links to be regular, the list of thumbnails acquisition, real-time preview function rules;
Increased focus on the free list, reverse passes, backstage interface changes to accommodate large scale projects the convenience of the application;
Accessibility duplicate document detection, batch extraction article thumbnails, database content replacement, random template defense acquisition and other auxiliary plug dedeCMS is php + mysql, and the demand for all types of sites.
4. Ecms,
The system development work by the Imperial group of independent development, is perfecting a design through the application of the Linux / windows / Unix environment, such as cost-effective website solution. News System 1.0 from the Empire to today's Empire website management system, the functions of several of her leap of innovation, making the site becomes extremely easy to set up and manage!
She uses the system model: Users of this feature directly by expanding in the background and implementation of various systems, such as products, real estate, supply and demand, so the system, so characteristic, Empire CMS is also known as "universal Jianzhan tool"; use separation of the template function: the complete separation of content and interface, flexible user-defined label + label, so that it can achieve a variety of Web pages and style;
5.FOOSUN (wind information content management system)
Official Website:
Developed the "wind information Web Content Management System" (hereinafter referred to as: FoosunCMS), CMS products in the field, FoosunCMS has formed a content management system solutions for the whole station. From the "Wind Telecommunications Web content management system" FoosunCMSv0410 version to today's "Web Content Management System Wind News" FoosunCMSv4.0 SP5 0911 upgrade, the system after a few leaps of improvement, in the original series advantage FoosunCMS made a major breakthrough more "fool", humanized, more in line with the needs of our customers, making the site becomes extremely easy to set up and manage! Special optimized modular architecture, powerful static HTML generation capabilities, easy background management, people-oriented design concepts are everywhere ...... reveals unique ideas and individual needs of the classical perfect display of the programming thinking. The new kernel FoosunCMSv4.0 SP5 version of the different versions to meet small to large traffic flow, from the individual to all aspects of enterprise application requirements, to provide users with a variety of server operating environment for the efficient, new, fast and best website solution, widely adapted to enterprise, government, schools, and individuals of different groups of siting needs! "Wind Telecommunications Web Content Management System" user a very broad area in the course of hundreds of enterprise services to create a mature and stable customer service support system, are domestic famous enterprises and government departments choose and praise.
System, including information collection, sorting, classification, review, publish and manage the entire process, good information management and release management function, is the site enterprises, internal Web sites and all kinds of ICP website content management and maintenance of the ideal. Using the system, government departments can be submitted at any time easily without the need to release the information to master complex technology; FoosunCMS has become a domestic CMS "one brand."
Foreign CMS provider Vignette. Austin, TX Vignette Corporation, the leading Web content management systems, today announced the funding on the middle floor, it made 100 million 4 million U.S. dollars, a software company based in Austin, the largest private equity investment, Vignette also become the fastest growing in the Austin Internet software company. Vignette Corporation, a worldwide leader in web content applications are, for the company have proposed solutions - Setting up a very successful business. Vignette's flagship product is StoryServer 3, it can Gongsi to apply the software (Ru online publishing, Zhishiguanli and Fuza Dianzaishangwu system) for the Ji Chu establishment, management and distribution services, Zuizhong speed up and increase customer loyalty and the degree of continuity over time. More than 75 leading companies, including Ziff-Davis' ZDNet, First Chicago NBD, Bay Networks and CNET, use StoryServer 3, to provide 25 million daily web browsing. StoryServer3 won five industry awards, including UPSIDE magazine's "Web-based organization category of the most active private companies." It's V / 5 Series is a set of application software packages designed for the portal, B2C and B2B market demands for content management. V / 5 series is highly customizable capabilities and a wide range of functions, which include the development of content and templates, customization and distribution. However, the majority of features it needs to develop.
Documentum. Documentum document management solution is the long-term supplier. With its 4i Web Content Management (WCM) version, the company strongly into the CM stage, it provides a solution to support dynamic content with online and e-commerce applications. On medium and large organizations, it is also a sound and scalable Web content management solutions.
Eprise. Eprise's Participant Server 2.6.6 is the company's content management products, which for large business and. Com provides business application software, including the Internet, corporate intranets and public websites. The product can promote the content to add, modify, and global publishing. Participant Server's main components include content centers, operation centers, sharing centers and content distribution suite. Product submission and the creation of Web-based interface, while the content distribution component content distribution deal with suitable transactions. A single Web based administrative interface is a plus because administration can be distributed across the organization. A single web-based management interface is added, because management within organizations can be distributed.
Interwoven. Interwoven's TeamSite 4.5 is the horizontal focus of the web content management solution to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies to provide enterprise-wide Web content management. TeamSite's ability to manage and composition of the desktop and Java-based interface, such as the desktop and interface part of the operating system there. Users can drag and drop through Windows Explorer to the content to the repository.
Xpedio. Xpedio CMS 4.0 is the world's 2000 B2B and B2E solutions company with a package, it is not technology, users with a easy to use site-building capacity. The products in the intranet and external Internet and e-commerce Web site content to promote the rapid development and management. In the management and publishing content, it is a powerful solution that provides distributed management capabilities with creative tools, security, flexibility and complete release browser-based interface.
Ncompass. NCompass Labs in April 2001 set up by Microsoft, and now it is a subsidiary of Microsoft. Resolution 3.1 is Ncompass browser to web content management solution based on the end of 2001, it as Microsoft's products (known as Microsoft Content Management Server) re-released.
Open Market. Open Market's Content Server 3.1 is a J2EE-compliant content management solution that box ⒚ Education Margaret Chang sick quail Qian Shen  lined only harmonic  pen Market positioning the content server to promote content-centric e-business application software products, which deal with visitors, customers and partners interact. The products are used to manage and organize a network interface includes a personalized engine and application server for the release.
BroadVision. BroadVision the application of methods for content management, the main objective is to B2B, B2E and B2C market. BroadVision to apply the software package in the form of sale of products, such as the sale to incidental business, cooperative business, market and employee self-service. Content management solutions are sold separately.
FileNET. FileNET is the traditional document management market leader, now it focus on the production of e-business application software Panagon production line. Its Web site content management suite, including Panagon content (PCS), Panagon network publisher (PWP), Panagon Network Services (PWS) and Panagon electronic processes. FileNET suite targeted at the financial, insurance, government, telecommunications, utilities and manufacturing. FileNET Web Content Management to its suite of content management, all located in the solution throughout the content lifecycle, from creation to approval, publishing and distribution. However, in its current version, the products in the core web content management functionality in need of a major development, such as dynamic content personalization and expression.
Megellan. 2000 In July , Gauss Interprise and the U.S. software developer Magellan merger, which sells its content management series Versatile Internet Platform (VIP). VIP located in the business management content, web content and portal platform. For the centralized environment, a series of basic functions of adaptation needs, including Web-based management, a single and a large number of input, third-party vendors to provide basic library services, as well as the template for the design of distributed content creation tools.
InStranet. InStranet was founded in 1999 and headquartered in New York, and has European headquarters in Paris. The company's flagship product is InStranet 2000 1.5, it is a browser and Java-based Web content management solutions. Product focus, and employees working in the B2B environment, the intranet and external Internet publishing business documents and content. InStranet 2000 1.5 in the J2EE compliant application servers running in BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, and iPlanet Application Server on the test.
Mediasurface. Mediasurface is headquartered in London, its U.S. offices in New York and Frances Branch. Content for the organization of the company to provide management software for intranet and external Internet. The company's core product is Mediasurface 3.5, it is aimed at vertical markets, including financial services, government, education, health care, IT services, media, publishing and broadcasting, retail and consumer services.
Six Open Systems. Six Offene Systeme GmbH in the United States known as the Six Open Systems (Six), set up in Germany in 1991. Six in Germany, an important group of consumers, it is the product Six CMS 4.0 to enter the U.S. market. The product is from the inside to the outside to the browser-based solution to help simplify and manage media content publishers and web and portal design, Internet, intranet, and more.
Starbase. Starbase co-product sales, the product e-commerce applications to create, manage code and content. February 2001, Starbase acquired and its products Expressroom I / O, as well as Java and XML-based Web content management solutions. Starbase is the Expressroom I / O to its code and content management solutions, collaboration suite.
More domestic use are totcms, Active Context, turbocms, cms4i, but these are purely commercial nature of the system, prices are high, general personal a station, the proposed selection of some foreign countries, well-known open source systems such as Mambo, Drupal, Tikiwiki, PhpNuke, PostNuke, Xoops, Tikipro, but these are all based on php + mysql, and we all know, php and mysql is free and you ^__^, asp of cms also move easily, Amoy special, wind information, such as some good .
Detailed list of the world's leading CMS provider, the list contains the open source CMS, foreign large-scale commercial CMS, the foreign heavyweight commercial CMS, foreign lightweight commercial CMS, the domestic commercial CMS, a total of 5 categories, which was divided into open-source CMS Portal type Blog and Wiki-type model.
Open Source Portal-based CMS
Joomla!: Http://
CMS Made Simple:
PHP Nuke:
Blog Type Open Source CMS
Word Press:
Open-source wiki-based CMS
Foreign large-scale commercial CMS
Vignette Content Management (USA): ,2097,1-1-1928-4149-1966-4150, 00.html
EMC Documentum (United States):
IBM Workplace WCM (USA):
Reddot CMS (Germany):
Interwoven ECM (United States):
Oracle Stellent Web Content Management (USA):
Heavyweight foreign commercial CMS
Tridion R5.2 (Netherlands):
CoreMedia CMS 2006 (Germany):
Fatwire Content Server (U.S.):
Percussion Rhythmyx (United States):
Day Software Communique (Switzerland):
MediaSurface Morello (United Kingdom):
Foreign lightweight commercial CMS
Microsoft SharePoint (United States):
Sitecore Content Manager (Denmark):
ESCENIC (Norway):
Collage (United States):
CommonSpot Content Server (U.S.):
Ingeniux Content Management System (U.S.):
CMS400.NET (United States):
E-Spirit FIRSTspirit (Germany):
Hot Banana Web Content Management Suite (Canada):
EPiServer (Sweden):
Refresh Software SR2 (United States):
GOSS iCM (United Kingdom):
Hannon Hill Casecade Server (U.S.):
Immediacy (UK):
Terminal Four Site Manager (Ireland):
Enonic Vertical Site (Norway):
Synkron Via (Denmark):
Domestic commercial and open source CMS
kycms cool source web content management system (. net revenue): (Key recommendation KYCMS content management system, Shopping Mall, online examination system, sub-site cluster system, oa system)
dedecms organization Dream Web Site Management System (open source):
Imperial website management system ECMS:
Hongbo Content Management System:
COMSHARP CMS - Sharp Business Enterprise CMS:
Easy Content Management System action:
SupeSite Community Portal:
phpcms Site Management System:
verycms Content Management System:
Joekoe CMS Joe off net:
Jianfei, website management system:
SiteServer CMS Website Management System:
. Net Network News:
JTBC website content management system: (open source free)
FOOSUN website content management system: (open source free)
HUGESKY CMS Web Content Management System: <A href="">
Let CMS, CMS Templates, CMS Professional Point Tutorial
JDCMS article system CMS
CMS systems such as search engine meta tag Title advantage not only personal and can customize rules to meet the complex web of different channels, categories, blog, forums, meta tags on demand; Interpretation: This is now ok, and the domestic current php class cms, dede, Empire All templates are customized to support meta tags, wp can be achieved with plug-ins, but the current generation of keywords is not enough intelligent automation.
Static keyword rich URL, and can flexibly customize the site this long tail key words in English class, the problem class phrases key phrases of great help; Interpretation: seemingly domestic cms in this regard will not work, almost no support for pseudo-static, dz, phpwind did support, however, the forum, dede to be modified to support the pseudo-static, wordpress pseudo-static to do well, you can meet this requirement. Pursuit of pseudo-static results, then select cms Wizard recommends election English cms, drupal, joomal are good, I do like to use English station if joomal. In addition, insert key words for the effect of Chinese url where English is not good.
To support the special personalized HTML tags, such as nofollow, h1/h2/h3 ... Interpretation: dede, Empire, wordpress support almost all the template technology can achieve.
Naturalization of the station and flexible text links; interpretation: it should be said that the text within the chain of references, dede have this feature, but not good enough to do, to modify, wordpress plug-ins can be achieved with good, seo Shanghai Research Institute has been achieved on this function, look View this article within the chain will know ^ ^
Unlimited flexibility to set the directory structure; interpretation: depending on how you design the program is the dead man is alive as long as the pseudo-static to do good,. htaccess is the writing good and what can be done out of the directory structure.
Support the content of pages long; interpretation: Basically, the current domestic support automatic paging, dede, Empire no problem in this regard.
Jump setting to support 301; Interpretation: The server side can achieve it, or write your own php function header () line shift has it, the wizard is set up the server directly.
XML / RSS output and supports ping function; Interpretation: domestic cms this regard, but it is tasteless, with nothing, wordpress and other foreign countries to achieve this with a plug-in.
Image tag handling;
Wizard interpretation: the domestic auto-generated image tag can not only call the other labels, such as title, keywords and so on. This is not carefully examined, I do not pay attention to picture processing labels.
Flexible CSS calls;
Wizard interpretation: it should be no problem, thinking about how to adjust to how tone ^ ^
The use of cache.
2, Constant Maturity Swap (fixed-term swap agreement)
Definition of CMS (Constant Maturity Swap) is a swap (interest rate swap) agreement form, which allows buyers to lock in cash flow received from a long period.
In the general interest rate swap agreements in, the two companies agreed to the sum of the principal amount in a token based on the exchange rates of different nature (including those based on different benchmark floating rate, fixed-rate, etc) a payment, . CMS is characterized by the exchange of both parties, the party on the interest rate swap based on market interest rates (not LIBOR) for phase adjustment; the other interest rates are generally LIBOR, fixed-rate or other forms of a fixed-term interest rates.
Example: Suppose the current interest rate swap market, the six-month LIBOR is 5.0%, three-year swap rate is 6.5%, while now in June of LIBOR and three-year swap rate of 150 basis points difference ( A basis point = 0.01%). If an investor that the six-month LIBOR and three-year swap rate in the next two years, the average margin will reach 50 basis points, so he can sign the agreement following receipt of CMS: six months LIBOR
Pay: three-year swap rate - 105 basis points in every six months,
1. If the three-year swap rate - six months LIBOR> 105 basis points, while investors outflow 2. If the three-year swap rate - six months LIBOR <105 basis points, then the investor flows between now and the difference is 150 basis points, so the first six months investors will pay 45 basis points. But if investors assume that is correct, that the next two years three-year swap rate and the average six-month LIBOR is indeed the difference is 50 basis points, investors will earn 55 (= 105-50) basis points profits. The advantage of this agreement for three years and six months of LIBOR interest rate swap what the difference began to narrow in the next day is not important, as long as their difference is less than 105 basis points on average, investors can profit. If signed DIRF (Differential Interest Rate Fix), because investors are not sure He Shili difference is smaller, the same can not be profitable.
The significance of the company before the appearance of the CMS, companies often use interest rate swap agreement will be transformed into a floating interest rate to lock in a fixed interest rate risk. But the interest rate swap agreement for a long time period will be as close to the due date and shorter lead exposure risk, is not conducive to the company for a long period of debt management. However, CMS can solve this problem. Suppose the company needs to balance the long period of 5 years or so, he could sign the agreement following the CMS:
Received: 6 months LIBOR
To pay: 5-year swap rate - 35 basis points (this figure is hypothetical)
CMS entered into this agreement, the agreement with the time approaching maturity, debt duration remains constant at about 5 years.

Plone is free, open source content management system (Content Management System, CMS). Plone focus for various organizations. It comes with a workflow engine, pre-configured security and the role of the system, a set of content types and multi-language support. A large number of developers from around the world, writers and testers to do every day all contribute to Plone. Plone is based on the content management framework. (Content Management Framework).
What is a Content Management System?
Give the content management system (CMS) is difficult to define than to find people who want to sell you harder CMS. In short, CMS for managing content, usually for the content of web site management. CMS's main purpose is to facilitate the conduct of content creation, distribution and repair, to suit commercial applications.
Content management trouble is that it is trivial or can not be achieved if different CMS can integrate web into two categories: web-based systems and non-web based systems. Plone is free, open source web-based content management system.
Why use web-based content management system?
Understand the Plone content management system so the simplest way is it a standard web site design tools (such as Macromedia Dreamweaver) to compare. They can make the remote computer, the page, and submit to confirm or release. However, the difference between the following four aspects:
Any user has the required permissions to web pages at any location, using a standard browser without any special software. CMS, easy to use than Dreamweaver and FTP, with minimal training, many production tasks can be assigned to unskilled workers. Thus, CMS allows more users can create and edit content on the WEB. At the same time, less training and lower skills makes production and maintenance costs reduced.
By entering text, uploading files to the site pre-made templates to create the page, to ensure the unity of style of the page. Even if the direct production of web pages released so many staff, but also to ensure the unity of style, content and structure is more important is the consistency can be guaranteed.
CMS in the work flow control can be fully utilized, web administrator's work can be effectively assigned to work in different locations, personnel, and will not reduce safety, and quality assurance standards.
Different versions of the document is automatically saved, when necessary audit trail can be a natural.
These advantages of content management systems for large organizations or large-scale cooperation projects more important.
What is a content management framework?
Content management framework is an application, including a series of tools for Zope. These tools form the framework provides a number of content management systems need to key services. Content management framework can be used as a standalone product, or if, like Plone is based on its foundation. Content management framework provides the core tools such as Workflow (workflow), individuality, and directory of. The development of content management framework led by the Zope Corporation, is an open source products, benefiting a large number of developers in the world's hard work.
What is Zope?
Zope is an open source of the web application server, with the python language. It is scalable, secure, powerful system, including an object database, web server and a variety of template language. Developed primarily by Zope Zope and support, or from the developers from around the world to get help.
Why use Zope and Plone?
Zope and Plone is open source software (OSS), that any person may freely available source code. Zope and Plone people making the business model is to obtain benefits from the consulting services, mainly in custom or enterprise application. There are other open source CMS system, Midgard, Bitflux, OpenCMS and Wyona.
Proprietary and open source content management system is technically no different. In the two camps, there are good, moderate and poor products. The quality of documentation and support are very different. The main difference is the open source CMS compared to proprietary systems, open source CMS produced by smaller companies. This increases the sustainability of these small companies how long, how to provide support for the suspicion. It seems to me more of a difference between the surface, rather than the actual thing. Smaller open source products, a customer or a key person's departure is more sensitive to larger proprietary systems products, subject to the acquisition (such as the acquisition of Allaire by Macromedia) and the IT stock market volatility (such as Broadvision) of impact. In short, both of which can easily disappear. Difference is that open source products, users can access the source code, maintenance, customization and development. Without the active involvement of producers, those working on proprietary systems can not be completed. This is the key to using open source products cause.
Why use Zope and Plone and not the other open source CMS? Plone on Zope, Zope content management software for building a framework. In a sense, Zope is a web application operating system. CMF is a web application, to facilitate the construction of CMS. Plone is a based on CMF, running on Zope's content management system, with its own set of templates and file types. In our view (we refer to the Web and the Internet by the Steering Group WISG established CMS Working Group's opinion) Zope superior than other competitive products Zaiyu the following reasons:
Zope is an object-oriented, in a sense, all appear in the Zope content (pages, images, links, documents, etc.) are objects contained in an object database. Database is hierarchical, not relational, especially suitable for hierarchical file structure. Technical staff will think that the ranks of the structure of the database is a collection of tables, associated with the primary key value. Zope database is different, and the common file system structure is similar to the objects contained in the object.
Zope object database contains all the old versions of objects, which remove modified version of the document on cooperation to control and track the elements need to review very useful.
Zope includes a large number of particularly suitable for large organizations and collaborative work tools will be introduced later in the manual. For example: pre-defined database search, based on a flexible search criteria to automatically demonstrate compliance with specific user-defined conditions for all objects.
Zope can be used on all platforms including: Unix, Linux, Mac OS and the popular Windows (98,2000, XP, NT), and other open source or proprietary CMS system is not the case.
Zope is a very friendly development environment. Click the button to complete the script through a custom copy of the original version will remain in the original location, this is the best I've ever had a security system.
Zope can be structured to facilitate the design of XML document structure with a link to the document workflow. This is a large organization and management system, the basic characteristics of the document structure and style to promote consistency and line workflows.
Finally, Zope is designed for use in large organizations, with the following characteristics: a large number of contributors committed to cooperation projects, they are in different locations, using different platforms. Strong organizational needs of flexibility and security, need definition has be viewed here, writing, editing, approves large projects in different parts of Quanxian of local roles, Ke Da Liang objects and scaled to the server.
Seventh, Zope team and the competitors of different cultures is essential for large organizations. Zope, a customer US Navy, using the Zope management RDproject, this is a large, public sector organizations, flexibility and security concerns, the majority of companies are the same, whether public or private.
To Plone (distinguished from Zope), I think beyond the common Zope-based CMS concept. Zope Plone to increase at least two useful features, the project is very important science web site:
Clean, elegant navigation frame, depending on the contents of folders and views, rather than the html document link (need updating). Benefit from the navigation shortcuts (such as bulletin boards, display the last few days to create and modify objects, avoid to visit the site to find these objects) to help create a complex structure of the document simple tools, such as PIQ and the UPC form, each different parts of the document can be seen for different audiences and customizable features to make sure the path first based on the Plone site can be simple, quick to get started. The second feature makes it easy to manage, unlike other CMS more than the idea of publishing the contents of the deal.
What is Python?
Python is a powerful, interpretative, interactive, object-oriented programming language. Python is open source, and can run on almost any system platform. Prepared mainly by Zope Python, some with the C language optimized.
Python, (name from Greek mythology, the great hidden snakes in the mountain Parnassus, to be Apallo kill) 1. Live in Asia, Africa, Australia, non-toxic large pythons, so suffocate prey winding 2. In general, all 3 serpent strangling prey. particularly terrible irony of all money squeeze certain other people who called VHLL's???
Founders of Python Guido van Rossum. During Christmas of 1989, in Amsterdam, Guido's boring to spend Christmas, determined to develop a new script interpreter, as a successor ABC language. The reason to select Python (meaning a large snake) as the name of the program because he is a British comedy group six (Monty Python) Comedy - Flying Circus ("Monty Python and the Flying Circus") fans.

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