configured weblogic 9.X

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configured weblogic 9.X

The following article transferred from another article, the specific address is unknown, the author thanks. Add that the attention to local For starters, Weblogic configuration often confusing, in fact, should be relatively easy.
For example, changes can be directly Weblogic8.1
\ Bea \ user_projects \ domains \ mydomain under startweblogic.cmd
Find the "Set classpath =", adding mysql.jar path, such as:
% POINTBASE_CLASSPATH%;% JAVA_HOME% \ jre \ lib \ rt.jar;
% WL_HOME% \ server \ lib \ webservices.jar;% CLASSPATH%

mysql.jar best path first.

---------> This is the Simplified Chinese version of the download address.

Download directly, but IP restrictions. (5 possible)

Crack patch not easy to use. Overwrite license.bea file, open the back of the release version into release = "9.2". And then to normal operation, but does not work under MyEclipse. Hope of solving the big brother, or directly without cracking, themselves with no problem.

The following are MyEclipse5.1 the Weblogic configuration:
Configuring WebLogic 9.2

WebLogic installation easier, not matter how tired described here, and we can refer to the documentation. Now focus on talk about the WebLogic configuration, because the back will be used in the configuration MyEclipse configuration information here.

① Run Start -> Program -> BEA Products -> Tools -> Configuration Wizard.
② Select Create a new WebLogic domain, Next.
③ In the Select Domain Source screen to keep the default, Next.
④ In the User name, enter the user, the two have to enter password 12345678 (password required 8-bit), Next.
⑤ In the Configure Server Start Mode and JDK interface, keep the default, select the JDK is "Sun SDK 1.5.0_04 @ C: \ BEA \ jdk150_04", pay attention here, if you choose "Other JDK" configuration higher than SDK 1.5.0_04 version, an exception will occur when the server starts, it is best to keep the default, and then Next.
⑥ In the Customize Environment and Services Settings screen in the default is No, Next.
⑦ In the Domain name, enter mydomain, click Create.
⑧ done, click Done Close Configuration Wizard dialog box.
⑨ Run Start -> Program -> BEA Products -> User Projects -> mydomain -> Start Admin Server for Weblogic Server Domain, check whether the server is started successfully. http://localhost:7001/console

Configuring the WebLogic 9 Server MyEclipse

Start Eclipse, select "Window -> Preferences" menu, open the Preferences dialog box. Expand Application Servers node under MyEclipse, click on WebLogic 9, select the Enable radio button to the right, enable the WebLogic server. Configuration is as follows:
① BEA home directory: C: \ BEA (assuming WebLogic installed in C: \ BEA directory)
② WebLogic installation directory: C: \ BEA \ WebLogic92
③ Admin username: user (the configuration from the WebLogic)
④ Admin password: 12345678 (the configuration from the WebLogic)
⑤ Execution domain root: C: \ BEA \ user_projects \ domains \ mydomain
⑥ Execution server name: AdminServer
⑦ Security policy file: C: \ BEA \ WebLogic92 \ server \ lib \ weblogic.policy
⑧ JAAS login configuration file: (Null)

Then expand the WebLogic 9 node, click the JDK, the right choice WLS JDK name at the default WebLogic 9 JDK. This combo box is installed by default as a separate JRE. Click the Add button, pop-up WebLogic -> Add JVM dialog box, select the JRE home directory at WebLogic JDK installation folder in the folder, my version is C: \ BEA \ jdk150_04, the program will automatically fill other options. Click the OK button to close the dialog box. This time in the WLS JDK name combo box, select jdk150_04 the.

At this point, MyEclipse configuration in WebLogic 9 job is done. Here you can look at the Eclipse can start the WebLogic server in it? After installing the MyEclipse, Eclipse tool bar will have a "Run / Stop / Restart MyEclipse Application Servers" drop-down button. Click the button drop-down section, select "WebLogic 9 -> Start" menu, that WebLogic has started. By looking at the console messages, you can check the success of start, or what exception.

Additional configuration

Click Paths, Prepend to classpath in the right list box, through the Add JAR / ZIP button to add:
C: \ BEA \ WebLogic81 \ server \ lib \ weblogic.jar
C: \ BEA \ WebLogic81 \ server \ lib \ webservices.jar
If you want to the database, the database driver library also need to add in, here we use the WebLogic own SQL Server database-driven library:
C: \ BEA \ WebLogic81 \ server \ lib \ mssqlserver4v65.jar

Of common startup problems

Appear The WebLogic Server did not start up properly. tips and abnormal problem is usually caused because of improper selection of JDK in the MyEclipse configuration options and configuration of WebLogic JDK should be selected when the same JDK. When you select the default JDK, you can also configure the BEA in MyEclipse the jrockit90_150_04 the JDK.

This article comes from CSDN blog, reproduced, please credit:

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