Color standard cards - design necessary

Color standard cards - design necessary

Color standard cards - design necessary

Color scheme of

First, a sense of warm red color, Unyielding and outgoing personality is a strong irritant to the people of color. Red easily cause people's attention, but also easy to make people excited, excited, nervous, impulsive, or an easy visual fatigue caused by people of color.
1, adding a small amount of red yellow, heat will make it strong, tends to agitation, anxiety.
2, adding a small amount of red, blue, will make less heat, become gentle, soft.
3, adding a small amount of dark red, will it change the steady character, tend to thick, simple.
4, in the red in a small amount of white, will change its gentle character, tend to subtle, shy, delicate.
Second, the yellow character cold, arrogant, sensitive, with the expansion of peace and non-visual impressions. Yellow is the variety of colors, the most squeamish of a color. Just mix a small amount of pure yellow in the other color, its hue and color characters are feeling a greater degree of change will occur.
1, adding a small amount of blue-yellow, will make it into a kind of tender green. The pride of character will disappear, become a peaceful, Chaorun feeling.
2, in the yellow by adding a small amount of red, orange is obviously feeling the character will start from cold, arrogant sense of proportion into a kind of enthusiasm, warmth.
3, adding a small amount of dark yellow, the color sense and the greatest changes in color, becoming a kind of clear olive green color impression of the complex. The color has become mature, easygoing.
4, adding a small amount of white-yellow, the color changes of soft feel, its character in the cold, proud to be diluted, become subtle, easy to close.
Third, the blue color sense of cynicism, character simple and within, is a cynical quiet mind helps people of color. Blue plain, introverted character, dynamic character who often has strong expansion force of color, providing a far-reaching, extensive Po, quiet space, a set off the colors of the friendly and modest active friend. Or a blue even after the dilution to maintain a strong personality like the color. If a small amount of blue, respectively red, yellow, black, orange  vertebral Wang Yue Xiu    for men like fashion, crossing the  Hook Mountain House Postscript managing the margin of scratch soy Α ?
1, if more orange in the yellow component, the character tends to sweet, bright, aromatic.
2, mixed with a small amount of orange in white, orange, perception can become anxious and powerless.
Fourth, the green is a yellow and blue color components. In the green, the expansion will be yellow and blue sense of feeling the contraction phase of moderation, the warmth of yellow and blue offset the cold feeling. This allows the character of the green most peaceful, stable. Is a submissive, quiet, Huang feet, beautiful color.
1, in green in the yellow component is higher, the character would become lively, friendly, has a naive nature.
2, adding a small amount of dark green, its character would become serious, sophisticated and mature.
3, adding a small amount of white-green, its character will tend to clean, fresh, fresh.
5, where the purple color of the pigment brightness is the lowest. Purple gives a dull, low brightness, mysterious feeling.
1, in the purple in the red component is higher, with the repression of their perceived sense of feeling threatened.
2, adding a small amount of dark purple, which I feel tends to dull, sad, horror.
3, in purple added to white, dull purple character can disappear and become elegant, squeamish, and feminine charm.
6, a sense of bright white color, character and simple, pure and happy. White has the holy inviolability. If you add white to any other color, will affect its purity, its subtle character change.
1, mixed with a small amount of white in red, on a pale pink, fresh and full of temptations.
2, mixed with a small amount of white in the yellow, then become a kind of cream, giving a impression of Hong tired.
3, mixed with a small amount of white in the blue, feel.
6, mixed with a small amount of white in the purple, can be induced to think that faint aroma. Gives the feeling of cold, clean.
4, mixed with a small amount of white in the orange, there is a dry atmosphere.
5, mixed with a small amount of white in the green, giving a tender, soft feel

Painting with color █ █ █ █ vermilion: dark-pink.
█ █ █ █ rouge: color dark red. Red and blue flower, madder, purple stems of three plant-based paint, there's a long time fading phenomenon.
█ █ █ █ cinnabar: color red. For painting flowers, birds and feathers. (Quester Note: The yellow component slightly above the red component, the color is gorgeous, need to pay attention to the background color and, in most cases is not an area of use.)
█ █ █ █ Zhu fat: color orange. Higher than the cinnabar brightness, saturation lower than cinnabar. For painting flowers.
█ █ █ █ ocher: color reddish brown. For painting rocks, tree trunks, old leaves.
█ █ █ █ azurite: color blue, according to the depth into - the first green, 2 blue, 3 green. For painting leaves or rocks.
█ █ █ █ Shilv: according to the depth into - the first green, 2 green, 3 green. For painting rocks, tree trunks, leaves, moss and other points.
█ █ █ █ white powder: Also known as Hu powder, color white, Hafen, and two lead powder. For painting white flowers, birds, or the allocation of other pigments used.
█ █ █ █ anthocyanin: color dark blue. For painting leaves, rocks, water and so on. Big blue with indigo or the leaves made of indigo, and then extracted out of blue paint, blue-green or dark blue. Use of very broad, adjustable gamboge into grass green or light green. Wide flowers, paint. The Canton of anthocyanin production. (Quester Note: The micro-ingredients with red, yellow and reconcile it with more composure after the formation of the green)
█ █ █ █ Garcinia: bright yellow color. For painting flowers, leaves and branches. Garcinia: bright yellow. South sea rattan tropical forest trees, evergreen trees, stems up to 20 m, from bark of a hole, out of yellow resin, to carry bamboo, dry pigments can be used for painting. (Quester Note: also contain traces of red, and toxic. And black tie in very eye-catching, multi-color for the risk warning)
█ █ █ █ ocher color: dark brown mineral, used as a pigment █ █ █ █ orpiment: mineral name. Components of arsenic trisulfide (As2S3) orange, translucent, pigment can be used to the system. The ancients used to alter female yellow text, change the text so that chaos and recklessly comments to "jump to female yellow", saying despite the fact, casually irresponsible remarks as "irresponsible remarks."
█ █ █ █ realgar: Chinese name. For the arsenic sulfide ore. Alias Shi Huang, Yellowstone.
█ █ █ █ Shi Huang: Chinese painting pigment, that realgar.
█ █ █ █ magenta: color orange. For painting flowers.
Classical Literature Gilt common color words: traditional Chinese way of a gold-plated, the gold dissolved in mercury in brushing tires in silver or copper utensils tire.
Fei Jin illuminated throwing: The powder or metal powder made of gold paint, used to decorate Jianzhi or harmonic artifacts in the paint finishing. Throwing one that refers to the spotted pattern.
Outline in gold: For beautiful objects in gold and silver powder with a hook on it depicts as a decoration.
Flower yellow: surface decoration of ancient women. Yellow paper with gold moon and stars, birds and flowers and cut the amount on the attached form, or in the amount of points painted yellow.
Sahua: Floral pattern on the fabric.
Cloud spots: more light in color or translucent material, on a dark or dull stripes or spots (as in marble).
Mica grain: like sand mica section and flashing shiny texture.
Next, we divided color to present to you a variety of colors.

Red lines █ █ █ █ pink, or light red. Another name: Fei Xiang Concubine color color color Yang Fei Fei Fei red color █ █ █ █ Princess Red: Old with "Fei", pink. Yang Fei Xiang Concubine color pink color are synonymous.
█ █ █ █ magenta: red light than red (quester Note: Here the "magenta" estimate refers to the "poinsettia" is based on the color of red, and now we are printing color "magenta M100" is not a concept)
█ █ █ █ pink, peach color, slightly higher than with fresh pink color. (Quester Note: no more than M70's color, sometimes adding appropriate yellow)
█ █ █ █ Begonia red, purple red, deep pink than some, is a very feminine charm of color.
█ █ █ █ Pomegranate Red: pomegranate color, high color and purity of the red.
█ █ █ █ cherry color: bright red █ █ █ █ Silver Red: vermilion and pink paint dubbed color. Usually used to describe a variety of shiny red, especially a shiny light red.
█ █ █ █ red: is red, the three primary colors of red, the traditional Chinese red, also known as The Crimson (quester Note: RGB color in the R255 series of lightness)
█ █ █ █ deep plum: the color purple in a slight red crimson █ █ █ █ : bright crimson █ █ █ █ rouge: 1, when women dress up the color with rouge. 2, painting dark red pigment █ █ █ █ red: the color of cinnabar, and lively than the red, also known as the lead juju Shikotan color (quester Note: YM on such cases, appropriate components to reduce the red color is the color series sense)
█ █ █ █ Dan: Wiping out the bright red █ █ █ █ Tong: Red █ █ █ █ Sin Color: Madder dye colors were crimson █ █ █ █ flaming: flame red, red █ █ █ █ He Red: Deep red, red. Refers to red, fire red.
█ █ █ █ bright red: bright red █ █ █ █ magenta: color orange (quester Note: The color direction is not right, usually magenta means tend M100 series of red, yellow component should be reduced.)
█ █ █ █ Yan: the idea was red.
█ █ █ █ red: the original meaning of the color of fire, or red █ █ █ █ York: Crimson; Qianjiang color.
█ █ █ █ Claret: a dark red (quester Note: the same hue, is the depth of change)
█ █ █ █ Tan: light red, Qianjiang color.
█ █ █ █ bright red: black, red.
█ █ █ █ flushed red: the Pan-like drink, his face is red, refers to blush █ █ █ █ flushed Yen: drinking blush look. Also refers to the red face, yellow lines █ █ █ █ light yellow: yellow (quester Note: the color of goose mouth, brilliant reddish yellow micro degrees)
█ █ █ █ yellow duck: duckling hair █ █ █ █ primrose yellow color: yellow █ █ █ █ apricot: ripe apricot yellow (quester Note: Y100 M20 ~ 30 feel the color, the more common and there is strong Chinese flavor )
█ █ █ █ Xinghong: Partial red ripe apricots █ █ █ █ color orange: orange yellow.
█ █ █ █ Orange: Ibid. (Quester Note: Y100 M50 sense of color, modern and strong. ad on used more)
█ █ █ █ orange: orange red skin presented.
█ █ █ █ turmeric: Chinese name. Alias turmeric. Turmeric, ginger plants for the roots. Also refers to people who face unjust, yellow white █ █ █ █ Firewall color: light yellow.
█ █ █ █ orange: red and yellow circles in between the blend color.
█ █ █ █ Brown: A little red chestnut brown than orange to light brown █ █ █ █ camel: a khaki color than the lighter shades of red and a little more than a little light cinnamon color yellow and brown than yellow and dark walnut The light yellow brown █ █ █ █ dim: describe the weather and lighting was dark yellow █ █ █ █ maroon: the color of chestnut shells. The purple █ █ █ █ brown: brown hair color, that is brown. 1, between the red and yellow color in any of 2, moderate dim and moderate light black.
█ █ █ █ Brown Green: Green in the pan-brown color.
█ █ █ █ dark brown: dark brown.
█ █ █ █ reddish brown: red-brown.
█ █ █ █ brownish yellow: light brown.
█ █ █ █ ocher: blood-red pigments such as ocher, the ancients used to facing █ █ █ █ ocher: red, red red.
█ █ █ █ amber:
█ █ █ █ brown: yellow and black █ █ █ █ yellow: dry yellow █ █ █ █ coggygria: A deciduous shrub, flowers yellow green leaves turn red in autumn. Wood yellow dye can do.
█ █ █ █ Autumn: 1, often olive-brown, olive brown Shaoan than normal, and a little more green. 2, ancient to fall for the gold, the color white, it is to mean white.
█ █ █ █ Surge in color: yellow light olive green. (Quester Note: directly in the Y k10 ~ 30 obtained by mixing different shades of such colors)

Department of █ █ █ █ green verdant: Attempt to do me grow the leaves of light green █ █ █ █ Liu Huang: willow buds like that kind of light yellow █ █ █ █ Liulv: blue green willow █ █ █ █ mingled : bamboo, green onion █ █ █ █ yellow: yellow green, bright yellow █ █ █ █ light green: 1, light green then slightly yellowish color 2, green grass and trees look like green onions █ █ █ █ : light blue green onion Qian █ █ █ █ : █ █ █ █ Green green green: emerald green, dark green plants described █ █ █ █ glossy dark green: dark green Guangrun and color. Some are bright green above the lovely colors.
█ █ █ █ Green Shen (Shen): dark green █ █ █ █ Bise: 1, blue green. 2, Qing Baise, light blue.
█ █ █ █ green: bright turquoise █ █ █ █ Bik: bright blue blue █ █ █ █ emerald color: 1, Jade Bird feathers green. 2, the color of jade stones. (Quester Note: CY ≥ 30 in the series of colors, to reflect more with the fresh, bright white with the feel, and black with bad results: the weak color personality, would be a black check)
█ █ █ █ grass green: green and slightly yellow color.
█ █ █ █ Cyan: 1, one with green, blue, medium-depth, highly saturated. 3, the original meaning is blue. 4, generally refers to dark green. 5, also refers to black. 6, four-color printing in one color. 2, especially as the three complementary color in the same color.
█ █ █ █ green: bright green █ █ █ █ plainer: white, hair green, especially the face bloodless █ █ █ █ duck egg blue: TANSEI gray, very light blue green █ █ █ █ blue crab: dark gray Green █ █ █ █ Arthur Green: the color of raven feathers. That black and green with a purple color.
█ █ █ █ Green: 1, an intermediary in the spectrum between the blue and yellow that color. 2, original meaning: green and yellow colors. 3, the idea was black, as Lvbin: black and shiny curls. Generation refers to the face was young. (Quester Note: the study of modern colors, the green up to an important position, and the other three primary colors red, yellow, blue parallel study, called "the psychological primary colors," one of the)
█ █ █ █ Green beans: yellow green
█ █ █ █ Green beans: light blue green azurite █ █ █ █ : █ █ █ █ light gray green jade: the color of jade, elegant light green, light cyan █ █ █ █ pale green: green and whitish █ █ █ █ Ai Green: the color of wormwood. Partial pale green.
█ █ █ █ Evergreen Green: The dark green leaves in winter Evergreen █ █ █ █ Songhua Green: is for "Songhua", "pine green." Partial black dark green, dark green.
█ █ █ █ loose color: yellow green. (The color of pine pollen) "Dream of Red Mansions" mentioned in the Songhua with pink as delicate and charming █ █ █ █
Blue line

█ █ █ █ blue: RGB one. Sunny sky as the color of (quester Note: This refers not to the blue color in RGB B, but the CMY color in C)
█ █ █ █ indigo: Also called "Indigo." Reconcile with indigo leaves soaked in water and lime precipitation from the blue dye. Showed a dark blue green (quester Note: indigo, pronunciation dian four tones, the blue ink in some places called "indigo water" or "indigo blue water")
█ █ █ █ indigo: from plants (such as Indigo or Isatis species) are the blue blue dye █ █ █ █ : █ █ █ █ blue blue blue: the color of the sky like a clear blue █ █ █ █ sapphire blue: bright bright blue (quester Note: English for RoyalBlue the Royal Blue is the color of the Royal optional, multi-and small area of pure yellow (golden) with use.)
█ █ █ █ blue-gray: a near-gray slightly blue dark blue dark gray █ █ █ █ : blue and nearly black █ █ █ █ Canglan: a little blue in the red through the █ █ █ █ D: blue black pigment. Ancient times, women used to thrush.
█ █ █ █ Dai Lo: painting or thrush young black paint used on behalf of that dainty women's eyebrows.
█ █ █ █ Dai-color: blue black.
█ █ █ █ Dailv: dark green.
█ █ █ █ Dai Blue: Deep Blue █ █ █ █ Dai purple: deep purple █ █ █ █ Purple: the color blue and red composition. Ancients to purple as the auspicious color. Generation refers to the emperor, the palace about things.
█ █ █ █ purple sauce: muddy purple █ █ █ █ Jiang Zi: the color purple in a slight red sandalwood █ █ █ █ : sandalwood color, also known as Nauclea color ebony █ █ █ █ Gan Qing Gan Purple: Purity lower dark purple █ █ █ █ Purple Tang: Black Red █ █ █ █ Ching Lin: bluish purple █ █ █ █ ultramarine: deep lilac blue █ █ █ █ : █ █ █ █ light blue lilac purple color: Purple lilac color, and the light purple, very delicate and elegant color █ █ █ █ pale pinkish gray: light gray and slightly red color █ █ █ █ pale pinkish purple color: purple and red colors slightly

White lines and other █ █ █ █ Cang color: the incorporation of a variety of colors after the color black, such as greenish yellow green █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ Green █ █ █ █ Cang Cang pale black █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ (quester Note: The correct is mixed with different gray levels of gray)
█ █ █ █ color: Green Area fructus █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ ocean blue TANSEI Sky Blue █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ Green Lake are all light.
█ █ █ █ dark tint: Color deep or shallow, is no longer listed.
█ █ █ █ refined white: white, white, whitening, Koshiro.
Ivory █ █ █ █ : █ █ █ █ snow white: snow-like white and pale blue █ █ █ █ : █ █ █ █ light blue onyx: White █ █ █ █ elements: white, colorless █ █ █ █ Tu White: If the white Tu █ █ █ █ cream color: white frost color.
▓ ▓ ▓ ▓ gray: white and black mixed. Grizzled gray mixed with white █ █ █ █ gray dawn: like fish belly color, multi-fingered dawn eastern sky color (quester Note: M5 Y5)
█ █ █ █ pale: white crystal █ █ █ █ gray: black and white mixed into a color █ █ █ █ tooth color: light yellow with ivory similar (quester Note: Warm White)
█ █ █ █ lead white: white lead powder. Lead powder, painting color, lack of easily oxidized "lead back to" black. Lead powder in the paint on the face of the cosmetics used in ancient times. (Quester Note: Cool White)
█ █ █ █ color was xuan: red black, black and red colors, but also refers to black █ █ █ █ Xuanqing: dark █ █ █ █ Ukraine color: dark and the color was black black █ █ █ █ : Deep Black ; black █ █ █ █ dark: very black ink █ █ █ █ : █ █ █ █ the black ink gray: a dark gray █ █ █ █ black: the lowest brightness of color or non-achromatic color of objects; The most dark gray; with different achromatic white color; are considered particularly among those who can not reflective, they can not make people feel through the tiny incident objects, objects of any brightness very low color.
█ █ █ █ Buddhists color: black █ █ █ █ silk black ivory black coal: all black, but there is heating of the points.
█ █ █ █ dark: black and yellow color of the █ █ █ █ Lebanon: Lebanon black and yellow like grass █ █ █ █ black: the original meaning of black or light blue to black light.
█ █ █ █ dark: (skin exposure to sunlight and tanned the) young black █ █ █ █ dark: dark, refers to black █ █ █ █ pure gold: gold color █ █ █ █ gold: the average dark yellow with a shiny silver color █ █ █ █ : white with a silver patina █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ Sleeve old silver: metal oxidation colors

Shade effect on eye color psychology course, usually parallel with the role of psychology and into the scope, the impact is more internal feelings. Kandinsky great contribution in this regard. He scope of the study, the direct division of the color sensor and color of the indirect psychological psychological feelings should be. The former is the objectivity of the visual effect is the inherent color of the feelings; the latter is through the medium of color perception in association hobby people feel. Then, the two factors often coexist, and their relationship it's hard to distinguish, we are just from a research perspective by two talk.
First, the direct color from the color of the surface of psychological intuitive sense of physical sex should be developed into a psychological experience, as a direct psychological sense.
Color effect on the person to produce a simple psychological sense, is the feelings resulting from the inherent color. This visual stimuli around with our thoughts, feelings, emotions. In order to expressive color, visual effects and psychological effects of the most full play, to give the eyes and hearts to the full the happy, stimulating and beauty to enjoy this, we must examine the mental and emotional color performance value. Here, we study the hue ring a few main colors of the character.

Red: the longest wavelength of red light, but also in the limit of the visible spectrum, most easily lead to people's attention, excitement, excitement, tension, and to approach to the visual sense and a sense of expansion, called the forward color. Back to leave a bright red, fragrant, young, full of vitality, full, ripe, nutritious impression is being widely used in food packaging. Red is fun, festive symbol of attention and because of its beauty, its signs, banners, and propaganda to gain the first use of color.

Orange: orange between red and yellow wavelengths home. Eaton said: "Orange is in the focus of the activity of the most brilliant." It is in the visible areas, with the sun's luminosity, in all colors, orange is the warmest color. Orange is also the color can cause loss of appetite, gives fragrant, sweet Luedaisuanwei feeling. Orange is bright, beautiful, healthy, brilliant color and easy moving.

Yellow: moderate yellow wavelengths, it is the brightest color in the color. So people stay bright, brilliant, brilliant, happy, friendly, gentle impression, while delicious and easy to cause a conditioned reflex, to give people a sense of sweet, crisp feel.

Green: Green light wavelength exactly centered, human visual response to the most calm of the green light, his eyes green light to stimulate the most adapt. Green is the color of plant kingdom, the value of its manifestations is rich, full, calm and hope.

Blue: Blue light waves off the green light, it is the location of image on the retina the most shallow, so popular is the forward color, orange, blue is the color back. Red is warm, blue is cool. The performance of thousands of blue spiritual realm, people are noble, profound, pure, transparent, wisdom.

Purple: the shortest wavelength of light purple, light purple eyes, the subtle changes on the resolution weak, easily tired. Purple people noble, superior, luxurious, elegant, mobile, feelings of discomfort, dark purple is pain, disease, likely to cause psychological depression, pain and feelings of discomfort. Therefore, there is coercive and sometimes purple, sometimes there are encouraging, in the design must be used with care.

The brightness of the color sequence of three-dimensional, black, white, gray has its own characteristics and color, but closely linked, play a role in strengthening and weakening.

White: White is a uniform mixture of all visible light, known as full shade. Is the sun's color, is bright-colored symbol. White bright, clean, health, fun, simple, elegant, in people's feelings, than any color are quiet white, pure, but used properly, will give people nothing, desolate feeling.

Black: In theory, black is no light, the color is colorless. In life, as long as the light weak or weak reflected light objects will show a relatively dark appearance. The psychological impact on black people can be divided into two categories. The first is the negative kind. For example, in the dark of night or dark place, people will lose direction, lose the way of the dark, terror, worry, sadness, negative, sleep, grief, despair and even death impression. Followed by the positive class. Black people to rest, quiet, contemplative, persistence, preparation, test, appeared solemn, dignified, upright, determination. In between these two types of black there will be uncertainty, mystery, intrigue, and lose their luster impression. At design time, black and other color combinations are an excellent foil color, other colors can fully display a sense of light and color, black and white combination, light being the strongest, the most simple, most clearly and most strongly.

Gray, black and white living in between, a medium brightness. Without saturation and low saturation color, it sometimes provides us with a refined, subtle and interesting feeling. If used properly, and easy to give dull, boring, boring, monotonous, not interested, even boring, lonely, depressed feeling.

Thousands of colors, on the human mind have different feelings, such feelings are common psychological as well as experience, personality, culture, different habits differ, which shows that color gives the feeling of psychological factors .

Second, the indirect nature of color from the color of the basic nature of the psychological sense of feeling in the direct, derived from a more intense feelings of others, the impression caused by the psychological association, to some kind of mental stimulation, to associate the media, to perceived others feel that this is the indirect psychological sense.

Lenovo colors divided into two categories:
(A) specific association to see some color, give rise to something associations. See red, think of the sun, flowers, blood, fire. See black, think of the dark, Mexico. See Huang, think of lemon, the moon. See green, think of leaves and grass. See blue, think of the sea, sky and so on.
(B) association to see some kind of abstract color, not linked to some things, but the formation of an abstract concept. Red: passion, danger. Black: sad, death. Yellow: bright, pungent, I hope. Green: timeless, fresh and peaceful. Blue: reason, infinite, ideal. Purple: a noble, simple, elegant.

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