Collecting 21 best Css Designed and Ajax table

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1) Tablecloth
Download Address:

2) Create a table like Orbitz's airline flights
Download Address:

3) A CSS styled table

Download Address:

4) Sortable Table

Download Address:
5) Row Locking with CSS and Java_script

Download Address:
6) Vertical scrolling tables
Download Address:
7) Replicating a Tree table
Download Address:
8) Paginate, sort and search a table with Ajax and Rails

Download Address:
9) Collapsible tables with DOM and CSS
Download Address:

10) TableSorter plug-in for jQuery
Download Address:
11) Stripe your tables the OO way

Download Address:

12) MOOTOOLS java_script Table Row & Column highlighting

Download Address:

13) CSS Table Gallery
Download Address:

14) jQuery Table Filter
Download Address:

15) Sortable / Resizable / Editable TableKit

Download Address:
16) Make all your tables sortable

Download Address:

17) Zebra Tables
Download Address:
18) Standardista Table Sorting

Download Address:
19) GridView3 Example

Download Address:
20) Mootable
Download Address:
21) Drag & Drop Sortable Lists with Java_script and CSS
Download Address:
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