Cold start and hot start

DOS start-up can be divided into cold start and hot start. Cold start is cut off after the restart the computer power supply startup process. Hot start is not cut off the power in (the boot) where the process restarts. After cold start the machine would be the first hardware of the self (self-test time for different machines may be different, depending on the configuration of the various components, such as how much memory, etc.) to determine the various components are working properly, if successful self-test through, then enter the DOS boot state. Hot start this process is not self-test machine, this is the main difference between the two. So obviously the speed of hot start faster than the cold start. As the hot start is not cut off all parts of the computer power, thus effectively extending the life of the hardware, in the absence of special circumstances (such as computer by viruses, some software crashes during operation and block the keyboard, etc.), they should make full use of Hot Start.

Cold start of the method is to turn off the power, the shutdown. But now most assembly machine (or compatible) in the chassis has a RESET (which means "re-start") button, its main purpose is to simplify the cold start, usually in the cold start should be possible to use RESET button , it starts off than the impact of the machine (ie press POWER button) smaller, so it helps to prolong the life of the computer. Note that original machine (or brand machine), especially imported machine, almost no RESET button (RESET can be said assembly machine "patent"), this time order to cold start only shut off power. Note, if you use the method of power off the cold start, be sure to turn off interval of at least 8-10 seconds after the start, lest short interval damaged parts.

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