CodeLite comparable to Code:: Blocks

CodeLite Simple is as wxWidgets / wxFormBuilder user tailored!
Of course, it can be used in ordinary C + + project or C projects.
1. Code completion feature is very powerful
2. Imitation VS, very easy to use
3. Interface more friendly
4. And Subversion integration
5. WxFormBuilder Integration
6. Another powerful function jump, auto-complete function depends on the Tags, you can select the directory to codelite their established function of the index file; If the Tools Bar too think it's accurate, then use Settings-> Misc -> Tool Bar use small icons, on the way to Use Single hook.

Several common methods are as follows:
1.ctrl + shift + r to open the file in the project quickly, just type the first few letters documents can be
2.ctrl + shift + t to find the symbol in the works
3.ctrl + shift + f to search for in the project can also be specified search folder
4. Click the toolbar "highlight word" button, so that when the mouse to select text in word, the same word will be highlighted, is useful for tracking variables
5. Set the font, simply set the "global font", the other fonts depends on the global font
6. The establishment of engineering, code corresponding to the root of workspace, each subdirectory corresponds to a project, so bank can avoid codelite slow to establish the shortcomings tags

The benefits of free software is the function of thought he would add, unlike commercial software, some of the essential features, Crimping delay in release, the user only one version of a version upgrade, patiently wait for the feature added to whole I do not know which version will ue to # if 0 features with syntax support. I predict will be a landmark codelite software, the equivalent of another firefox, pop up soon.

The Home and Society may be had, but can be accessed online for free agency:
1. Input:
2. Visit:
Ubuntu 9.04 CodeLite have entered the source, but Code:: Blocks does not.

General sense, Code:: Blocks do not fine the pan; CodeLite do not pan fine, we take what we need it.

2009-05-25 added:
Used CodeLite time and found many shortcomings, but also with the return Code:: Blocks up: Although very fond of his auto-complete feature.
1. Code does not seem compatible with GCC 4.4, I compiled with GCC 4.4, multiple crashes
2. Based on the makefile, use the make build MK file, the compiler is slow.
3. Does not support relative path, will not be able to complete the green version.
4. The environment variable function is too simple, if it involves multiple SDK, the search path cumbersome.
5. Does not support cdb
6. Gdb does not support the assembly code shows.
7. Not as good as Code:: Blocks stability

2009-06-17 added:
Point on the CodeLite added:
1. Correspond with the official version of wxWidgets, such as SVN2081 using wxWidgets 2.8.7 compile, compile Used MinGW3.4.5, compiled very stable.
2. Can update the cscope: , this library will not rely on Cygwin
3. Compiler can remove, the wizard can also be deleted. The decision to cross-platform development, so I removed all the VC-related content, refreshing it!
4. Code editing, completion, refactoring, really great! Not reinventing the wheel found CodeLite full use of existing resources ... open source

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