Chelating agent in textile dyeing and finishing - printing application

Keywords: chelating agents, textile dyeing and finishing, printing, application

Printing Printing is different from the dyeing, which requires the fabric where the pattern of local access to the color composition, so in order to obtain a clear pattern, dye solution in addition to the necessary chemicals, in general, but also add the appropriate paste to prevent the dye along the fiber between occurrence of capillary permeability, paste there are many different natural, there are synthetic. The paste is a natural material and degeneration of hydrophilic polymer material, these substances are almost met heavy metal condensation or precipitation, such as: sodium alginate encountered Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Al3 +, Fe3 + and other heavy metals will occur gel, the paste can be added in the original 0125 ~ 015% of sodium hexametaphosphate. But the attention of the mother is a reactive metal complex dyes are not used hexametaphosphate. Synthetic paste, generally polymer electrolyte, is also very sensitive to the heavy metal, heavy metal ions and molecules in the formation of insoluble metal salts carboxyl reaction, the solution viscosity decreased, loss of paste their features.
Outlined above the main complexing agent to eliminate the use of metal ions in the fabric dyeing process in adverse effects. Because different parts of the water quality, the use of different chemical origin, the metal ion content and also different types, then the type of complexing agent used, dosage should be determined according to experiment. Complexing agent in textile industry applications, is currently being recognized by more and more colleagues, it has resolved a number of problems have plagued printing and dyeing industry, good use of it, not only can save dyes, but also so that we produce a more refined and more beautiful textiles.

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