[Change] SEO techniques take full advantage of DEDE part of the default page

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SEO blog a long time not to write articles, perhaps too busy recently, the Internet may not have time to themselves, and the Tianjin SEO rankings Dounong gone. May not want to do their own SEO, but the transition to be a businessman.

But today had to write a technical article, last night I met a problem. About DEDE system, I want to be a part page, part of the name of the pipe, part page automatically connect to http://www.daqiuzhu.com/gangguan.html the name of the default page, this is different from the contents page, but section page. General section page has a folder. I was not part of this section was revised to, but do so directly inside the root directory, and creates a page, gangguan.html not / gangguan / index.html

But the question is met, the site's internal navigation link, or part, have shown that part of the connection is home, not / gangguan.html. I would also like to work for a long time, the Baidu search for a long time, that is not found relevant content. The result is just a set, you OK, hereby write this article record, the province's own again after such a problem can not find the solution.

Way: the system of basic settings - the core set - part web site using the directory name (not display the default page, that is, / a / abc / forms): No election. This shows the default page, and modify the default page will be a custom section in the navigation section on the site and the breadcrumbs on the right shows the custom default pages.

When I Baidu search DEDE part default page when the page first is the name of the default column length changes in where, ah, I just met this problem, by the way solve this problem, I see that users have to answer well, give me a thought, the answer is as follows:

Just see the database settings, sorry:


char (15)


It seems to change database can be, I used phpmyadmin

dede_arctype table

ALTER TABLE `dede_arctype` CHANGE `defaultname` `defaultname` CHAR (50) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT 'index.html'

Install sql statement can be changed to change it, OK, I'm not whole, and other officials to change it.

See I thought DEDE database backup / restore feature, I back up the next database, modify the beginning of the final document tables_struct table, find the above mentioned statements users, modify the 15 to 50, and then restore the next database, OK the.

Hope the above tips will give you some help, see the Webmaster Station is done with DEDE system is really a general-familiar feeling.
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