CentOS 5.3 on a yum install Apache + php + Mysql + phpMyAdmin

Centos in the yum-line installation is slow. The following are replacement for Chinese CentOS mirror server!
The official mirror sites: http://centos.ustc.edu.cn/
/ * Instructions * /
cd / etc / yum.repos.d [enter yum.repos.d directory]
mv CentOS-Base.repo CentOS-Base.repo.save [modify the source file name of the backup]
wget http://centos.ustc.edu.cn/CentOS-Base.repo.5 [download]
mv CentOS-Base.repo.5 CentOS-Base.repo [download file was renamed]

1. Update to the latest kernel.
yum-y update
System update, yum install prompt if an error message, run the following command to repair.
rpm-import / etc / pki / rpm-gpg / RPM-GPG-KEY *

2. Installation Apahce, PHP, Mysql, and php to connect mysql database components

yum-y install httpd php mysql mysql-server php-mysql

/ / Install the mysql extension
yum-y install mysql-connector-odbc mysql-devel libdbi-dbd-mysql
/ / Install the php extension
yum-y install php-gd php-xml php-mbstring php-ldap php-pear php-xmlrpc
/ / Install apache extension
yum-y install httpd-manual mod_ssl mod_perl mod_auth_mysql

Paste one-time installation:
yum-y install httpd php mysql mysql-server php-mysql httpd-manual mod_ssl mod_perl mod_auth_mysql php-mcrypt php-gd php-xml php-mbstring php-ldap php-pear php-xmlrpc mysql-connector-odbc mysql-devel libdbi- dbd-mysql

3. Start the service configuration

/ Sbin / chkconfig httpd on [set apache to start automatically]
/ Sbin / chkconfig - add mysqld [mysql service]
/ Sbin / chkconfig mysqld on [mysqld service]

/ Sbin / service httpd start [from the start httpd service]
/ Sbin / service mysqld start [from the start mysqld service]

4. Set mysql database root account password.
mysqladmin-u root password 'new password' [quotes fill in your password]

Make mysql database security

Copy the contents to the clipboard


mysql-u root-p [At this point you will be asked to enter just to set the password, you can enter a carriage return after

mysql> DROP DATABASE test; [Remove test database]

mysql> DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE user = "; [remove anonymous account]

mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES; [Heavy Permissions]

5. Firewall configuration
a. Add. allow access to port (21: ftp, 80: http).
iptables-I RH-Firewall-1-INPUT-m state-state NEW-m tcp-p tcp-dport 21-j ACCEPT
iptables-I RH-Firewall-1-INPUT-m state-state NEW-m tcp-p tcp-dport 80-j ACCEPT
Depressed. Please copy the above into Notepad, the then-state this - lowercase, and then operation. Or paste will be garbled.
b. turn off the firewall (not recommended).
service iptables stop
c. Reset the firewall load
service iptables restart

6. Install phpMyAdmin
Into phpMyAdmin official download the latest version, upload it to your web site directory, and then configure. Just a few steps can be buttoned.
a. config.sample.inc.php renamed config.inc.php;
b. Open the config.inc.php file, make the following changes;
/ / $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['controluser'] = 'pma';
/ / $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['controlpass'] = 'pmapass';
/ / $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['pmadb'] = 'phpmyadmin';
/ / $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['bookmarktable'] = 'pma_bookmark';
/ / $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['relation'] = 'pma_relation';
/ / $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['table_info'] = 'pma_table_info';
/ / $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['table_coords'] = 'pma_table_coords';
/ / $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['pdf_pages'] = 'pma_pdf_pages';
/ / $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['column_info'] = 'pma_column_info';
/ / $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['history'] = 'pma_history';
/ / $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['designer_coords'] = 'pma_designer_coords';

Remove the front of each line / /;
c. $ cfg ['blowfish_secret'] = "; | revised | $ cfg ['blowfish_secret'] = 'http';
d. $ cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['controluser'] = 'pma'; | to 'pma' modify your account |
e. $ cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] [' controlpass'] = 'pmapass'; | the' pmapass set the password for your mysql |
f. $ cfg ['blowfish_secret'] = "; | Add phrases password example: $ cfg ['blowfish_secret'] = 'onohot' |

Reference Site: http://www.fengyihot.com/blog/?p=169

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