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1) action: the name of the currently requested controller action.
The current request method name
2) autoLayout: Set to true to automatically render the layout around views.
True-value of the layout will automatically render the view, false is not rendering the layout
3) autoRender: Set to true to automatically render the view after action logic.
Value is true - the logic in the controller automatically re-render to achieve self-view, if ajax requests is set to false.

4) base: Base URL path

5) cacheAction: Used to define methods a controller that will be cached. To cache a single action, the value is set to an array containing keys that match action names and values that denote cache expiration times (in seconds).

var $ cacheAction = array (
'View/23 /' => 21600,
'Recalled /' => 86400
$ CacheAction can also be set to a strtotime () compatible string. This marks all the actions in the controller for view caching.
In order to buffer the view, set the size of the
6) Component: Instance of Component used to handle callbacks.
The component object is used to callback
7) $ components: the controller uses the component list
$ Helpers include the use of plug-VIEW, which is a small helper
$ Uses include the control module can access the MODEL.
$ Data
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