bat file compilation process exe

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Generally more convenient easy to use batch files, but you can easily see, casually that, no no security at all. This some good. We can batch compile exe files. This will not be so easy for users to break the security of at least stronger than the clear batch.

Adopting a more user-friendly software. The project home page

After the download is complete start.

bat file compilation process exe

Double-click quickbfc.exe into the start interface

bat file compilation process exe

As shown, enter the command ipconfig view. Tab and then switch to the version information.

bat file compilation process exe

Enter the name and version information such as after the switch to the end of each file tab.

bat file compilation process exe

Here you can set the file's icon and cited a number of other documents, the proposed documents will not be too slow for programs will be required to load a lot of time.

Finished, click the Save build generated exe.

bat file compilation process exe

In addition, under normal circumstances, the compiled exe and the general effect of the order is the same, but if you do not want to let others know what you do, you can change the options in the options inside. As a ghost application, so that is running in the background.

bat file compilation process exe
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