Based on the oa .. struts2 and extjs

OA System is to design several modules:

Use of technology: Struts2 ExtJs Jquery pushlet etc.

1, the desktop module

This module shows up in the form of portal to support the dynamic increase in the background, change the number of columns, the effect is as follows:

Based on the oa .. struts2 and extjs

2, the control panel module

Can set the style, the desktop background image, the message to remind the way, the effect is as follows:

Based on the oa .. struts2 and extjs

Based on the oa .. struts2 and extjs

Based on the oa .. struts2 and extjs

Based on the oa .. struts2 and extjs

3, instant messaging module

Designed by pushlet webIM, can send pictures and files

Based on the oa .. struts2 and extjs

Based on the oa .. struts2 and extjs

These modules can be found in the light of the many predecessors je ideas and experience, first thank you.

By the way hair ads:

09 younger brother graduated more than 1 year in Nanjing, work experience, these modules are developed independently, I, while the performance of the Extjs done some optimization, such as tabpanel in the iframe of memory leaks, etc ... ...

Hope that mercy. . . .

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