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Two days ago an article in the mxna see that (unfortunately turned 20 today, could not find the article, and halo, mxna article do not know how the arrangements) as3 has reached the capacity of language as a web background , as3 and php also compared some of the characteristics,
as3 meet ecma4 standards, as3 and php there are many common (object-oriented programming, the majority of the user base), while that with ColdFusion since the existence of adobe, as3 should not be to develop the service side of the function. but sooner or later lovers will be the development of this feature ...
In fact, as the service side that as3 language should not be a problem (in fact, inside fms asc file is to use as the server side as the language, as2 fully meet the conditions of the era), I believe we have a day when the development process without the need to flash the other language to write server programs, and data interaction is no longer a problem, what remoting, webservice, urlloader no longer need a paper Transfer from: / 1925.html
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