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A lot of information online, do not know who quoted and realized, to be a backup

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  • Ubuntu under apache2.2.x + mod_jk + tomcat load balancing - 2010-11-03

    First, install apache, tomcat, mod_jk This experiment the apache + jk + tomcat load balancing done First of all ready apache2, tomcat5 Then download from the following version of the corresponding own apache jk (mod_jk-1.2.31-httpd-2.2.x.so or mod_jk

  • Apache + Tomcat load balancing. Cluster configuration 2010-03-19

    This article is read by several predecessors on Apache + Tomcat load balancing, clustering related articles put together in order to access an article. For instructions are load balancing, clustering, and their advantages are discussed here will not

  • Apache and Tomcat load balancing 2010-03-23

    Apache, Tomcat load balancing apache and tomcat integration There are three main ways (1, JK, 2, http_proxy, 3, ajp_proxy) In this paper, by way of integrating JK JK through AJP protocol to communicate with the Tomcat server, Tomcat the default AJP C

  • Based on apache's tomcat load balancing and clustering configuration 2010-05-27

    Based on apache's tomcat load balancing and clustering configuration 1] download httpd-2.2.15-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi Web server 32-bit Windows zip tomcat mod_jk-1.2.30-httpd-2.2.3.so Apache / Tomcat, IIS module used to connect the background to support

  • Apache + JK + Tomcat load balancing configuration 2011-01-07

    Online on the Apache + JK + Tomcat cluster configuration examples are many, according to an example configuration down, basic to run, but in some important areas are not further instructions. The company is using a product Apache + JK + Tomcat cluste

  • apache tomcat load balancing configuration 2010-03-25

    apache tomcat load balancing configuration entry which Service.xml saying <Context Path="/sc" docBase="." privileged="true"/> Configuration recommendations based on actual configured <Context Path="" docBas

  • Tomcat tomcat load balancing on the installation of more than 2010-08-08

    A few days ago was no idle matter, it allotted a tomcat load balancing based on experiments, the main reference is kypfos blog post http://blog.csdn.net/kypfos/archive/2008/10/15/3081330.aspx When you install multiple tomcat which, according to Bowen

  • Explain the main setting tomcat load balancing 2010-09-08

    Through the installation of Apache and a number of load factor, and some settings in the server have been described, we have the entire operating system, a comprehensive understanding of the concept. So now is the time for Tomcat load balancing confi

  • RedHat Linux AS 5 installation and under Nginx Nginx + Tomcat load balancing configuration 2010-11-11

    First, the software is ready zlib-1.2.5.tar.gz [support gzip], Download Address: http://www.zlib.net/ pcre-8.10.tar.gz [support rewrite module], download address: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pcre/files/ openssl-1.0.0a.tar.tar [support ssl], downl

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