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  • Ubuntu under apache2.2.x + mod_jk + tomcat load balancing - 2010-11-03

    First, install apache, tomcat, mod_jk This experiment the apache + jk + tomcat load balancing done First of all ready apache2, tomcat5 Then download from the following version of the corresponding own apache jk (mod_jk-1.2.31-httpd-2.2.x.so or mod_jk

  • Apache + JK + Tomcat load balancing configuration 2011-01-07

    Online on the Apache + JK + Tomcat cluster configuration examples are many, according to an example configuration down, basic to run, but in some important areas are not further instructions. The company is using a product Apache + JK + Tomcat clustering,

  • apache + JK + tomcat load-balancing configuration (windows) (switch) 2011-09-25

    Transfer http://sjsky.iteye.com/blog/918768 This paper is to record the windows apache + JK + tomcat load balancing configuration, to facilitate their future back, I hope to give new to the xd reference. Experimental environment of system already ins

  • Apache + Tomcat load balancing. Cluster configuration 2010-03-19

    This article is read by several predecessors on Apache + Tomcat load balancing, clustering related articles put together in order to access an article. For instructions are load balancing, clustering, and their advantages are discussed here will not ...

  • Apache and Tomcat load balancing 2010-03-23

    Apache, Tomcat load balancing apache and tomcat integration There are three main ways (1, JK, 2, http_proxy, 3, ajp_proxy) In this paper, by way of integrating JK JK through AJP protocol to communicate with the Tomcat server, Tomcat the default AJP Connec

  • Based on apache's tomcat load balancing and clustering configuration 2010-05-27

    Based on apache's tomcat load balancing and clustering configuration 1】 download httpd-2.2.15-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi Web server 32-bit Windows zip tomcat mod_jk-1.2.30-httpd-2.2.3.so Apache / Tomcat, IIS module used to connect the background to support

  • Aapche + tomcat load-balancing + Session Replication 2010-12-29

    Today the real test by the server, this, too, need to modify the first alternative described in the article repeated the baseless assertion is now online too much time in this article I will continue to update, we temporarily do not turn. Do not copy

  • apache tomcat load balancing configuration 2010-03-25

    apache tomcat load balancing configuration entry which Service.xml saying <Context Path="/sc" docBase="." privileged="true"/> Configuration recommendations based on actual configured <Context Path="" d ...

  • Tomcat tomcat load balancing on the installation of more than 2010-08-08

    A few days ago was no idle matter, it allotted a tomcat load balancing based on experiments, the main reference is kypfos blog post http://blog.csdn.net/kypfos/archive/2008/10/15/3081330.aspx When you install multiple tomcat which, according to Bowen in t

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