Apache Server: Apache increase in SSI for your support

What is SSI?
Server Side Includes SSI is the abbreviation in English, translated into English means that server side includes. From a technical point of view that, SSI is in the HTML file, you can call the comment line of command or pointer. SSI has powerful features, just use a simple SSI command to achieve the site's content updated, time and date of the dynamic display, and the implementation of the shell and CGI scripts and other complex functions.

How to make your apache server support SSI?
apache default does not support SSI's, we need to change the httpd.conf to configure. I am here to windows platform, Apache 2.0.x, for example, open the httpd.conf file conf directory, search for "AddType text / html. Shtml", search results:

# AddType text / html. Shtml
# AddOutputFilter INCLUDES. Shtml

In front of these two lines # get rid of.

Then search for "Options Indexes FollowSymLinks"
In the search to the back of the line to add "Includes"
About to change the line Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes

Save httpd.conf, restart apache you can.

This we have completed the Apache SSI settings.

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