Android tips to conserve electricity

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1. Reduce the screen brightness. By setting -> sound and display settings -> Brightness adjust the screen brightness to the appropriate value, in fact, even if Android phones to the minimum screen brightness can also be very clear, but it can effectively save power, for the support of the optical sensor can also hook the phone Select "Automatic brightness" according to outside light automatically adjust the screen brightness. Users can also download the electronic market in the Market to adjust the screen brightness setting at any time convenient Widget

2. Do not have the time off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G and 4G, many mobile phones have built-in functions open and close the Widget plug-in, if not pre-installed to the Android Market can be downloaded Toggle Widget electronics market this software.

3. Close to remind WiFi and 4G networks, through the phone menu settings -> wireless and network settings -> Wi-Fi settings, uncheck the network notifications. HTC EVO 4G for mobile phone users can also close the 4G network in accordance with this approach reminder.

4. Turn off data roaming function, through the phone menu settings -> wireless and network settings -> Mobile Network Settings, deselect data roaming, data roaming to cancel cell phone can save a lot of power, and does not affect the program and the phone's networking capabilities, the program still connect to the network at any time.

5. Closed account synchronization, if you do not use gmail and other Google services, you can set -> Accounts and synchronization, uncheck the Auto Sync function. Automatic background synchronization will automatically sync your phone calendar, contacts, gmail messages and photos to Google servers, turn off the automatic synchronization feature can also save the network traffic

6. Reduce the standby screen timeout by setting -> sound and display settings, select the appropriate screen, the standby timeout, you can choose 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes or never time-out, select the screen timeout is too short will often cause the phone to a black screen, personal recommendation is set to 1 minute.

7. Do not have time to manually turn off the screen, this is a very good habit to save battery, but will take some time to develop, each cell phone in their pocket before reading the press the power button (hold button) to allow mobile phone blank screen, there is Some Android phones like HTC EVO 4G power button in the top of the phone, the method is the same, this is really a low-carbon electricity and extend the mobile good habits.

8. Close the background data synchronization through the Settings -> Accounts and synchronization, deselect the background data, note that this may make some of the network is unable to work.

9. Reduce the frequency of automatic synchronization update, Android has a lot of support for the program automatically synchronize data, such as the weather program, news program, stock performance, as well as Twitter and other social networking program that can change the synchronization frequency of these procedures to achieve the effect of saving power .

10. Turn off the wireless network positioning, if you do not use Google Maps and other location using your program, you can set -> set off the location and use of wireless network security features.

11. Close the window animation effects, although the animation looks cool, but in fact is power, if you do not mind cell phone display, you can set -> sound and display settings -> Animation -> No animation, close the window animation.

12. Do not use the Live Wallpaper wallpapers, wallpapers from the new Android 2.1 system features only, but also looks cool gadgets, but also consumes electricity and mobile phone resources, not only help replace a static wallpaper on your phone power, but also makes the phone run more smoothly.

13. Use wallpaper low brightness, the pure carbon be owed, although the festival may not help you much power, but if you do have the right wallpaper and replace it

14. Off Wi-Fi sleep policy, this may sound a bit weird, but after hibernation Wi-Fi phone will automatically switch to 3G networks, 3G networks than Wi-Fi consumes more battery power. By setting -> wireless and network settings -> Wi-Fi Settings, and then use the menu key, select Advanced Options, open Wi-Fi sleep policy, choose never to sleep off sleep off WiFi strategy.

15. Monitoring the process of your cell phone (consider using the Task killer management process), Android 2.1 support after the system management functions, through the Settings -> Application Settings -> running services, Guanbi not have the necessary services to conserve battery power, other also recommend downloading Task killer kill process management software to keep the process does not require the same node can either save phone memory.

16. Be careful to choose your screen Widget, Widget (widget) is the easiest program run out of battery types, because many Widget requires real-time access network, such as Twitter, news, stocks, mail, weather may quickly run out of your widget charge, so please choose carefully.

17. Close LED light colors reminded, for some people this is a very useful feature, you can suggest a different color of light judgment unread messages or missed calls, but most people can all be turned off.

18. Turn off the phone vibrating, in addition to a noisy environment to prevent dropped calls that sort of thing happens, do you have any reason to open the phone vibrating it, at least when in the office and at home by setting -> sound and display settings, turn off phone vibration.

19. Close button operation tone, I think this is one of the least used functions, by setting -> sound and display settings, turn off the mobile phone operating sound.

20. Close tactile feedback, tactile feedback is the most you should first turn off the feature, by setting -> sound and display settings, deselect the tactile feedback.
There is also the first 21 and more effective way is to buy a large-capacity mobile phone battery, even if all the above 20 kinds of methods do not, under normal circumstances this battery also help increase your cell phone standby time of day.
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