Android SDK Document Notes [1]

Android applications based on:
Android Application from Java. Java files are compiled, together with the data and resource files, are aapt tool
Apk packaged into a single file.

In many aspects, one. Apk file on behalf of the application live in their own world:
1: default: all applications in their process of running Linux.
2: Each process has its own VM, so running the code and all other applications are isolated.
3: default: assign each application to a Linux User ID. Linux's permissions so that the executable program files can only be

The User and the application visible. - Of course, there are ways to expose these applications to other applications.

Two applications have the same UserID, and then let them be each other's shows, such an arrangement is possible. To save system resources,

User ID has the same application, can be arranged in the same process to run Linux, and share the same VM.

Applications involving the various components:
A key feature of Android system is an application to make use of elements from other applications (provided by other applications by

Allowed). For example: If your application needs to scroll to a group of pictures, then, if another application provides a

A wheel, and allows other programs to access. This time, you do not need development, but rather a direct call on OK. 【Ostrichmyself: This

Were definitely thinking of Eclipse RCP plug-in platform, Android of all applications, both as a Plugin of. Xml configuration file from the management

This access, so Android application management in multi-front can not see N application, in essence, the concept of using Eclipse RCP

Can start the program, you can call RCP program, only component services, can not directly run the program, called Plug-in. And a

RCP program can be viewed as a Plug-in, Android is the case. 】

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