android Project Directory Introduction

Build a good one android project structure:

Project Name:

src: store java source code; your documents are here and I'll Activity

gen: store the java compiler automatically generates code; this directory files are automatically maintained

assets: store the file in this directory, either mp3 or pictures, will be packaged into the released package;

res: resource file directory, we add to this directory the file will be in the gen under R.ava files shown; if you have stored under the resource res in the application do not use that, then the next gen the paper will not be displayed, then the package when the package would not have this part of the resources, reducing the release of the application file size

drawable-hdpi: store high-like picture files;

drawable-ldpi: storing low-resolution image files

drawable-mdpi: middle-pixel image file storage

layout: After dealing with the regular directory. This is equivalent to the following main.xml file html page is displayed in the file interface. You can open look, you can see is the cell phone emulator displays the main interface;

values: string.xml file is the page where the preservation of the text. As long as you add in this file the properties of any configuration, will be reflected in the gen under R.xml file.

AndroidManifest.xml list of features documents; the equivalent of struts in the struts-config.xml when you create a new Activity class, it is necessary to configure this file. This document records some of the necessary information, generally not used;

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